Short and Sweet…

…just like my mother…well, the “short” part anyway!  She means well though….sometimes….
It was an OK day today.  My mother had her car in the shop since yesterday, as the air conditioner wasn’t working.  Jim, the mechanic, phoned around and managed to get a used part which was drastically less than a new one.  It’s my mother’s birthday later this month (she’s turning the big 4-0!  Plus a few years experience…)  My boyfriend called the mechanic this morning and gave him his credit card to foot (or paw) the bill.  He said to tell my mother that it was a birthday present from her grandkids (my two cats).  The mechanic’s wife went out and got my little mother a birthday card with two cats on it, and put my cat’s names and a sweet birthday note inside.  It was so nice of her!  My mother was totally shocked when she was dropped off to pick up her car and pay the bill.  It’s things like this that make the drive all the way to out Wainfleet well worth it!  Need a great mechanic?  Go see Dakin Automotive – (905) 899-0199; 81982 Regional Rd 27, Wainfleet, On, L0S 1V0.

Today’s symptoms: Very bad exhaustion set in around 2:00.  I feel horrible about dozing off during training at work today.  I tried so hard to fight it but couldn’t stay awake.  I’m going to apologize to the instructor tomorrow. 

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