Awesome Trip – Part 3

Continuing on with our trip out East….  My little mother was awesome enough to take video of me firing the Snider-Enfield rifle at the Halifax Citadel.  It was cold and windy and she held that camera up there little a little trooper!  **un-mute in bottom right corner**

It was a great experience and certainly made me reminisce about all of the different weapons I fired while in the Army.

After firing the rifle, we visited the trench display:



We then ran into Kevin, who explained the whole trench display in great detail.


He was an amazing wealth of knowledge.  He told us the story about Bruce the goat mascot.  Here is the story (quoted from here):

As with many other regiments, the members of the 25th sought diversions to distract them from the perils of their circumstances. While serving in Belgium, the battalion purchased a two-week-old goat from a Belgian farmer for the grand sum of two francs. Suitably named “Robert the Bruce” and trimmed in MacKenzie tartan, the animal served as battalion mascot for the duration of the war. The goat was trained to prance in front of the battalion’s pipe band, eat cigarettes, drink beer, and demand its blanket at “lights out”. Apparently, the animal was repeatedly sold to Belgian farmers, only to be “retrieved” by the men under cover of darkness. At war’s end, Robert the Bruce retired to a much deserved rest on the Baddeck, Nova Scotia farm of one of the battalion’s most decorated officers, Major Guy McLean Matheson, MC, MM, DSO.

I think it’s hilarious they would sell then retrieve him.  Hehe!


Here is Bruce’s collar:


Thanks again to Kevin for your time!  We didn’t want you to stop talking!


We had such a great time touring the Citadel.  Everyone was so friendly and informative.




We also got to watch them fire the canon at noon:


And here’s a picture of Jan.  She’s probably thinking something like “Oh geez…I’m so tiny, I could probably crawl into the canon and be shot clear across the city!”


I certainly recommend visiting the Citadel if ever in Halifax.  I’m so glad this is how we spent the day!

I had to crawl into bed early that night as I had to give my first two presentations the next day.

Today’s symptoms: I feel about the same as yesterday, which is far better than how I felt the previous three days.  I was kinda hoping there would be more improvement today, but I think tomorrow is going to be the game changer!  Tee hee!  I experienced a little more than normal amounts of nerve pain today.  That can escort itself out the door tout de suite!

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