Holy Flyovers!

Holy Flyovers!

Glad today was nice weather-wise as I had another charity fly-over to do.  This one was for Heartland Forest here in Niagara.  The shot-gun start at the golf course was to be at 1:00 so I arrive at the airport for just after noon.  I was surprised to see a big pile of youngsters there.  I guess they were there on a class trip.  I had a little time to kill so I asked them through the fence if they wanted to see some aerobatics.  Heck, the adults and the kids all screamed yes!  I got up to a little over 3000′ over the airport and started the show.  I could only do stuff for about 10 minutes as I had to get to my next event.  After my last maneuver, I did a low and over and rocked my wings – it was so awesome to see all the kids waving at me!  I then headed over to the charity event, about ten minutes south of the airport.  Did my aerobatics then took pics of everyone on the greens:




I’m just doing a quick blog before heading (via car) to the golf course for dinner tonight.

On my flight today, I seemed to have almost hit almost 6g’s!


Good times!

Speaking of good, that would not explain my kitty Mya.  She started destroying yet another puzzle yesterday:


I ask you, how is anything this cute so naughty?


Then we have this cuteness – little Pinky lightly tapping her bro Peanut:


Needless to say, today was awesome.  I’m so glad I could do those fly-overs for everyone.  Now I get to mingle with a bunch of neat folks, including Hockey Hall of Fame legend Marcel Dionne.  He has so graciously helped me with fundraisers for the MS Society in the past, and I’m very grateful.IMG_0774

Today’s symptoms: After a not-good-at-all day yesterday (really bad fatigue, MS aches and pains) I wasn’t sure if I was going to be up to doing today’s fly-over.  Fortunately, I slept quite well (first time in over a week!) and felt pretty good today.  I have a new symptom which started about a month ago (feels like my left foot is always in hot water) but it’s been stable.  So glad not worse!  I see my neurologist at the end of the month so I’ll see what he has to say about it.

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