We Have Another Teenager!

Guess who turned into a teenager today? Our youngest, Abby, turned 13! Part of her celebration was eating the whipped cream from my donut:

I have to admit, I raised her to be a bit more lady-like, but we let her behave however she wants on her birthday. Her sister Mya, the eldest of the four naked ladies, enjoyed some as well.

Not too much is new with me. I’ve been approved to get my booster shot, so I’ll hopefully be doing that this week. Paws crossed I don’t take as long to recover from this one. Either way, it will be worth having the extra protection no matter how many weeks I feel the effects. We still aren’t going out at all, but possibly in the New Year things will be a better. Something to look forward to!

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been dealing with a bout of insomnia over the last few weeks. All of my physical symptoms are always worse when I get very little sleep. Mike and I started going for walks again, and I found I sleep a bit better after that. I’m sure things will continue to improve!

Aborted Takeoff On A Grass Strip!

I’m sure most pilots at some point wonder what it would be like when that critical go/no-go decision must be made. While taking off from my mechanic’s grass runway about a week ago, it just didn’t feel right. I was less than halfway down the runway when I made the decision to pull power and try again. I had a feel for the grass strip when I landed earlier that morning. It was covered in morning dew and a tad squishy. By early afternoon, it was a bit better and certainly good enough for a take off. Before applying full power, I knew at what point I would need to abort or I wouldn’t be able to stop the plane on the ground. I barreled down the runway during the short-field takeoff. Despite people watching, I was confident that I would make the right decision to bring Vyctor to a graceful halt, rather than wonder what people would think if I had to try again. I have only ever had to abort a take off once before and there were no issues. However, there was a time before that on grass where I wish I had made that split second decision to abort. Regardless, I made it up with a comfortable and safe amount of runway to spare. Still, not as relaxing as it could have been (and not bad enough to have to check my knickers after). Check out the video of my aborted take off, then subsequent successful one. As you can see, I threw Vyctor’s thrusters on and we just taxied down that runway like a bear chasing a wabbit!

ElizaNOTAM (Notice To Airmen): Have a plan (or dream) and stick with it. No one will think you’re foolish if it takes multiple attempts to achieve it.

Port Dover Friday the 13th

For the last ten years or so, I’ve been flying over the mass motorcycle gathering in Port Dover on Friday the 13th. It usually looks something like this:

Due to the pandemic and the fact that I flew over on Saturday the 14th (due to weather and how I was feeling on the 13th), it looked like this:

Quite the contrast! Hehe! The drag and race tracks in Cayuga were hopping that day. It was neat to see how quickly they are able to get cars through the drag race. I wonder if any of them heard me cheering from the air:

We also flew over Niagara Falls. Mike grabbed this great pic of one of the four helicopters in the circuit with us:

The Maid of the Mist is back in business, at reduced capacity:

It was interesting to see vehicles on the Rainbow Bridge, since the border has been closed for so long:

As we weren’t quite ready to head back down to the Earth yet, we cruised around Niagara for a bit longer. Some other joyous sites we ogled down at included a Dog Show at the Niagara Exhibition Grounds:

An event at the Market Square in St. Catharines:

The sad pile of rubble from the Welland House on Ontario Street which was recently gutted by fire:

And the Outlet Mall looking fairly busy, as we came back in to land:

As always, this flight was very uplifting and very positive for my mental health during this stressful time.

Another mood booster is visiting with my mother, which we did on Sunday. I was rather pooped so it was a fairly laidback visit. Lots of chatter about shows, books and our weird naked cats. Jan, Mike and I are really looking forward to being able to go to stores and malls again. I often wave at them from the air, with a sorrowful quivering lip, letting them know I will hopefully see them again soon.

Today’s symptoms: I felt pretty decent today. I took the day off and did some things around the house, cleaned and organized the shed then took a walk along the beach. This is certainly one of those days that I wish I had more of, but I’ll take what I can get! Other than that, I’ve been experiencing lots of fatigue and seem to be having more nerve pain lately, including the highly rude MS Hug.

Theo From the Air

Mike and I heard about little Theodore the Tugboat travelling from out East to Hamilton. My army buddy Ken went to see him at the dock and sent me this adorable pic:

I figured we would visit Theo as well, but from 1800 feet! Hmmmmm…..now where is he?

We actually found him really quickly. The big, red hat was a bit of a give away:

He’s so cute!

What a great and uplifting flight!

Like most people, I’m in a bit of a funk from everything going on. Flying and visiting with my mother have been two very helpful ways of dealing with the negative emotional impact the pandemic has had on me. The total lack of social interaction is taking its toll. I know things will get better though. My little mother and I did venture out to the dollar store this month. It was my first time shopping in a store since November. It was quite nice and a little surreal.

I’m going to continue to pull myself up and try to blog more. The fact that I haven’t been posting much is also getting me down.

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt pretty good today. For the last few weeks, my fatigue and pain have been slapping me around. It really makes me appreciate the better days. Having hope for a better tomorrow is a nice motivator.

Flight and Walk for Heart and Stroke!

I enjoyed being part of a team for the Heart and Stroke walk on June 6th. Mike and I did a heart-shaped walk around the neighbourhood:

We then flew a heart-shaped pattern over Niagara. I plotted the flight out first on my GPS, and the way points spelled HEART AND STROKE:

It was great to be part of this event. You can see the results on my Heart and Stroke page. Thank you so much again to those who donated!

I really haven’t had too much to report. I’ve been busy with gardening. Since I’m not going to any nurseries, I decided to try and grow my own plants via seeds. I also nabbed some greenery from my wee mother! I’m so grateful for her plant donations because I wouldn’t have anything without them.

Today’s symptoms: I’m just recovering from my second dose (yay!) I got three days ago. I had to shorten the time between doses to four to six weeks, due to the MS medication I’m on. Hopefully I’ll be feeling fantastic by the weekend!

Now is Special

So many of us have things we only use on special or certain occasions. But we’ve all been going through a rough time over the last year and deserve to enjoy them. I started wearing all my rings again, which I used to only wear when I went out. But I love them so why not enjoy? I started wearing my favorite shirts. Once in a while I use a little perfume. Hell, I’m poppin on my favourite Tee, smelling great and dancing around the house like no one is laughing! Make any time special and put on the things you like to wear and do the things you like to do. I think we all know now more than ever that life is too short to deny yourself happiness that is right under your nose.

Check Out This Face!

Since our kitties are hairless (sphynx) cats, they need to be bathed regularly. Some more often than others. Mya doesn’t need one often which is good because she screams like a raging lunatic for the first thirty seconds or so. Then it’s just the odd louder than normal meow here and there. Each cat takes less than five minutes from first being put in the sink to being dried off. Short and sweet. Pinky lets out a few growls here and there but generally takes it well, for the adorable pink blob that she is. Boo goes into full rigor mortis mode, scrunching up and making almost every wrinkle and fold as inaccessible as the bellows on an accordion. She’s always the greasiest too. Then we have little Abby. She sits still and only does a few small mews during the process. Most baths, she gifts us with this most amusing face:

As if I don’t feel badly enough just having to bathe them, knowing they don’t like them. Then I have to look at this little pathetic expression:

Mike and I sauntered over to the Welland Canal recently. It was perfect timing as a tanker was just on it’s way through. Very interesting to see the bridge in action:

We didn’t admire the view too long at the beach as there were way too many flies buzzing about:

Those flies were certainly not welcomed guests. However, a guest whom is always welcome is our wee fury friend, Amber from next door. She has been over often to visit her naked neighbours:

We even get the odd night visit:

She’s so cute!

I don’t have a whole lot to report. I’m really looking forward to the end of the stay-at-home order so I can go flying again. Mike and I have been doing odd jobs and renos around the house on the weekends. And of course, visit with my little mother. That’s about the extent of everything for now.

Today’s symptoms: I had a bit of a rough week symptom-wise. I’m feeling a fair bit better today though. Still some weakness and a fairly bad headache, but everything else seems to be looking up. Woot!

Happily Vaccinated Today!

What a great day – Mike and I were vaccinated! My little mother let me know on Monday morning that folks 40 and up could get their first dose. Thanks, Jan! I’m already part of Phase 2 due the MS and being on an immunosuppressant. But the age group is what got us the thumbs up to book the shot. I got through to a Fonthill pharmacy and booked before 9:00am. Our appointment was two days later. Sweet!

While we were waiting our mandatory 15 minutes after the injection, I asked Mike to stand next to the Jan-sized skeleton in the hall:

We are booked for our second dose in August. I phoned my neurologist’s office when I got home to add the vaccine to my file. He spoke with me and said that because I’m on an immunosuppressant (Gilenya), that I should have my second dose in one month rather than four. So, he is sending me a letter which I will bring to the pharmacist. I then phoned the pharmacy and they said they would gladly accommodate the different second dose date (if there is a dose available) with the letter. How nice!

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling very drained physically and emotionally over the last few days. It’s causing my fatigue to worsen and just overall blah physically. I’m sure having the first vaccine dose today will perk up my spirits very soon. Not waking up to over half a foot of snow tomorrow will help, too! That was crazy today!

Plane Plain Gang!

Mike mentioned a radio station he listens to which has an ongoing discussion on Old Fashion Plain donuts. I always called them Old Man donuts. They were probably my least favourite. I couldn’t believe people would desire something so boring over much yummier choices. Well, last year Mike brought over a Timmies order, which should have contained his usual Sour Cream Glazed donut. There was an Old Man donut instead. I decided to give it a try and was blown away! The subtle crunch of the top layer was unexpected and exquisite. Going down through the squishy and scrumptious donutty-goodness, my taste buds yearned for more. However, I reluctantly handed my new favourite donut back to Mike. This event was life-changing in ways I never thought possible. On days where I’m hankering for a donut, my usual order is now egg and cheese on an English muffin, medium coffee with three sweeteners and two milk, and the beloved Old Fashion Plain. So back to the radio station – Mike had me check them out on Facebook. This lead to the Plane Gang Video, which is posted to 102.1 The Edge page:

I decided to make our light and yummy donuts even lighter. We did a few instances of negative G’s, which left our donuts floating in front of us:

I still laugh every time I see this blooper from the making of the weightless Plane Gang video. “Mike, where did your donut go???”

Today’s symptoms: I had a really bad night. It wasn’t until after 2:30am that I finally fell asleep. Mya woke me up less than an hour later for food. About an hour after that, she barfed. Not long after, she jumped back into bed after pooping and had lingering stinkiness. I ended up taking a sick day today and mostly just chilled on the couch with the kitties. I did a fair bit of work over the weekend, as my energy was decent. I love days like that and try to take advantage of every active moment!

Strolling Along

Mike and I have started walking along the ravine trails in Port Weller. It’s so nice to get out into nature. Here are some pics from our recent strolls:

This seemed to be in an odd location:

Strolling away from that topic, here is a flattering pic of Boo:

The girls are loving the solar heated floor in the kitchen, now that the weather is better:

It wasn’t long after this that little Mya came into the living room, begging for food with those beautiful eyes:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. As you can see, I went all out with the Easter decor this year:

Today’s Symptoms: I still seem to be on a bit of a roller coaster symptom-wise. One day will be pretty decent and the next will be a menagerie of blah, from bad headaches to nerve pain to overall feeling head to toe lousy. Mike and I plan on working on repainting the railings and banister tomorrow so I need to have a good symptom day. I’ll have a pep-talk with my brain and bod tonight.


Boo can be so photogenic at times, as she is here posing with some bananas:

And check out her rockin’ wrinkles:

Our little friend, Amber, has been visiting us daily again. She is our first sign of Spring:

Mike and I had a couple of really nice flights recently. We took a couple circuits around the CN Tower, while checking out the city below:

Always an interesting and fun flight over and around Toronto. Views are a little more serene back in Niagara, such as the Welland Canal. It is back operating after the winter break.

We headed over Niagara Falls too, as Mike had not been over it in quite a few months. We were the only aircraft in the circuit at that time. I hope things picked up for the helicopter tours later in the day:

I asked Mike to take a pic of the Casino on the US side, for my buddy Ken:

Those were a couple of really nice flights. I’m hoping to feel perky tomorrow so we can go for another one. Afterwards, we’ll go visit my little mother. Sunday will be another fun-filled day of painting! So far, we’ve painted the main floor, kitchen, basement, upstairs hall and two bedrooms. There are a few doors left to do, the banister and railing, spare bedroom and laundry room. Once we get the new bathroom counter and sink installed, that room will be painted. I’m still surprised at how much some paint can change the look and feel of a house.

Today’s symptoms: Things are a little up and down this week. One day I feel decent and the next is blah. I hope that means since today was a blah day that tomorrow will be great! I’m sure as with everyone else, the continued saga of stressing about COVID hasn’t helped things. Keeping hope alive and well for things improving “soon” is certainly a good motivator to get through the tougher times.

Romantic Photo….Sorta….

A few summers ago, Mike’s family had photos done. For one set, we did shots of the couples. We were supposed to look at each other lovingly, but as natural as possible. I’m sure I was laughing or saying something goofy….naturally:

I had it printed on metal through Costco. It turned out great. Now we have another pic to hang on our soon newly painted wall. It will go well with the photos of our daughters:

We had another joyous flight on the weekend. It’s nice to be so free and only think about the flight – nothing else. Here is the PEN Centre in St. Catharines around 10:30 on Saturday:

After our brief (due to low ceiling and visibility) flight, we headed to Timmies for tasty noms and coffee. We spent the rest of the day painting. We’re both taking tomorrow off to hopefully finish.

The bamboo plant I gave my buddy at the Flying Club a few years ago became slightly root-bound and in need of a new pot. This is why I can’t have any plants in the house:

It was so tiny when I gave it to him, with chew marks in most of the leaves courtesy of Boo. It looks like it’s going back to him with a few more chew marks.

The other kitties continued to chill. Poor Pinky was yet again, Mya’s pillow for the day. It looks like she was half of the bed this time too:

Little (now far more rotund) Abby looked on non-nonchalantly, as usual:

I’m really looking forward to getting the next big phase of painting done tomorrow. It’s bath day for the grungy cats too!

Today’s symptoms: It was a mostly average day symptom-wise. Mild headache, nerve pain in mostly my hands and kinda blah energy level. I must hit the hay early tonight so I’m all charged up for tomorrow!

Talent Show

We just had a wonderful experience at work. We were invited to put together a five minute video, displaying our talent for Talent Show shown through Microsoft Teams. There were nine folks who put together a short clip on their own time and they were displayed to our colleagues over lunch. There are some seriously talented musicians at our office! I submitted a video of some aerobatic maneuvers I did a few weeks ago. You can check it out here: Lizzy McFly Aerobatics. Events like the talent show are nice little morale boosters, which we all need right now!

Our office also supported Pink Shirt Day again this year, but we sold pink masks instead of shirts. I believe this was our ninth year doing this, and we had a great turnout. Another donation to a worthy cause was made. Lucky me – I have a pink cat to support this event!

Mike and I have been using the curbside pickup service offered by the grocery store. We learned that when ordering bananas online, the quantity is “bunches” and not “singles”. I thought we would get four single banananananas. Oops:

As you can imagine, our potassium levels are quite good right now!

Our sad looking little visitor was back recently. I love looking at this face!

Mike and I went for a flight last weekend. It appeared to be nice and clear around St. Catharines and Niagara. It was a different story once we got up to about 3000′. I called the tower and filed a pilot report that the cloud layer was at about 2000′ and totally solid in all directions. Since we were confined to a rather small area to fly around, we decided to do some aerobatics.

COVID certainly has put a crimp on my joy of taking people up for such a fun experience. I have a list of folks looking to go up for either a purely scenic flight or some aerobatics. My favourite little copilot, Stella, is first on the list to go! She did aerobatics with me when she was seven and she handled them better than most of the adults I’ve taken up. I sure hope we can fly again before she turns nine!

Today’s symptoms: It’s going ok although I’ve been having lots of nerve pain the last couple of days. My energy has been fairly decent though, which is more than I can ask for! Although both really suck, I can usually get through the days better with less fatigue even when the pain levels are high. I’m hoping for good weather and decent symptom days on the weekend so we can go for another flight. Getting out for a flight during the pandemic has done wonders for my mental health.

Could I Be More of a Slacker?

I really can’t explain why I haven’t done a blog in so long. Maybe just been down a bit due to COVID plus not too much is new.

Mike and I are currently painting most of the house. We just finished the living room and next is the stairwell and upstairs hall. Like I’ve heard so many times before, just some paint can transform one’s abode. We work amazingly well together so it actually makes painting enjoyable.

We have a new visitor. Look at this adorable, sad little face:

Unfortunately, he’s looked in and seen the four naked ladies that live here, which sparked some interest and lead to some spraying on our deck door. Can’t really say I blame him.

Mike and I have been going on walks during the evenings. It’s been really nice and refreshing. My boots have been rubbing on the backs of my heels, which is a wee bit uncomfortable. I ordered Kinesiology Tape (three rolls for $17 on Amazon) and it has been the perfect solution. There’s my little product plug for anyone who has footwear or anything else that rubs.

Here are some of the views from our lovely walks:

It’s interesting to see the locks and canal from the ground, as I’ve typically seen them from the air. The water levels of the canal are considerably low right now:

Vyctor never disappoints with the views he provides.

The kitties have all been doing well. Mya had a bit of a rash on the back of her neck and kept licking it. I thought a sweater would be far more comfortable and stylish than the cone of shame:

No matter what she’s wearing, nothing will stop her from getting to her feeding sanctuary when she gets hungry. Not even Pinky:

I’m going to make a valiant effort to blog more often again. It’s bothered me quite a bit that I’ve been such a slacker. I can only imagine the grief I’ve caused people, not getting regular updates on our adorable daughters and flying adventures. Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Well I guess I have a few months to cover. Things have been fairly stable with a few bumps here and there. Bouts of insomnia have paid me some visits, which always exacerbates my MS symptoms. For the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing some eye pain and worse than normal headaches. I see my eye doctor next week – I’m hoping to report back with a clean bill of eye health.

Best $22 Ever!

Whenever I walk by the washroom while Mike is shaving, I’ll make a grossly distorted face to imitate the one he is making. Everyone knows the mangled and contorted face men make while shaving, right? And the disfigurement continues on and manifests into almost scenes out of movies. The “For the love of everything holy, please get me out of here” scrinched face. The “I’m playing the flute out of the side of my face” look. And one of my favs, “The Leafs just won the Stanley Cup!” face.

I snapped a picture of him whilst doing this. He doesn’t want it shown, for an obvious reason. He looked unbelievably dorkish – like a cross-breed between a horse and a clown. So I promised I wouldn’t share them unless they were adequately blurred. Here is the result:

He just finished painting his bedroom and I decided to help decorate. How wonderful it would be to wake up every morning to a picture of you looking like a horse clown. A clowny horse. A clorse, of course! Thank you Wal-Mart for printing a poster-sized pic of my precious Michael. You should have seen his face when I opened the door to a life-sized pic of him on his beautiful green accent wall. Priceless, I tell you.

As to not mar this recently painted wall, he decided to move himself to his door:

Yup. Best $22 I have ever spent.

Today’s symptoms: I wasn’t able to sleep to well the last few nights. Last night was thankfully better so I felt decent today. I have been dealing with what seems like nerve pain in my legs lately. It’s getting kinda annoying. I’m hopeful it decides not to linger, because I don’t have time for that silliness. Other than the normal headaches, all seems good and stable. I’ll take that!

My Cat Is Broken

After doing some work on the gardens today, I came upon a rather pleasant symbol of being a happy and proud Canadian:

I reattached the limbs of my classy house number sign. I don’t think there will be any amputations during the upcoming skanky weather. I should get him a little hat and scarf….

Our neighbour’s kitty (caring for a stray), often comes to visit. I think her and Pinky are the best buds out of all of them:

Pinky and Mya are good buds too. Well, Mya’s main concern is soft, squishy warmth. Can’t get much softer, squishier or warmer than ol’ fat and adorable Pinky. However, I have no words for this:

I think I have everything pretty much ready for Fall. There’s really nothing out back, besides our deck. No shed, no Japanese Maple, no Rose of Sharons, no lilies. Everything was lost in the fire. Sad, but right now I’m just so thankful I had that flame thrower. I won’t be running face-first into this fella’s web again:

I went for a solo flight recently. It was a nice, warmish but bumpy day, which I love when flying alone. I did some aerobatics, flew over Niagara Falls, flew over a friend’s house, checked my mother’s gutters, checked out downtown St. Catharines then landed back at CYSN. It was interesting to see how far along the building and facilities are for the 2022 Canada Games at Brock University.

After my flight, I completed the arduous task of decorating the house for Halloween. It was quite a struggle to get every single decoration in one picture, but cameras these days can do some amazing things:

Halloween is my youngest daughter’s 12th birthday! Little Abigail McGillicutty Murphy really turned into an awesome cat with such a loving personality:

The vets did not think she would live to three. She’s a little fighter! And since we got her chronic bowel issue under control, her life has been better the last few years. It’s been better that way for us, too!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. I must admit, time seems to be going by much quicker since I rarely go out. I’ll go to my mother’s house, the airport and about once a month, Jan and I hit the Dollarama for stuff. I’m so unbelievably grateful that I’m in this house and not in the apartment. Everything timing-wise with this place was truly in our favour.

Today’s symptoms: After a couple of days of having very low energy, bad headaches, I felt decent today. I had a great visit with my little mother, who helped winterize the gardens. It’s such a relief that it’s mostly done. Now that it’s colder, I’ll need more days where my symptoms are more in the background. We bought paint for almost the entire inside of the house. After finishing two bedrooms, the basement has been prepped for tackling. I had a pep talk with my body and brain to not be a jerk during this must-anticipated time.

Only One Raisin…

I came downstairs the other morning to Mike sitting on the couch with his now empty cereal bowl. He looked rather downtrodden. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his whole bowl of Loads of Raisins (President’s Choice brand) only had one raisin. This brand and also the Giant Tiger Raisin Bran, have around 40% raisins. I said that he must have forgotten to shake them, since it was a new bag. He said he did, which I’ve seen him do many times before and he’s very thorough! We figured he must have got a defective box. I then walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bag of raisins that I took out of the box a couple days before:

Tee hee! Poor Mike.

Today’s symptoms: I didn’t have the best weekend symptom-wise, but I expected that was going to happen. The last couple of weeks have been super busy at work and somewhat stressful. At least I had an extra day to recover, thanks to Thanksgiving. One more week for this project and things should be back to normal. It’s been totally worth it though, as I’ve been really enjoying it.

Potty Mouth

For the last few years, my New Year’s Resolution is to only swear a maximum of three times a day. While painting my room over the last week, I have sworn for the following reasons:

  • The width of the paint tray was a few millimeters too small for the roller
  • There were no pockets on my shorts for my phone
  • The paint went on super bright and I freaked out for a few minutes
  • Stubbed my toe multiple times
  • Did not let the paint dry enough between coats
  • Had to pee more often than I thought was necessary
  • The part of the roller that screws into the extendo-reach is broken so I had to tape it together multiple times
  • Sneezed:
  • Ran out of Glad Press n’ Seal and I don’t even know if they make it anymore (It is perfect for sealing paint-soaked brushes and rollers overnight)
  • I got a bran flake on the wall I just painted
  • The ladder I was using was extremely unstable
  • The second paint tray I tried when I switched colours was also a tad too small 
  • Forgot the next day that the tray I used to previous day was too small
  • Touched paint to the carpet (It was a tough lesson that appears to be ongoing)
  • Dropped the brush
  • Dropped the roller
  • Dropped the foam thingies
  • Dropped the paint stir stick
  • Dropped the paint-soiled paper towel
  • Imperfect lines
  • Stepped on the paint can lid
  • Almost ripped my toenail off
  • Distracted by kitties (cuteness distraction)
  • A fly landed in the paint (poor little fella)
  • Poor lighting
  • The sun in my eyes
  • Paint splooshed onto the bed

I’m quite sure the list could continue but I’ll leave it at that. I feel bad about the slip ups, but I’ll go back to being less of a potty mouth when I’m finished painting.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling somewhat decent the last few days. I’ve been sleeping better than normal which always helps. However, the pains in my hands have been worse than usual and the headaches are still pounding away. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance for feeling better.

My New Supervisor

Since little Mya has less than half her teeth plus she’s very skinny, I feed her wet food 6-10 times a day. Apparently I’ve been taking too long to get her food ready and she decided to meow orders at me to speed things up:

The pressure’s on! After chowing down her noms, she grabbed my phone for selfies while I was cleaning up:

This silliness was followed by her snuggling up with her brother, Peanut:

I asked Abby if she was interested in snuggling with him, but this look said it all:

I had Wednesday off and my little mother came for a visit. I asked my neighbour if I could borrow their ladder. She kindly agreed and Jan and I brought it over to our shed. There was a pile of what looked like llama poop on the roof of our shed. I was really getting tired of looking at it. Also, the ivy was growing up onto the roof, so that had to go as well:

I came across this adorable praying mantis, trying to help me out with the ivy:

After doing this, returning the ladder and cleaning up a bit out back, we sauntered down to Sunset Beach. It wasn’t the clearest of days and fairly windy:

It was a good week. Mike and I took advantage of the Sherwin Williams 35% off sale and bought all of our paint to do most of the inside of the house. We’ll be busy this Fall.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve had a pretty bad headache for the last day and a half. There are things I would like to get done this weekend so it would be nice if said headache could bugger off! Although knowing me, I’ll still get things done, but it won’t be as enjoyable. Lots of pain in my hands as well, so that can join my headache when it goes elsewhere.