Flightless Weekend

Chuck and I visited Fort Erie yesterday.  I donated the “grand prize” for the South Niagara Life Centre fund raising event this weekend.  I was asked to meet them at the Fort Erie Library to draw the name for a flight around Niagara.  Unfortunately, the woman who’s name I drew had just left the event, so I guess I won’t meet her until our flight.  The great news is they raised over $14,000!  This will be matched dollar for dollar by two generous donators.  It was perfect weather, which was nice for the walk they did. 
After the draw, Chuck and I went to
Rosehill Auction.  It was our first time there.  I must say, it would be a great place to visit if you’re in the market for any major appliance or larger furniture.  It was insanely packed and crowded, also hard to navigate due to the large volume of merchandise in the store.  We didn’t get too much out of our visit as we weren’t looking for anything in particular.  Still, it was nice to check it out.
For the past six to eight months, I have been using my
Lateral Thigh Trainer (from the As Seen on TV store).  What a great piece of equipment.  Unfortunately, it’s starting to wear out and it’s creaking and cracking.  Like most people, I can’t stand it when my exercise equipment starts to get noisy.  I have been using it for 20 – 60 minutes a day and I only paid $40.00 for it, so I got my money out of it.  I decided to look for new stepper-type machines.  I did tons of research online, but most of them seem to have the same noise issues after months of use.  My mother and I went to Sears today and I decided to try out the recumbent bikes.  I used to use one at the YMCA all the time and forgot how much I liked them.  I ended up purchasing the Free Spirit Recumbent Cycle.  I hope I can tolerate the dreadful noises my Lateral Thigh Trainer is making for a few more days.  They didn’t have the cycle in stock so I can’t get one until Wednesday or Thursday.  I will do a product review after a few days of use – stay tuned!

As you can probably surmise from the title of this blog, I didn’t get to fly this weekend.  I was going to fly to Brampton to visit a friend today, but the weather wasn’t co-operating.  Hopefully things clear up a bit later in the week so I can take an hour or two of vacation and hit the skies.

Symptoms for today: I slept in until around 9:00 today.  Mind you, I was up from 6:00 – 7:20 with extremely hyper kitties that would not stop running around and jumping on the bed like a pair of kids!  My mother and I lasted several hours at the PEN Centre, and I didn’t poop out until around 4:00!  Yea!

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