Happy Abby

I recently had to put my youngest kitty on anti-depressants.  She’s a very skitty kitty and rarely wanted to be around people.  She also has an intestinal virus in which there is no cure, so that adds to her stress.  These anti-depressants have made such a huge difference.  The kitties often like to run out into the hall, except for Abby.  This was a total shocker the other day:


As usual though, she’s more than happy being snuggly with her sisters.  Like on this day that prevented me from making the bed:

You a little tired there, Boo?

It’s Roll Up The Rim time at Tim Hortons.  There’s an extra roll chance on each cup this year for their 50th anniversary.  The second spot is for a chance to win one of 10 Corollas.  I’ve been doing this in the shops just to mess with people’s minds:

I had to go to the St. Catharines hospital for my annual MRI today.  Fortunately the IV for the dye went quite well.  Just had an IV last Thursday too, for Tysabri:

Happily, that went quite well too.  Regardless, I’m kinda feeling like a pin cushion!

Mike was over this weekend – we watched some shows, played Call of Duty on the xBox, and dined on some amazing Velveeta yumminess.  Little Abby, being much less skitty, decided to join us.  I swear I taught her better than this:

Mya didn’t do much better when she stuck her head into Mike’s glass to have a drink of water:


I’m really hoping for great weather tomorrow.  I was asked to be part of a “talk show” on Women in Aviation at the Waterloo Airport.  I would much rather be able to fly there than drive, so paws crossed for clear skies.

Today’s symptoms: Actually feeling decent today.  My bladder infection is gone, the sinus infection is quite a bit better and my cold has departed.  Life is good!

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