Could I Be More of a Slacker?

I really can’t explain why I haven’t done a blog in so long. Maybe just been down a bit due to COVID plus not too much is new.

Mike and I are currently painting most of the house. We just finished the living room and next is the stairwell and upstairs hall. Like I’ve heard so many times before, just some paint can transform one’s abode. We work amazingly well together so it actually makes painting enjoyable.

We have a new visitor. Look at this adorable, sad little face:

Unfortunately, he’s looked in and seen the four naked ladies that live here, which sparked some interest and lead to some spraying on our deck door. Can’t really say I blame him.

Mike and I have been going on walks during the evenings. It’s been really nice and refreshing. My boots have been rubbing on the backs of my heels, which is a wee bit uncomfortable. I ordered Kinesiology Tape (three rolls for $17 on Amazon) and it has been the perfect solution. There’s my little product plug for anyone who has footwear or anything else that rubs.

Here are some of the views from our lovely walks:

It’s interesting to see the locks and canal from the ground, as I’ve typically seen them from the air. The water levels of the canal are considerably low right now:

Vyctor never disappoints with the views he provides.

The kitties have all been doing well. Mya had a bit of a rash on the back of her neck and kept licking it. I thought a sweater would be far more comfortable and stylish than the cone of shame:

No matter what she’s wearing, nothing will stop her from getting to her feeding sanctuary when she gets hungry. Not even Pinky:

I’m going to make a valiant effort to blog more often again. It’s bothered me quite a bit that I’ve been such a slacker. I can only imagine the grief I’ve caused people, not getting regular updates on our adorable daughters and flying adventures. Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Well I guess I have a few months to cover. Things have been fairly stable with a few bumps here and there. Bouts of insomnia have paid me some visits, which always exacerbates my MS symptoms. For the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing some eye pain and worse than normal headaches. I see my eye doctor next week – I’m hoping to report back with a clean bill of eye health.

Best $22 Ever!

Whenever I walk by the washroom while Mike is shaving, I’ll make a grossly distorted face to imitate the one he is making. Everyone knows the mangled and contorted face men make while shaving, right? And the disfigurement continues on and manifests into almost scenes out of movies. The “For the love of everything holy, please get me out of here” scrinched face. The “I’m playing the flute out of the side of my face” look. And one of my favs, “The Leafs just won the Stanley Cup!” face.

I snapped a picture of him whilst doing this. He doesn’t want it shown, for an obvious reason. He looked unbelievably dorkish – like a cross-breed between a horse and a clown. So I promised I wouldn’t share them unless they were adequately blurred. Here is the result:

He just finished painting his bedroom and I decided to help decorate. How wonderful it would be to wake up every morning to a picture of you looking like a horse clown. A clowny horse. A clorse, of course! Thank you Wal-Mart for printing a poster-sized pic of my precious Michael. You should have seen his face when I opened the door to a life-sized pic of him on his beautiful green accent wall. Priceless, I tell you.

As to not mar this recently painted wall, he decided to move himself to his door:

Yup. Best $22 I have ever spent.

Today’s symptoms: I wasn’t able to sleep to well the last few nights. Last night was thankfully better so I felt decent today. I have been dealing with what seems like nerve pain in my legs lately. It’s getting kinda annoying. I’m hopeful it decides not to linger, because I don’t have time for that silliness. Other than the normal headaches, all seems good and stable. I’ll take that!

My Cat Is Broken

After doing some work on the gardens today, I came upon a rather pleasant symbol of being a happy and proud Canadian:

I reattached the limbs of my classy house number sign. I don’t think there will be any amputations during the upcoming skanky weather. I should get him a little hat and scarf….

Our neighbour’s kitty (caring for a stray), often comes to visit. I think her and Pinky are the best buds out of all of them:

Pinky and Mya are good buds too. Well, Mya’s main concern is soft, squishy warmth. Can’t get much softer, squishier or warmer than ol’ fat and adorable Pinky. However, I have no words for this:

I think I have everything pretty much ready for Fall. There’s really nothing out back, besides our deck. No shed, no Japanese Maple, no Rose of Sharons, no lilies. Everything was lost in the fire. Sad, but right now I’m just so thankful I had that flame thrower. I won’t be running face-first into this fella’s web again:

I went for a solo flight recently. It was a nice, warmish but bumpy day, which I love when flying alone. I did some aerobatics, flew over Niagara Falls, flew over a friend’s house, checked my mother’s gutters, checked out downtown St. Catharines then landed back at CYSN. It was interesting to see how far along the building and facilities are for the 2022 Canada Games at Brock University.

After my flight, I completed the arduous task of decorating the house for Halloween. It was quite a struggle to get every single decoration in one picture, but cameras these days can do some amazing things:

Halloween is my youngest daughter’s 12th birthday! Little Abigail McGillicutty Murphy really turned into an awesome cat with such a loving personality:

The vets did not think she would live to three. She’s a little fighter! And since we got her chronic bowel issue under control, her life has been better the last few years. It’s been better that way for us, too!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. I must admit, time seems to be going by much quicker since I rarely go out. I’ll go to my mother’s house, the airport and about once a month, Jan and I hit the Dollarama for stuff. I’m so unbelievably grateful that I’m in this house and not in the apartment. Everything timing-wise with this place was truly in our favour.

Today’s symptoms: After a couple of days of having very low energy, bad headaches, I felt decent today. I had a great visit with my little mother, who helped winterize the gardens. It’s such a relief that it’s mostly done. Now that it’s colder, I’ll need more days where my symptoms are more in the background. We bought paint for almost the entire inside of the house. After finishing two bedrooms, the basement has been prepped for tackling. I had a pep talk with my body and brain to not be a jerk during this must-anticipated time.

Only One Raisin…

I came downstairs the other morning to Mike sitting on the couch with his now empty cereal bowl. He looked rather downtrodden. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his whole bowl of Loads of Raisins (President’s Choice brand) only had one raisin. This brand and also the Giant Tiger Raisin Bran, have around 40% raisins. I said that he must have forgotten to shake them, since it was a new bag. He said he did, which I’ve seen him do many times before and he’s very thorough! We figured he must have got a defective box. I then walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bag of raisins that I took out of the box a couple days before:

Tee hee! Poor Mike.

Today’s symptoms: I didn’t have the best weekend symptom-wise, but I expected that was going to happen. The last couple of weeks have been super busy at work and somewhat stressful. At least I had an extra day to recover, thanks to Thanksgiving. One more week for this project and things should be back to normal. It’s been totally worth it though, as I’ve been really enjoying it.

Potty Mouth

For the last few years, my New Year’s Resolution is to only swear a maximum of three times a day. While painting my room over the last week, I have sworn for the following reasons:

  • The width of the paint tray was a few millimeters too small for the roller
  • There were no pockets on my shorts for my phone
  • The paint went on super bright and I freaked out for a few minutes
  • Stubbed my toe multiple times
  • Did not let the paint dry enough between coats
  • Had to pee more often than I thought was necessary
  • The part of the roller that screws into the extendo-reach is broken so I had to tape it together multiple times
  • Sneezed:
  • Ran out of Glad Press n’ Seal and I don’t even know if they make it anymore (It is perfect for sealing paint-soaked brushes and rollers overnight)
  • I got a bran flake on the wall I just painted
  • The ladder I was using was extremely unstable
  • The second paint tray I tried when I switched colours was also a tad too small 
  • Forgot the next day that the tray I used to previous day was too small
  • Touched paint to the carpet (It was a tough lesson that appears to be ongoing)
  • Dropped the brush
  • Dropped the roller
  • Dropped the foam thingies
  • Dropped the paint stir stick
  • Dropped the paint-soiled paper towel
  • Imperfect lines
  • Stepped on the paint can lid
  • Almost ripped my toenail off
  • Distracted by kitties (cuteness distraction)
  • A fly landed in the paint (poor little fella)
  • Poor lighting
  • The sun in my eyes
  • Paint splooshed onto the bed

I’m quite sure the list could continue but I’ll leave it at that. I feel bad about the slip ups, but I’ll go back to being less of a potty mouth when I’m finished painting.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling somewhat decent the last few days. I’ve been sleeping better than normal which always helps. However, the pains in my hands have been worse than usual and the headaches are still pounding away. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance for feeling better.

My New Supervisor

Since little Mya has less than half her teeth plus she’s very skinny, I feed her wet food 6-10 times a day. Apparently I’ve been taking too long to get her food ready and she decided to meow orders at me to speed things up:

The pressure’s on! After chowing down her noms, she grabbed my phone for selfies while I was cleaning up:

This silliness was followed by her snuggling up with her brother, Peanut:

I asked Abby if she was interested in snuggling with him, but this look said it all:

I had Wednesday off and my little mother came for a visit. I asked my neighbour if I could borrow their ladder. She kindly agreed and Jan and I brought it over to our shed. There was a pile of what looked like llama poop on the roof of our shed. I was really getting tired of looking at it. Also, the ivy was growing up onto the roof, so that had to go as well:

I came across this adorable praying mantis, trying to help me out with the ivy:

After doing this, returning the ladder and cleaning up a bit out back, we sauntered down to Sunset Beach. It wasn’t the clearest of days and fairly windy:

It was a good week. Mike and I took advantage of the Sherwin Williams 35% off sale and bought all of our paint to do most of the inside of the house. We’ll be busy this Fall.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve had a pretty bad headache for the last day and a half. There are things I would like to get done this weekend so it would be nice if said headache could bugger off! Although knowing me, I’ll still get things done, but it won’t be as enjoyable. Lots of pain in my hands as well, so that can join my headache when it goes elsewhere.

Safer In The Air

I had to take Vyctor to the airport in Welland today for his annual. I drove to the Niagara District Airport for just after 8:00 this morning. It was a very, nice calm flight. Here is what an empty PEN Centre looks like from above:

My landing in Welland was about thirteen minutes after take-off. My adorable, little mother met me at the airport so we could have a visit. We drove away as Vyctor was put in the stirrups for his inspection.

One of the goals for today was to chop her Janfro. Like the last time I cut her hair, I said “Oops” and “I have no clue what I’m doing” multiple times, but she I insisted I continue. I told her “It will grow back” and “You hardly go out anyway”. She was actually quite happy with how it came out! Cataracts, perhaps? Anyway, during the Janscaping, I got a text from my mechanic that my plane was good to go with a clean bill of health.

My mother (with her stylish new do) and I headed back to the Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport in Welland, to take a rather tired Vyctor (due to all the man-handling) back home. First step though was getting some fuel. Thanks for the pics, Frank!

The drive home was a far different story from the calm, peaceful and fun day I was having. I was about half way home, so roughly five minutes into the drive, when I was almost in a head-on collision. There was a long, steady string of vehicles coming in the opposite direction on the two lane road. Suddenly, a pick-up truck decided to pass the car in front of her, I guess to take about 2 seconds off of her drive. The problem was, I was far too close for her to safely make this idiotic and doltish maneuver. If I didn’t hit my brakes, we would have hit. Further up the road, the traffic in my direction came to a stop. I knew the bridge up ahead was up, but there was no way traffic could have been backed up that much. About fifteen minutes of creeping along and I could see why we were stopped. There was a police cruiser blocking the road and she was speaking to each driver.

Once I finally made it up to her, she asked me where I was going and then advised me to turn around at a parking lot up ahead. It was there where I saw the two car collision. The windshield was out of one of the vehicles. This was posted on NRP411:

This made me think of how many times I’ve heard people suggest how “unsafe flying is” and “my spouse won’t let me go up.” I have flown over 720 hours and have never had a close call, let alone an actual incident or accident. Meanwhile, I drive twelve minutes to the airport this morning and have the guy in front of me run a red light, roll through another and drive well over the speed limit. On the way home, I almost get hit head on and then pass a very serious two car collision. No, flying isn’t unsafe – the drive to the airport is!

Today’s symptoms: I slept well last night and actually had a really good day. My fatigue level was better than usual, but I did have a headache and bad nerve pain in my hands later on in the day. I’m sure after all the excitement today, plus know that Vyctor is healthy and fit to fly for another year, I will sleep well tonight.

Awesome Knife

I’m falling in love with gardening and have been searching for gardening tools. I needed something to weed between the paving stones out back. Found this hook knife at Home Depot and it works perfectly for this. It’s also great for general weeding as you can twist the knife to get the roots out. Thanks for joining me at Elizareviews!


I forgot to mention something in yesterday’s blog about our flight to Hanover on Sunday.  While we were nomming our amazing steak burgers, I noticed a cute little grasshopper hanging upside-down in a spider web.  I pulled him off and had to gently pick all of the web that was tangled around him.  Little Gomer was able to frolic around for another day!


Here is a link to some great pictures taken at the Hanover fly-in.

Today’s symptoms: I felt quite good and loved every minute of it! Paws crossed it lasts!

First Fly-In This Year

Due to the current situation, Mike and I have only been flying around locally.  We often like to fly to different airports for breakfast or pilot gatherings.  During the decent weather, there are many fly-ins we enjoy attending.  Today, we joined the Trillium Flyers up at the Hanover (Saugeen Municipal) Airport for a steak on a bun lunch and fundraiser for Hope Air.  Despite the clouds, it was a smooth ride there….ahhhhhh…..


When we were about thirty minutes away from the airport, we switched over to their frequency.  We couldn’t believe the amount of traffic landing there.  They wanted people there by 11:15 and at the rate I was going, we were going to be there around 11:05.  I slowed down a bit so we would arrive a bit closer to 11:15, and hopefully the traffic would die down by then.  It worked perfectly.  Once we were over Hanover, there were no other planes calling in.  It’s always fun to land with a bunch of planes in the circuit, but it was nice not to have to worry about a flock of planes ahead of and behind me.

We parked and got Vyctor all snuggly in a parking spot:


We ran into a few people we knew, which was really nice. Most folks were wearing masks and trying to stay safe.  Once food was ready, we sauntered over to the line, to claim a delicious steak on a bun.  It was cooked perfectly – tres delicious!


The weather was perfect, with a nice cool breeze.  This certainly helped with the amazing turnout for this event:


I’m so happy to have learned about this group of enthusiastic pilots, so hopefully we can attend more of their events soon.

The flight home was nice.  We passed over the rather busy IKEA and Mapleview Mall in Burlington:


Next, we were coming in over downtown St. Catharines, to land at the Niagara District Airport, which you can see just past the Welland Canal:


Once home, we decided to work on some house stuff.  I have a suggestion for anyone considering getting Sphynx cats – make sure you buy a good carpet cleaner!  Despite washing them at least once a week, they still manage to leave brown grease spots on the carpets.  Mya stayed close to the warm air, venting from the machine:



It felt good to be productive, as there is still so much we want to do with the house.  We were supposed to order our paint for the basement, but it seems everything else got in the way.  There’s always tomorrow.

Today’s symptoms:  This past week wasn’t the best.  I felt really run down, drained and just overall blah.  Things started to improve on Friday and I was so relieved to be feeling better today.  I’m glad we didn’t have to cancel our flight for today.  Now I just need it to stay this way!

How Do I Land This Thing?

Mike, me and a slew of other people decided to take advantage of the perfect weather this morning and go for a flight.  Perfect day for students due to the lack of wind:


When I fly by myself, I always like a nice windy, bumpy ride, but I prefer it as calm as possible when I have passengers.

We traveled along the Welland Canal as we headed south to Lake Erie:


The beaches were quite active along the Lake Erie shoreline.  Buffalo, NY was straight ahead of us, before we made a 90 degree turn to the north.  It’s still so weird to see the almost empty bridges between Canada and the US.  Here is customs at the Peace Bridge:


We did a low and over at my aviation mechanic’s private grass strip:



The Niagara Outlet Mall was fairly busy.  I won’t be going to a mall until everything is back to “normal” and I’m not sure what the rules are around them:


No aerobatics today.  As we were coming back to the Niagara District Airport (CYSN), I questioned Mike if I should land shiny side up or down?


Fortunately, I figured it out by the time I was on final.  Once landed, we gracefully taxied back to the apron to park.

Back home, I decided to do some gardening.  I met this little fella, whom I named Murray the Mantis:


Isn’t he cute?


I wanted to keep him as a pet, but decided he would be happier in his natural habitat.

I’m sure the kitties would have had no issue with him.  They are all so gentle with their little brother, Peanut:


They’re more interested in their treat dispensing mouse:


Today’s symptoms: I felt quite good.  I did too much gardening last weekend (in the heat, too) and paid the price for three days.  More fatigued, bad headaches and all the other MS symptoms were worse.  This typically happens when I push myself too much physically, but sometimes it’s worth it.  When I’m feeling good, I want to take advantage of every second, even if that means I’ll feel cruddy for the following few days.  This disease is so unpredictable – I can totally relax all day then have a good night but still wake up feeling horrible.  That’s why I’m so grateful for my decent days and try to utilize every drop of energy I have.

Stay safe and positive!


It Finally Happened!

After almost a year of trying, I finally made it to Edenvale (just west of Collingwood)!  I was feeling quite good when I woke up, after a good night.  I couldn’t believe how clear the weather was – perfect!  Jan and I headed to the airport around 8:30.  During my walk-around, I had to remove something:


It was a really smooth flight, which is the only kind my little mother likes.  We arrived at the Edenvale Airport after an hour and ten minute flight:


Coming over the trees just ahead of the runway is always fun (not for Mike though)!

The hangar where I was to meet up with the Edenvale Classic Aircraft directors was easy to find and looked quite welcoming:


We had a really nice, relaxing chat with everyone.  I was so happy to see the framed print of the Tiger Moth I won last year.  I also perused their library and signed out a book.  It’s nice to have a reason to go back:


Someone came in while we were chatting and said that he booked a tour of the Avro Arrow.  I saw it previously in Downsview during a fly-in and also last year in Edenvale.  My little mother hadn’t yet seen this amazing piece of history.  We joined them on the tour – such great timing!


It’s so amazing to see in person.  Just when you thought my little mother couldn’t look any tinier.



Seeing the Avro Arrow is a must if you’re ever up that way.  You just need to call and book a tour.

Back at Vyctor, I posed like a dork with my nice new pic, then got him ready to rock home:


On the way up we took the Brampton route, so flew west of Toronto.  I decided on the way back, since there isn’t much air traffic right now, to pass right over the city.  The Air Traffic Controller was good with my idea and cleared me through.




The Island Airport, like Pearson, certainly wasn’t very busy today:



LifeFlight flew under us, about 1000′ lower:


If your’re wondering, I think the newish Costco out in Stoney Creek is just as busy as the St. Catharines one now.  Yikes!:


The flight was perfect and I’m so glad that wee Jan was able to join me.  Now I just have a book to read so we can return is to Edenvale.  It’s nice to have an excuse to go back.

Today’s symptoms:  I felt quite good this morning after a restful sleep.  As always after a flight, I’m quite drained and achy now.  Experiences like what I had today are worth every second of feeling cruddy afterwards.  I’ll chill tomorrow and hopefully feel good again on the weekend.  At least I’ll be going to bed tonight with a big smile on my face.

Paws Crossed…

I won a Tiger Moth framed print at the Edenvale Gathering of Classics last year. Ironically it’s of a Tiger Moth, which I had the privilege to fly a couple weeks prior. Thanks again, Paul!



Either my health or weather has caused me not to be able to fly back and pick it up. We were so close last September when my mother and I participated in the 99’s Gold Cup Air Rally. Maybe a five minute flight away. Unfortunately it was a good time for the Edenvale Classic Aircraft folks. So, symptoms and weather permitting, Jan and I will fly there tomorrow to pick it up. Things are looking good so paws crossed it stays that way!

Mike and I had a nice local flight last weekend. We toured the beaches along Lakes Erie and Ontario. Then met up with the glorious Lancaster, as they circled around Niagara Falls. The Lanc pilot and I know each other, so he gave a nice greeting over the radio, then exited the circuit just before we entered it.



Always a nice sight.  We traveled around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit to check out how things are going with the current restrictions.  


It was nice to see the distancing on the Maid of the Mist.  During our previous flight over the Falls, the US boat was packed and ours was sparse.  Only six people allowed in the previous phase, but I think they’re limiting ours to around 50 people now. 


Certainly more people today then there were a few weeks ago:


As we have been doing for the last few flights, we checked out how packed the local beaches were:




And finally:


Great flight and I’m so grateful I’m able to safely get out while dealing with the current situation.

Fill him up!  Need to be all fueled and ready to rock tomorrow!


We came home to three of the four cats enjoying the weather as well:


Our little friend from next door (Amber), looking somewhat intrigued: 


I made sure I have my pitot static tube cover for tomorrow:


Keeping it classy, folks!

Today’s symptoms: I actually had a pretty good day symptom-wise, following two not so good ones.  I even took a little vacation this afternoon and did some work out in the gardens.  If I feel like this tomorrow and the weather is perfect, I’ll be over the moon!  Well, at least a little bit closer to it.  🙂

Weirdest MS Symptom Yet!

Most MS symptoms suck. However, there are ones that are nothing more than an annoyance and some are just weird. I’ve had it where if I’m laying down, it feels like I’m sinking down into my mattress. Or if I’m sitting in a chair, it feels like the chair is tilting far back. These sensory symptoms are actually kinda neat and interesting to experience. I haven’t had the above two symptoms in quite a few years. I think the one that I’m experiencing today tops them for weirdness. Get this – it feels like I’m peeing out of the bottom of my left foot. Hehe! It’s hard to describe, but it feels like warm fluid is streaming out of my paw. Of course, it’s dry as a bone. There’s no pain and it’s not affecting mobility or strength, so I’m really not too worried. You know how in parades, they have people follow behind the horses with a bucket and shovel? It feels like I need someone following me around with a bucket and mop!  

For something a little less weird, here is a pic of Peanut on Boo’s head:


Today’s symptoms: Well, aside from the pee pee foot, just dealing with a pretty bad headache and crushing pains in my hands. My energy level the last three days has been better than normal. Yay!

I’m An Old Man Cactus

Since I’m new at gardening, I’m not too good at identifying plants yet. I downloaded the app PictureThis, which identifies plants you take pics of. It’s been extremely accurate so far. However, Mike took a picture of my hair this weekend:

According to the app, I’m an Old Man Cactus. Bwahaha!

OMG I’m an OMC!

Today’s symptoms: I had another decent sleep last night, so my fatigue level was a bit better. I’m having pretty bad crushing pains in my hands today plus a worse than usual headache. Tomorrow will be better!

My Cats Are Truly Weird

So I was at my mother’s place a couple weeks ago and found my cute cat-shaped water dish.  Pinky enjoys drinking out of weird places, like jumping up on the counter (which is not allowed!) to slurp water from dishes in the sink.  Or from the container of water I have to refill the crickets water bowl, which sits next to their tank.  I figured I’d bring this dish home so she would have another source.  Little did I know that all four cats would fall in love with it.  It’s quite shallow so I have to refill it three to five times a day.  Why they think this is better than the nice fountain I have for them in the kitchen is beyond me.



There’s typically a line up in the morning before I refill it:


Bunch of weirdos!

The weather has been quite nice although a little on the hot side for the last week.  We took advantage of it this morning and went for a flight.  We flew south to check out the beaches along Lake Erie.  It was surprising how many people there were, considering…



No delay on the Peace Bridge, connecting Fort Erie to Buffalo:


We went around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit once.  Mike snapped a bunch of great pics of the eerily quiet major tourist area:



There was only one helicopter touring the circuit:


Great Wolf Lodge is typically packed solid:


And there is usually a long delay on the Rainbow Bridge during the summer months, especially on the weekends:


I sure miss going to Casino Niagara with my Army buddy, Ken:


We flew over Brock University, where they are building the facilities for the hopefully upcoming Canada Summer Games:


Then finally, we flew along the Lake Ontario shoreline to check out more fairly crowded beaches:



Bringing Vyctor in for a landing:


It was so wonderful to feel well enough to be active today.  I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week, due to the worst Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms I’ve ever experienced, both in my legs and arms.  I upped my magnesium dose last night and the symptoms were greatly reduced!  I was thrilled to wake up this morning after a decent sleep.

Today’s symptoms: It was a rough week, as lack of sleep always makes my MS symptoms worse.  Everything from my nerve pain to spasms and headache were much worse, making it difficult to get through the work week.  Restless fingers crossed that the extra magnesium continues to be the solution.

Reminiscing My Childhood From The Air

I was expecting a package this weekend; so someone always had to be home. Mike was out Saturday and I went out today. I wanted to do some new aerobatic combos, and won’t try anything new with a passenger. Therefore, I had a solo flight. After looping and rolling around above the airport, I headed west over our house:


Yup, it’s one of those! I flew over Sunset Beach and there was a fair number of folks there, but seemed to be spaced out well:


I then decided to see some places of interest from my childhood. I always loved looking at these pipes while driving up or down the Niagara Escarpment on my father’s motorcycle. It is the Decew Power Station:


Glenn A Green school, which I went to from grades 5-8:


E.L. Crossley Secondary School, my high school.


The giant mural out front:


My childhood home, where my mother resides:


And Merrittville Speedway, I frequented from a very young age and through my teens:


It was such a relaxing, fun and peaceful flight.  Afterwards, I had a really nice visit with my awesome mother.  Back home, Mike and I watched The Bird Cage.  So funny and it was nice to see Robin Williams.

Today’s symptoms:  I slept very well last night, I think because I did so much physical work during the day.  Since there was a fair amount of activity today, I’m hoping tonight will be sleeptacular as well!  I’ll certainly be crawling into bed with a smile on my face.  🙂

Buy a House, They Said. It Will Be Fun, They Said

So I just planned on tidying up a bit out front today.  Nothing major and not for too long.  Well, I got on a bit of a roll.  I can’t believe how different the driveway looks:



A few hours later:



A couple people commented on how it looked and it really felt nice!  Now I just have to keep it this way.

This was Pinky while I was out de-lawning the driveway:


She’s not very lady-like but she’s awesome.

I hope to go for a short local flight (maybe some aerobatics) tomorrow morning and then visit with my little mother. I believe she’s having a bit of an issue with her lawnmower.  The wheel flew off last time she cut the lawn.

We were asked at work to share pictures of the things in our life that make us happy and positive.  This is the pic I submitted:


Which was probably a better choice than this one:


Tee hee!

Today’s symptoms: After a fairly rough week symptom-wise, I was feeling much better today.  I think I may have overdone things a little last weekend and paid the price.  I love these good days!

Vyctor’s Twin

I was recently contacted by someone who created a Vyctor look alike on X-Plane (flight simulator).  I cannot believe how perfect it is!  I got goosebumps the first time I saw these amazing pics:

Cessna150 - 2020-06-11 16.05.15

Cessna150 - 2020-06-12 06.13.50

And one of my more favourite orientations to be in:

Cessna150 - 2020-05-17 17.06.49-1

Thanks again, Stephen!  Amazing job!

I was able to go up in the actual Vyctor today.  Mike and I went for a short flight around St. Catharines and Niagara-On-The-Lake this morning.  The weather was great, with decent winds (I like flying on windy days) and cool temps.  I hear it’s going back up in the 30’s this week.  Yuck.


We came home to Pinky (the ham) glazing in the sun.


I spent most of the weekend working in the yard.  My little mother helped me out on Saturday while Mike did projects inside.  Jan, who hates gnomes, was thrilled to see this adorable gnome statue (in Vyctor colours) I bought for my flower box.  She also wasn’t impressed when I told her it’s me holding her up on my shoulder.  She called me some choice names.


We all got quite a bit done so it was a very productive and fun weekend.

I just went upstairs to refill Peanut’s water fountain and he immediately jumped onto the bottle.  It looks like the little fella wants to come out and socialize a bit:


Today’s symptoms: I actually felt quite good this week.  My energy was decent but I had a bad headache both days.  Nothing to complain about through – it’s all good.

Fernguson and Fernando

What a great weekend we had!  Yesterday, we got tons of projects done around the house.  It was super productive.  One thing is we got our awesome new airplane light up, which Mike’s sister and bro-in-law gave us:


Love it!  I continued to work on the back yard, and am happy with how things are coming along.  I wasn’t sure what some of the flowers would look until they bloomed.  This one sure turned out nice….does anyone know what it’s called?


The kitties enjoyed sun bathing in the kitchen.  I don’t know why Abby is licking Pinky since they don’t like each other:


Later I attempted to get through my emails but Mya had other ideas:


Today, Mike and I took advantage of the amazing weather and went for a flight.  I did some aerobatics then we flew south along the Welland Canal then east along the Fort Erie shoreline.  As you can see sticking out of my door handle, Donkay enjoyed the flight as well:


Then a landing back at the Niagara District Airport:


After the flight, we went to visit my little mother.  We nommed on the Tim Hortons we picked up on the way, and had a great chat with plenty of laughs.  I cleaned out her eavestrough and then we went out back to dig up more ferns for my place and also for my friend.  I planted Fernguson and Fernando next to Lefern and Shirley as soon as I got home:


The small garden near our shed has become ferntastic!

Today’s symptoms: After a week of not feeling too good (I know I physically overdid things with the gardening the previous weekend, which always leads to days of much worse symptoms), I had a good day!  I slept well last night which usually helps the severity of my symptoms the next day.  Hopefully I have another day of waking up bright eyed and bushy haired tomorrow!

Lefern and Shirley

I’m still absolutely loving the new house.  I stare at our petite back yard from my bedroom window every morning.  I think the view tomorrow morning is going to be the best yet as we cleaned all of the bedroom windows today.  I hate cleaning windows but love the result.  The backyard looks much different from when we first moved in.  There were some rather invasive plants that needed to be removed.  The one hole I dug to get as many roots as I could was almost three feet deep and quite wide.  It was a ton of work but I can’t wait to look out and see the end result.


In case more shoots spring up, I will likely be unable to plant much in the back this year.  I’ve read that this plant may take years to eradicate.  I did, however, plant a couple ferns in the back corner.  I named them Lefern and Shirley.  Tee hee:


Ferns have been one of my favourites plants since I was a kid.  My mother has a wooded area behind her house, where tons of ferns popped up recently.  She was kind enough to pluck a couple out for me.

I love sitting out on the back deck, the Japanese maple peering down on me, birds chirping and critters running about:


Our neighbour was kind enough to lend us their ladder so I could climb up and cover the vent to the bathroom fan.  Soon after we moved in, we heard chirping and rustling.  A couple starlings made a nest and had some babies.  One of the neighbours behind us let me know that he saw the two babies fly the coop, so it was safe to cover the vent.  I graciously (not!) climbed up the ladder and used a hockey stick to try and recover the nest.  It’s clearly in very deep as I wasn’t able to reach it.  I taped aluminum mesh over the vent until we get a proper cover from Home Depot.  Mike’s picking it up tomorrow so I’ll be able to meander back up and install it.


We have tons of projects in the works.  We ordered carpeting to be installed on the basement stairs today.  We went to Alexanian, which my mother and I have both used twice in the past with great results.  Then we’re going to have a floating floor installed in the basement and the upstairs bathroom retiled.  Then we’ll start the painting (I really don’t like painting so I’m not looking forward to it at all!)

I have much more to share but I’ll continue in the next blog.  It’s getting close to gathering up a bunch of kitties and getting ready for bed.  I’m pooped!

Today’s symptoms: I apparently did a tad too much physical work over the weekend and really paid for it yesterday and again today.  Yesterday was far worse though.  I can hear my mother going “Hmmmm….told you so” with an eye roll.