My Body Is A Jerk

My Body Is A Jerk

I’m still dealing with insomnia.  I’m very happy to say it wasn’t bad last weekend and I had a couple of really good days.  On Saturday, Mike and I picked up my Army buddy and we went over to the Casino.  We hit the box office for the tickets for I Tenori, then hit the buffet.  Ken is a Gold Card holder so we get to skip the massive line.  Then the next bonus was our great view:


The scenic circuit around the Falls was constantly filled with helicopters.  We also had the pleasure of great noms too:


The show was very good – better than I even thought it would be.  Afterwards, we hit the slots for a bit.  I was then starting to get fairly fatigued so I let Ken know I would have to take him back to the bus stop in St. Catharines.  We had about 45 minutes to cash out, get to the car then drive to the bus stop at the Fairview Mall.  We were within a couple minutes of the bus arriving once we exited off of the QEW.  At the next stoplight, voila:


Wow, that was close!

The next day, we got to the Airport before 9:00 and flew out to the Edenvale Gathering of the Classics.  We go to this awesome event up near Collingwood almost every year.  It was supposed to be Saturday, but they moved it to the Sunday rain date.  Glad they did because the weather was perfect.  In about an hour, the Edenvale Airport was in sight:


It’s always a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge to fly in to this event, because there are tons of other planes doing the same thing.  They have it very well organized and coordinated though.  We touched down and were marshalled in:


We sprayed ourselves down with sunscreen, put the sun shade up in Vyctor and headed out to the registration hangar (free coffee!)



After chatting with folks and wandering around the other aircraft and classic cars, we got some noms and headed back to Vyc to sit under his cute wing in the shade.


Mike got a burger and we split a poutine.  Yum:


We heard some munching and noticed this little one-legged fella chewing on Mike’s shoe:


We had a good view of the other planes taxiing by….


…and a few tractor loads of folks on a tour of the event.  I made sure to yell “Cutest plane here!” to everyone and got many responses in agreement:


It was so nice to chat with many of the folks walking around and stopping at Vyctor. Great day and flight back.  As we flew by, I gave a little salute to Canadian Forces Base Borden, where I’ve been many times back in my Army days:


I couldn’t believe how fast I fell asleep that night.  I didn’t take anything to help.  I just read for a bit and was petting Abby, who was laying on my chest.  The next thing I knew, I punched myself in the face.  I fell asleep while petting her and my hand fell back and punched me in the nose!  Oh well, at least I slept well that night and felt quite good the next day.  I was quite relieved as I had a few more flights on Monday night.  We had our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting in Welland, so Mike and I flew out.  I then had a couple of aerobatic flights booked with folks from our group.  I took up one right away – he loved it!  Made it through all of the maneuvers with no screaming or up-chucking.  Perfect flight!  My next planned victim decided he would wait for another day as he had eaten quite a bit since he arrived.  Sooooo, I took up someone else who has wanted to go up for some time now.  Awesome flight number two took place and everyone was happy!


What an awesome evening!  I figured I’d crawl into bed completely wiped out, which I was.  Unfortunately, I was unable to repeat the great sleep I had Sunday night.  Monday and Tuesday night were back to full out insomnia.  I had to take a sleeping pill to let me fall asleep, and I was up within two hours each night.  Then I just laid there like a big, blonde blob for most of the night.  Less than three hours of sleep total.  I felt bad yesterday but today was much worse.  I had to lay down four times today, for at least an hour each time.  Super weak and blah.  Like the title of this blog says, my body is a jerk.  I have enough MS symptoms to deal with after having a good night’s sleep – I don’t need insomnia making everything worse.  I see my GP tomorrow and I don’t know what the heck I’ll do if she can’t help me with this issue, which has been going on for two months now.  ***Sigh***

Today’s symptoms: As I just mentioned, today was not good.  I don’t know if the Restless Leg Syndrome I’ve been dealing with since around the same time the insomnia started is the cause.  When I went to see my neurologist about the insomnia a few weeks ago, he said we would just wait and see how the MRI (my fourteenth!) turns out on September 4th.  Ugh.

2 thoughts on “My Body Is A Jerk

  1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for taking me for a ride Monday night! That was the most fun I’ve had in ages!…I cannot wait to see the video!..Please post it to my Facebook page when you get a chance. The next day I fell in a hole and bruised my ribs so while waiting to get checked out at the hospital I kept daydreaming how AWESOME Monday night was!…Good luck with your MS battle and thanks again!…Sending Luv from Kamikaze Airways!…lol

    1. You’re so welcome! It was a fun flight! I’m still working on the videos – stay tuned. I hope you’re feeling much better! Quit falling in holes. Geesh.

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