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Another Trip to CWHM

This weekend was a mixed bag.  Saturday was a nice, clear day, but I was too weak to even leave the apartment.  Sunday I woke up feeling a fair bit better, which was great because we were scheduled to go back to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  Mike and I had such a great time there a few weeks ago, that we decided to invite our Recreational Aircraft Association folks to go back with us.  This was scheduled for Sunday with the Lancaster Berlin Blitz virtual reality starting at 9:00.  We had a small group, but all showed up before the doors opened.  The plan was to do the virtual reality in two groups first, then go upstairs for our 10:00 F18 simulator session.



We loved seeing it again.  We finished with only a bit of time before the F18’s.  Mike and I had to run around the museum a bit to gather everyone back together, so we could show them where to go.  In a group of four and then three, we all did the 20 minute training session.  Then it was time to climb into the simulators:





He aimed for the wrong blue thing!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  After the second group went through, we all went downstairs for lunch.  Afterwards, Mike, another member and myself had a wonderful tour with a guide of the planes outside.  Very interesting stories we had the pleasure of hearing.  We weren’t able to spend too much time in the museum because I was getting very fatigued.




Once back home, we just chilled for the rest of the day because I was pretty spent.

On Monday, I had enough energy to go for a short flight around Niagara. The Walmart at the PEN Centre is coming along nicely.


It was only about a 45 minute flight, but it was great to get up.  When we got back, I was pooped from the flight so we just relaxed with the kitties and watched a movie (Sybil – a little over three hours long).

Tuesday was awful.  I was the weakest I’ve been in a long time.  I had a hard time making it through the day, and I never left the apartment.  Last night, I think Abby could detect that I was feeling really cruddy and gave me a loving headbutt:


Little Peanut’s smiling face helped me to smile as well:


Today’s symptoms: Still felt quite weak today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Felt too poorly to go out again.  It’s always a struggle to remain positive when I’m feeling so badly, but I’m trying (my little mother says I’m very trying…..hehe).  This extra weakness seems to make most of my “regular” MS symptoms feel worse.  I’m looking forward to some relief tomorrow – paws crossed!


Guess What Day It Is???

I took the day off today and I’m so happy to say that I felt quite good!  I met up with my father for breakfast at Lane’s Family Restaurant in Stevensville.  It was a very nice meal.  We’ve been there a few times now and it’s always good.  After filling our bellies, we went just down the road to Safari Niagara.  It’s not officially open yet (May 18th) but my father does carpentry for them, so I got a behind the scenes tour.  Here are just some of the awesome animals we saw:


Drooling for some noms:


Look of uncertainty:


I wanted to boop his nose (but I like my hand too much):


Nom nom nom:


Bouncy room:


IMG_2299   IMG_2301

Jan-sized horse:


And how perfect was this – Hump Day!!!  Woo hoo!


It was such a good time.  I hope they have great weather for the opening of the park on Saturday.

I came home to my own little zoo.  Actually, all four of the kitties seemed to be very well behaved for the day, as nothing was amiss or out of place.  I had to take something to perk me up to get me through the day.  It was still in effect when I got home and I spent about two hours cleaning (including gecko Peanut’s tank)  and tended to all the crickets (new batch of quite a few hundred!) and other things here and there.  It was such a great day and very productive.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been having issues sleeping over the last few days.  It’s certainly affecting how I feel and the intensity of my MS symptoms, so paws crossed for better nights starting tonight!  My normal stuff going on the last few days = lots of nerve pain and fatigue.  My headaches seem to be a bit worse than usual (I always have a headache to some degree, since I was in my last teens), but they’re known to fluctuate for seemingly no reason.  I’m going to assume it’s going to start better tomorrow.  (Woo hoo!)

Naughty By (Mother) Nature

Mother Nature was not my friend this weekend.  It was the Walk for MS on Sunday, and I was so happy to wake up to blue skies, after a day of fog Saturday.  By the time we got to the airport for around 9:00am, thick fog was rolling in.  We couldn’t see to the other side of the airport:


I let my ground contacts at the MS Walk base in Port Dalhousie know that I was socked in by fog, just a few minutes from them.  I was just a tad bummed:


We could hardly see the tower, as we were driving through the airport:


It was quite the let down, but not much we could do.  Here are some pics from previous MS Walks I’ve flown over.  2010:








The day on Saturday went a little more as planned.  Mike and I met up with my friend from Hamilton, and we hit the casino.  After he gambled for a bit and we got tickets for Rock Around The Clock, we hit the always yummy Grand Buffet.  The food was great and afterwards, the show was great.


It was a good weekend.  I had one little more nice thing happen – my little gecko Peanut let me know that he was interested in becoming a pilot:


I’m so proud.

Today’s symptoms: I did not feel well today.  Very fatigued and weak again and lots of nerve pain.  Paws crossed tomorrow is a better day.

Kinda Lame But Cute

When my tiny, little grandmother (yes, shorter than my little mother), lived in a nursing home, she had a toy flower stuck through the handle of her closet. When she passed, I took the flower and did the same. It’s been in my closet door handle for over ten years now. It always bugs me when I see it, all droopy and leaning. Looks sad, the stem slid down too far and would never stay up and the top flower petal is slumped down:

I have no idea why I haven’t fixed it over all these years and allowed it to bug me for so long. Well, I went to a funeral of a family member today. The mood was understandably quite low for much of the day, but lifted by being around many family members. After getting home, I went to my bedroom closet for my loungey clothes. I see my flower and asked myself again why I haven’t secured it properly yet so it looks happy. It made me think of my grandmother and the memories with her. Then I thought of how many times I saw the sad looking flower and have been bothered by how it looked. Something from my wonderful Nanny deserves better than that. So voilà:

He looks happy now and I feel so much better when I see it. Makes the memories feel even nicer. It sounds silly and kinda lame, but it is much more to me than it looks on the outside. I love the thoughts of my grandmother it invokes.

Today’s symptoms: I felt a bit better today than I did yesterday. Because it was a long day, I had to take a few wake up pills, so I didn’t full out crash until later in the afternoon. This was quite nice, since my typical crash time over the last few weeks. I appreciate every small positive that my body decides to throw at me.

Mostly Good Weekend

I’m still in a bit of a funk due to how I’ve been feeling physically anymore.  I’m happy to report that today and yesterday were decent though.  Saturday wasn’t quite as positive, as I crashed by around 1:30.  I wasn’t able to do much other than watch movies and TV the rest of the day, but at least it was relaxing.  I was feeling decent Sunday morning so Mike and I went for a local flight.  We were hoping to fly up to Oshawa for an aviation event on Saturday, but couldn’t due to the weather and how I was feeling.  The hour long flight Sunday helped to make up for that.  I wasn’t able to do any aerobatics as the ceiling was below 2500′, so we just wandered around Niagara.  First we flew over to Niagara-On-The-Lake, with Fort George next to the Niagara River:


A closer shot of the Fort:


On the east side of the Niagara River is Fort Niagara, in the States:


We flew south to Lake Erie, which still has a fair bit of ice blobbing around.  Greetings Buffalo:


It was a nice to be able to go for a flight, especially since my health and the weather haven’t been too cooperative lately.  Until next time (hopefully soon), little Vyctor:


As you can tell from these two pics, Pinky was absolutely thrilled when we were home:


We had one warmish day over the last week and little Abby decided to take full advantage of being able to go out onto the balcony.  She wandered out around 3:30:


And I had to bring her in around 9:30pm!


I guess she enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being pestered by her sisters as well.

Today’s symptoms: It was very nice having more energy today.  My headache was average, and probably the best it’s been over the last few weeks.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much (so as not to get disappointed) that this will be a continuing trend.  However, I did ask all of the kitties to briefly cross their paws for it though.

Slowly Recovering

I’m still recovering from an amazing three days.  Mike and I both took Friday off and cashed in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum flight simulator gift certificate Mike got me for my birthday.  I wasn’t feeling well enough to fly that day plus the weather was iffy (and the $25 landing fee there), so we drove.  We arrived about thirty minutes before our sim time, so we decided to try out the virtual reality Lancaster exhibit.  I have been wanting to try virtual reality for many years, so I was all for it.  The simulation was sitting in the Lancaster Bomber as it flew a WW2 mission over to Berlin.  They used the audio from the original crew.  It was absolutely amazing.  It was hard to see what they actually experienced.  I would certainly recommend heading to the museum while the VR exhibit is still available.  Next, we headed across the museum to the flight sim room, passing the Lancaster on the way:


At least we had a nice view while we waited:


We had a lesson on the sim and then we climbed into the F18 cockpits.  It was such a blast.  We first were able to just get the hang of things while flying around.  Then some enemy planes appeared, which were quite entertaining to chase and shoot down.  We were flying well enough to play in hard mode, which involved some pretty intense dog fighting.  Mike and I both got shot down by the enemies a couple times.  Then he shot me down and then I shot him and our instructor down.  Tee hee.  It was such a blast.  We then got to tour around the museum and then the gift shop.  Awesome morning.

On the way home, we stopped at Big Al’s pet store, so Mike could buy a few more dwarf crayfish for his fish tank.  The day ended with some TV and xBox.

Saturday we met up with my friend Ken and over to the casino.  Mike and I stood in line for tickets to Legends In Concert while Ken did some gambling.  Then we had lunch at the buffet, and next to the show.  It was very good:


They had people doing the songs of Sting, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash and Bob Marley.  All were very good:


When we got home, we created this little number.  It’s the bottom of a Lindor chocolate bunny, filled with Baileys and we dipped some chocolate and caramel chip cookies in it.  Yum.  Tres yum.


Sunday, we met up with Jan at the Pen Centre.  We had a coffee at Timmies and wandered around for a bit.  My energy was limited due to the previous two days of excitement.  Afterwards, we just snuggled with the kitties and watched some movies.

Now I’m just sitting here with my furry Sphynx Pinky.  She looks like she’s moldy:


It’s been a pretty rough few days.  I have been really weak and fatigued since Monday.  I have almost no energy and am having a hard time just making it through the day.  I have the day off tomorrow and have a few things to do and I’m just hoping to make it through everything.

Today’s symptoms: today has been the worst of the last three.  I had to lay down part way through the day, because I was having a hard time just holding my body upright.  I have a bad headache as well.

Well That’s a Relief

The weather and my symptoms lucked out on Sunday and I was able to go for a flight.  Mike and I first went up overhead the airport and did some aerobatics.  I had done some without him my previous two flights and it was the first time doing them in about two months.  I was so rusty.  Not dangerous-rusty, but not exactly audience worthy!

A couple spins and a meh hammerhead (second one may need time to load):

On Sunday, however, I tried a snap roll as soon as I was up to 4000′ and it was great!  Phew!  And then a roll, which was previously more like a deformed egg – good again.  Got the kinks out of the next bunch as well.  I guess I really was rusty and probably overthinking things too.  So I’m very relieved that it’s back to the way it was a couple months ago.


After some aerobatics, we just flew along the canal and around Niagara for a bit:


Two ships in the canal at once:


Heading out over the Lake Erie shoreline:


I love the ship snail trail:


Passed a local helicopter on the way back to the hangar:


Great flight.  After we got home, we had to go out for cake.  It was Pinky’s birthday and she let us eat it on her behalf:


You know the weather is getting nice when the kitties start venturing out onto the balcony:


Mya and Boo snuggled on the couch:


Then Boo became nosy:


We had our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting last night.  We all went home with a little Easter treat (from the Club itself, I just picked them up):


They jingled all the way to the meeting, as each one has a bell around its neck.

Today’s symptoms: Been having a bad couple days – back to the pretty severe weakness and fatigue.  Bunny paws crossed that tomorrow will be much better!

Life Changing…..

I think I just hit a milestone in life.  I’m not sure if all milestones are good or not.  This is the conversation I texted  with my mother Jan, yesterday.  Trust me, the text doesn’t do any justice to the amount of emotions I actually experienced!

At the time, Mike and I were sitting down in the living room, playing Diablo 3 on the Xbox.  He wanted to get up and close the curtains.  So, I wanted him to give me his controller so I could finish his task while he was “curtaining”:


(Lori and Tami are hosts of our local radio show, 105.7 ezrock.)


There you have it.  Wow!  And really Jan, you come back with a dorky ladybug wearing oven mitts?  Think back to when you hit the point where you realized you were becoming your mother.  On the bright side, your mother was as awesome as you, so I don’t think this recent realization is a bad thing. I love who and what you are. Image result for heart

So this is life changing!  I’ve finally hit that point in life where I’m officially “getting older.”  Over the last couple of years, I’ve had many indicators of the aging process.  I can recognize the difference of the horrible MS nerve pains I get daily, but also the aches and pains of getting older.  My knees creak, ache and stiffen.  Often, my nerve pain is around the area of my joints.  I’m now experiencing either normal wearing of the joints, or possibly the start of arthritis? I really don’t think this double whammy is fair, but life carries on!  Not to get too graphic, but my blood work two weeks ago shows I am post-menopausal!  I am at least in the menopausal stage, but more investigation by a specialist is underway to determine if I have already passed through the wretched menopausal stage.  I’m only 41, but my body is so totally messed up from so many things beyond just the MS.  Thankfully the physical ca-ca is no match against my mighty Elizabrain!  I remain positive, happy and grateful through it all.  🙂  Life is still great!

Today’s symptoms:  I had the day off and was so happy to wake up feeling much better than I have over the last week.  It’s been really rough.  I’ve been dealing with weakness, fatigue and pain in levels greater than normal.  But my bad headache hasn’t been as frequent throughout the day as it was, so there’s a nice dose of awesomeness!

Niagara Falls Revisited From Above

I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks!  I had the day off and the weather was perfect, so you can only guess what I did.  The St. Catharines Flying Club was rocking today.  Everyone wanted to take advantage of this amazing weather.  I first flew south to Lake Erie to check out the boats heading through the canal.  The ice breakers leading the way:




And there were a couple more a little further off shore:



The weather is finally starting to heat up a bit so I think that ice isn’t long for this world.

I then decided to head back over Niagara Falls to get some pics and video:


The rocky and snowy American Falls:


The awesome Canadian Falls and the Skylon Tower:




Needless to say, there were plenty of helicopters buzzing around, sharing this epic view with their passengers.

I did some aerobatics over CYSN and then came in for a landing.

Someone on Facebook requested some videos of my last flight, so I’m just putting some together.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, here’s the video of the Falls I took today and posted on Facebook earlier:

Today’s symptoms: I can’t believe how much better I feel today.  My headache is only average now (I get headaches every day and the one I’ve had for over three weeks has been very bad), still lots of nerve pain but my energy is decent.  I live for days like this!!!

Flight Over Niagara Falls and Fort Erie

The weather is perfect today and I’m so happy to say that I was feeling better this morning.  All of the Flying Club planes were up and the Niagara Falls scenic circuit helicopters were making plenty of trips.  I first headed over the Falls:


There was a smidge of a rainbow over the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls:


Then I descended a bit (from the 3500′ requirement over the Falls) and checked out the extremely chilly looking Lake Erie:



The massive ice wall that attacked Fort Erie’s shoreline is certainly getting smaller:


Greetings, Buffalo!


Corn maze, perhaps?


After a pleasant tour around Niagara, I decided to head back to the airport for some aerobatics:


They say to keep the shiny side up, but I like it the other way around:


Heading back to Vyctor’s home:


There was a rescue chopper doing landings and/or approaches at our local hospitals while I was flying around.  They landed a couple minutes before me:



What a great day!

Today’s symptoms: I started to feel yucky again not too long after my flight.  Things typically get worse in the afternoon, so I always try to fly and do other physical activities during the morning.  My fatigue and weakness kicks in later, as my energy depletes.  This is typically when the headaches and nerve pains get worse as well.  This is why I take full advantage of the hours where I feel more like a normal person – it’s these times that I look forward to greatly, which helps me through the rough times.  I always try to have hope that tomorrow will be better!

MRI #15

Last week I went to the hospital for MRI number 15! It’s actually to the point where I kinda enjoy them. They always play good music (they have you wear a headset), and I just find the rest very relaxing. I’m not claustrophobic at all, so no problem there. I just close my eyes and absorb the music and crazy sound from the machine. Here’s some examples:

I had to go back the next day to pick up the images on a CD. I noticed a couple lesions but they may have been there before. Nothing major though so that was quite a relief, considering the symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the last two weeks. It started with smelling rotting flesh intermittently throughout the day, very bad headaches, horrible crushing pain in my hands plus weakness like I haven’t experienced before. I assume this is a bit of an MS flare up. I’m still feeling really lousy. It’s probably going to be another weekend of laying low.

The kitties seem to have sensed that I’m not feeling well. They’ve been ever more snuggly than usual. Bedtime is always interesting. Abby, Boo and Mya try to sleep as close to me as possible:


My Pinky usually sleeps at my back or on the heater behind the bed. Typically wakes up quite perky:


Morning comes along and everyone scurries into the kitchen for brekkie:


You can see how happy Abby gets from eating:


As does Peanut:


So other than that, not too much new in life.  Just hoping I start feeling better soon – I don’t want to play this game anymore.

Today’s symptoms: Same as the last almost two weeks.  Very weak, crushing pain (often very intense) in my hands, much worse than normal headache, and just overall blah.  It WILL get better though!

Recovering From A Great Weekend

I had such a great weekend.  Mike and I went to the Mapleview Mall in Burlington on Saturday.  I was feeling decent and managed to last wandering around for a couple hours.  During our shopping adventure, I was very excited to find some socks with broccoli and chainsaws to add to my classy sock collection.  (I don’t own a plain pair – too boring!):


We survived the 40 minute drive back home and chilled for the rest of the day, with the kitties of course:


Mya is smushed up against her padded sister, Pinky:


Pinky (who is slightly rotund), is frequently used as a pillow by her smaller sisters.  She’s pretty good about it though:


We ended up watching Fahrenheit 11/9 that evening.  It was very interesting and I’m not into politics at all.

On Sunday, the weather was in our favour so we took to the skies, flying out to Tillsonburg for breakfast.


There was a bit of a lineup at the Skyway Cafe, but at least there was one table left.  Little Vyctor waited for us patiently out in the cold:


With full bellies, we headed back home.  I’m going to have to go up for some aerobatics within the next flight or two, to get my horizon indicator to flip back around again.  Hehe!  It sometimes goes a bit out of whack after doing snap rolls, which I think I did a few flights ago.


We had a nice flight back to St. Catharines and fortunately, the snow held off:


I don’t know if I did too much this weekend or if I was just going to end up feeling this way regardless, but I have been so weak and fatigued yesterday and today.  I spent about half of yesterday in bed.  Feeling a little bit better today, but I’m sure tomorrow will be a big improvement (paws crossed!).  I am still dealing with the new symptom I mentioned in my previous blog, where I’m smelling a very unpleasant odour for most of the day.  I saw my neurologist about this before the weekend, and I have an MRI scheduled for two days from now.  I think this will be my fifteenth!  It’s always a little stressful when new symptoms develop, but at least I have my family, friends, Vyctor and awesome kitties to keep my spirits up.  Right, Abby?


Today’s symptoms: Very weak, lots of nerve pain and more fatigued than usual the last couple days.  I’m just going to put it down to doing quite a bit this weekend.  Sometimes paying for it for a few days is worth it though!

Weirdest MS Symptom I’ve Ever Had!!!

This is going to be one weird post.  It all started about three weeks ago.  I was sitting on my couch, watching TV.  I was suddenly hit with a extremely distinct and highly unpleasant odour.  That of a very slightly decomposed body.  I will never forget the first time I experienced this smell.  It was when I was in college for Funeral Services.  We had to do a few weeks of experience at local funeral homes before and during the first year.  Anyway, it was quite faint but there kind of in the background.  I thoroughly searched around (and I’m a bit of a neat freak!) the room but I could kind of still smell it.  Fortunately, it only lasted for a few minutes.  Well, this same symptom has been happening progressively more often for the last three weeks.  Today, it has been on and off for a total of at least five hours.  Ugh!!!  I was sitting in the bank today and it hit me quite strongly part way through the meeting.  I looked this up online and it appears it is possible from multiple sclerosis.  MS is such an odd disease!  I never thought about symptoms involving smell since I’ve been diagnosed, until now!

I phoned my neurologist’s office today and they got me in for tomorrow morning.  It will be interesting to hear of how many other MS patients of his have had this creepy and distasteful symptom!

Today’s symptoms: Well, the most yucky of symptoms is certainly this one affecting my sense of smell.  My energy was actually decent today.  My headache didn’t become bad until after 6:00, which was nice.  Other than that, just the normal aches and pains, plus lots of nerve gobblety-goop going on today!

I’m Confused…

Can someone please explain the purpose of memory foam to me? Why do I want my pillow to remember where my head was after I move? If I re-position, I obviously no longer want my noodle in the same spot. I love my awesome gel topped pillow, but the memory foam can be a little frustrating at 3:00am. I re-position my head, and now my face falls into the crater where the back of my head just was. So now I have to wait until the foam poofs back up before I can rest my face. First world problems, eh?

This week went by fairly quickly. I’ve been dealing with a cold and bad sinus infection since Monday. Fortunately, my four little freaks have been very comforting and therapeutic. I’d love to see memory foam remember this twisted yet adorable pose:


She actually made me jump the other day. I had to rinse something out in the tub and opened the curtain to this:


I have never seen her in the tub before. I guess she was looking for a new water source.

Boo decided to grace me with a slew of goofy faces, after sniffing my yogurt and getting a smidge on her schnoz:


Abby was impressed and attempted a paw bump:


Meanwhile, Pinky just sat there, very unimpressed:


I was supposed to go to the casino with my Army buddy, mother and Mike tomorrow, but won’t be able to with how I’m feeling. My immune system probably wouldn’t appreciate being in close quarters with hundreds of people and their germs. So Mike and I will probably just take it easy this weekend.

Today’s symptoms: For some strange and rather rude reason, my sinus headache was worse today than the rest of the week. I don’t think my body understands the concept of how to recover from a cold. It’s not supposed start getting better then suddenly say “Guess what?!” *Pow – punch to the face!*. I normally don’t take anything for cold symptoms, but had to this morning. Almost two hours after, I couldn’t figure out why I was actually feeling worse. Then I reached in my pocket and found the cold pill I forgot to take. I’ve discovered meds work much better in the tummy rather than the pocket.  You’re welcome!

Flippity-Floo! Guess Who Flew?!

Guess who got to go flying today?  Meeeeeeee!!!  Woot.  The ceiling was below 2100′ so I was just a little restricted to where I could fly, and certainly no aerobatics (which was my original plan).  In the Flying Club, I presented the Club cat (I call him Clubby) with a new toy.  A couple of my kitties like it but it keeps getting sucked up in my little robot vacuum:


There were a couple planes doing circuits, which I thought about doing, but just checked out some sites around chilly Niagara instead:


Please excuse the quality of some of the pics, but it was a tad bumpy up there.

I had a bit of a bridge thing going on today:




There were some ice fishermen out on the Welland Canal.  Brrrrrrr…..


I yelled “Choo chooooo!” when I saw him:


Chilling birdies:


Can’t get much more Canadian than this, eh?


I can’t remember if I posted this pic of a snowy owl on a previous blog.  It wasn’t from today, but a few flights back.  They have at least three of them that stay around the airport.


Coming in to land, you can see how perception can be quite tricky when you’re flying.  Notice the red and white plane which looks like it’s in the upper right corner of the runway?  Where does he look like he is in relation to the ground?


He is actually quite a bit below me, all set to land ahead of me.  He’s not at the runway yet.  I had a joyous landing then quickly stopped in at the car wash, as I can’t remember what colour Lola Corolla actually is.  I hardly recognized her when she reemerged.

It’s been a nice day.  I’ve mainly been chilling since I’ve been home. Relaxing with the kittahs.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling a bit meh after my flight.  Lots of nerve pain all over the place.  My new norm!  My paws are crossed for a good day tomorrow.  Cheers!

First Flight of 2019

The weather was finally in my favour a few days ago and I was able to go for a flight.  Woot!  The last time was before Christmas, so I was starting to go through withdrawal.  We were hoping to fly somewhere for breakfast, but the weather socked in Niagara.  We headed over Niagara Falls:


We were both surprised how full the Welland Canal was, and were unsure if the water level was lowered for the winter:


We flew around for about twenty minutes, then did a few aerobatics back at the airport.

Hope to see you again soon, little Vyctor:


After the flight, we stopped at the nearby outlet mall, as my ten year old winter boots died (a seam gave out and they weren’t repairable).  Mike ended up buying a winter coat for a really good deal (around 70% off).  It was the first one he tried on too.  I was set on getting Sorel boots as they have amazing reviews online plus everyone I spoke to about brands suggested them.  Fortunately, there is a Sorel store at the mall.  Unfortunately, the ones I bought cost a bit more than I wanted to spend and weren’t on sale.  Still, I have a great new pair of boots which will hopefully last me over ten years.

Back home, we snuggled with the kitties and watched some movies.


I tried to toss a treat to Pinky.  Oops.  I’m surprised it didn’t get lost in one of her wrinkly crevasses:


It was such a great weekend.  Nice to get out more than I had over the previous week.  The flight was certainly uplifting too!

I hope everyone was safe today in this rotten freezing rain.  So many things around Niagara and Hamilton were closed today.  I will have to go and check my car again tonight.  I’ve had to have it boosted twice in the last week.  Poor Lola Corolla may need a new battery.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling rather weak and lower than usual on energy this week.  Worse than normal headaches too.  I think the second half of the week will be better – it’s only fair!

Playing With A Spammer

I rarely get them, fortunately, but I received a message from someone who was very excited about me signing up with his/her “adult” site.  Here’s how it went (and yes, I blurred the naughty pic):



Yeah, that was fun!  And in case you’re wondering what my chat picture was, it was the same picture that made the Bad Cat 2019 calendar!


Yet again, one of my little freaks made it in this prestigious calendar – and is even on the back cover!  Way to go, Abby!


Tee hee.  I’m so proud of my youngest daughter, although she’s ten now (I’m not sure where they got four from):


And yes, this was my “handsome” chat pic that prompted “kemberly tabatha” to try and lure  me to his/her fantasy land!

Today’s symptoms: I had a cold for almost two weeks, then ended up with a bladder infection.  It hit me so fast and hard – knocked me flat on my tush.  I forgot how much these infections take out of me.  I’m feeling a bit better every day, which is a huge relief.  

Life is FanCATstic!

Poor little Mya had to go to the vet the other day for a check up.  She’s twelve years old and seemingly very healthy, despite being so thin.  I’ve been feeding her wet food constantly throughout the day and tons of treats.  Still, she lost yet another half pound over the last year.  She’s down to 4.7 pounds.  It’s making me so nervous.  She has steadily lost weight for seven years, with this last year a bit more dramatic.


She was surprisingly very affectionate with me after we got home, despite being at the vet for around two hours.  She’s usually pretty ticked with me for a few days.  And she came close to topping out her cuteness factor when I woke up to this:


I’ve kinda been held up in the apartment for the last four days, with a bad bladder infection.  I’ve been going a little stir crazy, but fortunately my girls kept me well entertained and happy:


Pinky goes well with my socks:



Feeling a bit better today and was able to get out for a couple hours before my energy splatted!  I’ve just been working on a presentation I have to give for work since being home and vegging with the girls.


A headless Boo:


Notice the little growth on her front right paw?  I think I need to call Dr. Pimple Popper!

Paws (growths and all!) crossed that I feel better tomorrow so I can get back into the office.  I miss people!

Today’s symptoms: I’m in a fair bit of pain from the bladder infection.  I was worried this morning when I had pain in my lower back toward the sides.  Could be the infection in my kidneys.  I decided to mentally dispute this possibility and in my mind at least, although I think a bit physically too, I am feeling better than this morning.  Unfortunately these infections really wipe me out physically, because I already experience so much fatigue from the MS.  So it takes me quite a bit longer to recover.  My body is a bit of a jerk.  



New Year’s Resolution BROKEN!!!

Well I blew it.  My New Year’s resolution was to try and be more “normal” this year.  Here’s the text conversation I just had with Mike, who’s quarantined to his place with a cold:






Oh dear.  I guess I’ll try again next year!

Today’s symptoms: Felt much better today than the last four or five.  Woot!  I was off so spent time with Jan.  Had energy during our visit and I didn’t need to take anything to perk me up.  I’d give anything to have these days more often!

Welcome to 2019!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and joyous New Year! My Christmas was awesome. Lil Jan came by after work on Christmas Eve and we promptly ordered a pizza when we got home. I love the frozen ones we get all the time, but dang! Good ol’ Pizza Hut is a bit of an upgrade! We split a medium and walked away from the table a tad stuffed. We watched about 20 episodes of Big Bang Theory that evening, as they had a marathon going on. Peanut joined us for a bit:


We had a blast opening up pressies in the morning. Abby was thrilled when she opened the grumpy carrot:


Everything was absolutely marvelous. I was sad to see Jan go home on Boxing Day.

The weather finally cooperated this past weekend and I was able to go for a quick flight. The ceiling was only at 2500′ around St. Catharines and lower everywhere else. Someone landed just before I took off and that was the only other plane I saw or heard.


I think I’m going to start a new service. Aerial parking spot finder! Here’s Costco….I was surprised to see there were quite a few still available:


I only flew for about half an hour, since the weather was kinda limiting with where I could go. I mainly flew around downtown St. Catharines, admiring the scenery. Here’s the Burgoyne Bridge, blending in nicely with the snow:


After circling over Niagara-On-The-Lake, I came back in to land and head home. I figured the kitties would all be snuggled on the couch, but instead I found a train of them on the heater behind the bed (except Boo):


Boo was on the bed, contemplating:


Today’s symptoms: I actually slept fairly well the last few nights.  I had a decent day today, just the average MS stuff (nerve pain and fatigue) plus my headache was a bit worse than normal.  Nothing to complain about though!