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It’s Really Him!!!

I must share my wonderful news with you!  I decided that I may release Ralphie the snail (I rescued in November) back into the wild.  I was so nervous though, as he’s basically been domesticated over the last seven months.  Would he remember how to fend for himself?  Would he be too comfortable around humans and try to befriend them?  I just couldn’t do it.  I brought his home to Jan’s today, so I could remove the old, dead grass and get some fresh.  We went out back and dug up some grass and moss.  I brought it into the kitchen and set it on the table.  We did some stuff on Jan’s computer and chatted.  I was shocked when I looked into Ralphie’s container and saw this:


It’s the first time I’ve ever seen his little head and cute face!!!  I feel our mother-son bond has greatly increased and improved.  Right now, I’m looking for a friend….maybe a Ralphette?!?!

Mike and I flew to Brantford Saturday morning to  check out Aircraft Spruce‘s customer appreciation event.  Mike was happy to hear they had free sausage on a bun.  He had that and I chomped on some popcorn.  We met up with my airplane mechanics, a member from our RAA group and some folks I know from other aviation groups.  It was a nice time and after a bit less than two hours, we headed back to Vyctor to head home:


Back at the St. Catharines Flying Club, I showed the Club cat my little Donkay.  It went ok at first:


Then things went a tad haywire….

Fortunately, I was able to get Donkay back, mostly unharmed although a tad wet, and my hand mostly intact.  Perhaps next time I’m around Mr. Grumpy Puss, I’ll wear this:


As you can see, my little mother is completely terrified!!!  I don’t think my whack jobs would be too impressed with it either.  Right, Abby?


I swear she’s just saying yes there.  Sometimes she’s a wee bit too animated.  Unlike these slugs:


Mike said they look like Pepperette Mya, Boo Beef Jerky and Pinky Ham Steak.  Geesh!

I must admit, Pinky is beyond adorable when she is content out on the warm balcony:



And lounging Mya:


It was such a great weekend.  It felt like it went on forever, which to me is great!  I never really quite get the saying “It was such a long day!!!”  To me, that’s great!  Life is short so it’s awesome when it feels like it’s being stretched out!

Today’s symptoms: I have felt quite good over the last three days.  I’ve been sleeping so much better.  Nothing major in the MS department to report!  (It’s certainly a department I wish would get shut down!)



Amazing Trip – Finale

Carrying on with our final days in Nova Scotia…..  After we got back from Baddeck, we rested a bit before heading out for dinner.  We decided to have our final dinner just a few blocks from our hotel, here at The Old Triangle:


What a great meal.  I had fish cakes and Jan had fish and chips.  I must admit, this was the only seafood we had while out East.  Sorry.  😦


Amazing meal.  Plus we were sitting very close to the live music.  It was a perfect meal, followed by a walk along the boardwalk:


Come on, stubby legs!!!  Then back to our room to enjoy the view:


We had some great meals while there.  Some were as simple as a slice of pizza.  Someone from one of the offices suggested we go to Napoli’s Pizza, and we heeded his advice.  Dang, that is one massive slice and probably one of the most filling pieces we’ve ever had.  It was delicious too:


The next day, our plane out of Sydney wasn’t until just after noon.  We parked Jeremiah the Jeep and thanked him for his service.


Out of the whole week there, this was the first day of rain:


We were flying back to Halifax on a Dash-8. Jan striking the same pose as in the last pic:


I would have enjoyed driving the almost five hours back to Halifax, but I was just far to exhausted from the trip.  I had totally forgot where I picked our seats on the plane.  Oh right!


It was really neat watching it fire up so close to my noggin.  Nice flight to Halifax, then we had about a four hour layover before heading back to Hamilton.  We were actually both shocked at how fast the time went by, and before we knew it, we were boarding our final plane home.  The clouds at the beginning of the flight were very wave-tacular:


Oh, notice where we’re sitting again?  Hehe!


Mike was kind enough to drive back to Hamilton to pick us up (for our 21:45 landing).  It was great to be home but we would have liked to stay a bit longer.

I’ve been reflecting on the trip since I’ve been back.  It was certainly one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.  Some of the many memorable moments:

  • Feeling completely at home while giving my presentation at two different offices
  • Mentioning to one of the groups that my plane is Vyctor and he’s a male with female tendencies – there was a guy named Victor in the room and we all had a good chuckle.
  • Getting a standing ovation after one of the talks.  I thought they were just getting up to leave and forgot to stop clapping….tee hee!
  • Seeing the Silver Dart replica again
  • Buying a homeless man a sandwich and seeing his touching reaction
  • Admiring the breathtaking views
  • Firing the Snider-Enfield rifle at the Halifax Citadel and learning so much about the history there
  • Fist-bumping the pilot of our first flight for his nice landing
  • Etc, etc, etc…  🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading about our fabulous time out East!  It was certainly an experience we’ll never forget.

Today’s symptoms: I’m actually feeling quite good today.  I had two decent nights in a row, which always makes quite a difference in how I feel.  I have been experiencing more nerve pain shooting down my arms and into my hands lately.  Now that I think of it, I’ve been saying that in quite a few blogs now (over multiple months).  Perhaps this extra pain is my new “normal.”  Sucks, but I guess it’s the nature of the beast!


As you’ve probably seen from my other blogs, my trip out East was pretty awesome.  I got to provide my motivational presentation to another group of folks.  Another super kind and friendly group.  I wish I could have presented a couple more times there!

Jan and I had a pretty exciting day planned for our last full day there.  I’m the president of our local aviation group (Recreational Aircraft Association) and some of the members did something pretty epic!  Along with many other aviation enthusiasts and builders, they created a flyable Silver Dart replica.



Jan and I stood in front of the completed Silver Dart replica in Welland before it was shipped off to Baddeck, Nova Scotia in 2009:


I consider myself very lucky to know such a great group of guys:


Since Baddeck was less than an hour away from where we were staying, we certainly had to make the trip to the Alexander Graham Bell museum, where the Silver Dart replica now sits.

In 2009, they brought the Dart to Baddeck for its official flight!  Here is a short article on the flight. I know the pilot who flew it that day.  Bjarni Tryggvason, a former astronaut, came to speak to our RAA group about his time in space.  He is also an aerobatic pilot and we have met up several times at various airports and chatted about flying.  He even came over to speak with my mother and I when we were in the restaurant at the Tillsonburg Airport.  He tried to convince my mother to try just one aerobatic maneuver with me, but to this day, she still declines.  Anyway, it was so amazing listening to my RAA guys talk about building the Dart over the years, then the adventures taking it to and flying it in Baddeck, then the ordeal of getting in into the museum (they had to take out a large wall!)  It was so amazing seeing the Silver Dart replica, hanging there after its epic journey:




The entire museum was amazing.  Jan and I still can’t believe how many things Bell invented and created, plus what a personable dude!

After the museum, we headed back to our hotel for our last night in Nova Scotia.  😦


I’ll do a final blog on the last portion of our perfect trip.

Today’s symptoms: I had a lot of nerve pain today, but my energy level was decent (Yea!!!).  My headache is a bit worse than usual, but other than that, life is good!

Awesome Trip – PART four

I almost forgot to show something great I found at the Halifax Citadel museum.  Check this out:


I started my basic training with the Lincoln and Welland Regiment back in 1996!

Also, this:


I was a Supply Technician, which is part of Logistics.  Our nick name was Bin Rats.  Hehe!

The next day I drove out to the office and gave two of my motivational presentations.  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  Both groups were very engaged and receptive.  I truly felt like I was at my home office.  My presentation is quite emotionally driven and full of humour, so needless to say, it’s quite draining.   Totally worth it though.  Both went very well and I was so excited about presenting again the next day.

A great sleep was totally necessary on my last night in Halifax as I had another presentation in the morning then a four and a half hour drive to Sydney.  One of the things I would miss about the hotel is singing Ice Ice Baby! every time we got in the elevator.  Jan, on the other hand, is quite glad she wouldn’t be hearing it anymore:


I thought that I wasn’t presenting until after 11:00 but they set it up for 9:30.  Sweet!  That means we can leave earlier for the long drive.  I didn’t put Janski on as a second driver because it was $10 per day, and it was only during the long drive to Sydney.  It would have been good to have Jan drive part of it, but paying $70 for it is ridiculous.  So, we trudged onward, along some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen.  With only two quick stops, the time just flew by and we safely arrived in Sydney.  We were thrilled when our hotel room yet again had an amazing view on the harbour:


One of the things I wanted to see in Sydney was the Giant Violin.  It was just outside our hotel window.  Man, this trip has been pretty much perfect so far.


I will get into the rest of the trip in my next couple blogs.  I just wanted to share my joyous weekend with everyone.

Mike and I went to the Pet Expo in Niagara Falls.  There were tons of great vendors, as well as dog demonstrations.   This little guy jumped the highest out of all the doggies:


There was a kangaroo:


An Armadillo:


A cute snake:


And I came home to a little goober of my own:


We flew out to Brampton Airport for breakfast this morning.  It was great weather once we got around the lake toward Burlington because it became quite gusty.  When I’m flying by myself or with Mike, I love flying in rougher air.  We had great food, as usual:


Then headed back out to Vyctor for a nice flight home.  I requested flight following through Toronto and was told that he would pass me over to Burlington Airport (to speak with other nearby pilots for safety), so I figured “challenge accepted!”  I would try to scooch through the corridor between Pearson Airport airspace and that of Burlington, without getting close enough to either for the tower to have to pass me off to another frequency.  We had quite the crosswind to contend with but my scoochage was successful and I was not handed off to anyone else.  Tee hee.  It doesn’t sound like much, and it’s certainly not a big thing, bit little challenges like that are very fun for me.   We got home with the new T-shirt I bought at the restaurant gift shop:


It was a great weekend and I’m so glad that I’m feel far better than I was at the beginning of the week.  I saw my doctor last week and she gave me a requisition for blood work when I have those severe weakness and bad fatigue again.  It may just be the MS acting like a complete jerk, or something else!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling back to my “normal” self (which as you know, is still feeling yucky all the time), but much better than a week ago.  I’m so hopeful that this will continue and I don’t need to go get the blood work anytime soon.

Awesome Trip – Part 3

Continuing on with our trip out East….  My little mother was awesome enough to take video of me firing the Snider-Enfield rifle at the Halifax Citadel.  It was cold and windy and she held that camera up there little a little trooper!  **un-mute in bottom right corner**

It was a great experience and certainly made me reminisce about all of the different weapons I fired while in the Army.

After firing the rifle, we visited the trench display:



We then ran into Kevin, who explained the whole trench display in great detail.


He was an amazing wealth of knowledge.  He told us the story about Bruce the goat mascot.  Here is the story (quoted from here):

As with many other regiments, the members of the 25th sought diversions to distract them from the perils of their circumstances. While serving in Belgium, the battalion purchased a two-week-old goat from a Belgian farmer for the grand sum of two francs. Suitably named “Robert the Bruce” and trimmed in MacKenzie tartan, the animal served as battalion mascot for the duration of the war. The goat was trained to prance in front of the battalion’s pipe band, eat cigarettes, drink beer, and demand its blanket at “lights out”. Apparently, the animal was repeatedly sold to Belgian farmers, only to be “retrieved” by the men under cover of darkness. At war’s end, Robert the Bruce retired to a much deserved rest on the Baddeck, Nova Scotia farm of one of the battalion’s most decorated officers, Major Guy McLean Matheson, MC, MM, DSO.

I think it’s hilarious they would sell then retrieve him.  Hehe!


Here is Bruce’s collar:


Thanks again to Kevin for your time!  We didn’t want you to stop talking!


We had such a great time touring the Citadel.  Everyone was so friendly and informative.




We also got to watch them fire the canon at noon:


And here’s a picture of Jan.  She’s probably thinking something like “Oh geez…I’m so tiny, I could probably crawl into the canon and be shot clear across the city!”


I certainly recommend visiting the Citadel if ever in Halifax.  I’m so glad this is how we spent the day!

I had to crawl into bed early that night as I had to give my first two presentations the next day.

Today’s symptoms: I feel about the same as yesterday, which is far better than how I felt the previous three days.  I was kinda hoping there would be more improvement today, but I think tomorrow is going to be the game changer!  Tee hee!  I experienced a little more than normal amounts of nerve pain today.  That can escort itself out the door tout de suite!

Awesome Trip – Part Deux

Continuing on with my perfect trip to Nova Scotia last week…  Our accommodations were amazing.  We were at The Cambridge Suites right downtown Halifax.  Have a looksie at our great view:


When we first drove into the downtown area, we thought there was a huge event going on due to all cars parked on every street.  Turns out that is their usual parking situation.  The city is so built up that there just isn’t enough space.  This was nicely demonstrated at the back of our hotel.  That is a church on the left, and it looks like a parking garage on the right:


On the first full day there, we wandered around downtown, visiting shops and walking along the boardwalk.  It was such a nice day.  On the way back to the hotel, we passed this sign at the Citadel:


Ohhhh!  Well that looks interesting!  Since we had one more day to do whatever we wanted before my first presentation, I decided to phone up and inquire.  I was told the public can fire the Snider-Enfield rifle starting at 10:00.  Jan and I decided to head over (across the street from our hotel) right for 10:00am.  I was first in line, while there were quite a few people touring around us.   I need to trim and reformat the video Jan took of me shooting.  I shall do that tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is a pic of me and my coach, Charles:IMG_9871

I’ll hopefully feel up to posting another blog tomorrow.  I’m very relieved to say that I feel quite a bit better today than the last three.  I still can’t get over how weak I was.  I couldn’t even hold myself up on my couch.  I must say, it’s great to be vertical again!  I don’t think that much weakness and fatigue was all from the trip.  It just felt much more than that.  I’ll be seeing my GP about it either this Friday or hopefully by next week.  Hopefully I’ll feel even better tomorrow.

Today’s symptoms: Still quite weak but nothing like the last three days in which I was mostly bed-ridden.  I had a really bad headache for most of the day, but I’ll take that over that wretched weakness and fatigue!

Amazing Trip – Part One

Well things didn’t quite work out as hoped today. Still very weak and fatigued and spent most of the day in bed again. At least my four goobers kept me company. My laptop is in the other room, which has most of my pics from my awesome trip. I am using the WordPress app on my phone to do this quick blog.

I was asked to head out to Nova Scotia to give a few of my motivational/mental health talks at an office in Halifax (three presentations in two days) and one in a Sydney office. Needless to say, I jumped at this amazing opportunity. I have given this talk all over Southern Ontario over the last seven years. This is certainly the furthest I’ve been asked to travel. My little mother joined me and we flew out of Hamilton over a week ago.

We spent much of the two hour direct flight doing word searches and the time flew by (lame pun – groan!)

I fist bumped the pilot after a great landing. I had actually landed my own plane that same morning, after flying over the Rankin Cancer Run in St. Catharines. I’m so glad Westjet didn’t go on strike, or I would have had to skip the Run fly-over.

After getting our luggage, we went to pick up the rental car I had a reservation for. I won’t mention the company, but my experience was like the Seinfeld Rental Car episode. You can see the clip here. I said I had a reservation and he said that they have no cars left. Errrrrr….. isn’t that kinda the point of the reservation? A guy came in after me with the same issue. There were two higher class vehicles left, so we each got one. I had first dibs since I arrived before him. Please meet Jeremiah the Jeep:

It was rather fun to toot around in. The main reason I needed a car was to drive four and a half hours to Sydney for my fourth presentation. The Halifax office was also about fifteen minutes outside of the city.

I’m going to cut this blog short. This sounds ridiculous, but I wasn’t exaggerating about the weakness I’m experiencing. I’m having a hard time just holding my phone up to type this. Hopefully things will be much better tomorrow so I can get back to work and also continue on with my great saga in the evening.

Today’s symptoms: I’m sure it’s just from the awesome trip, but still feeling blah. As mentioned in one of my previous two blogs though, it was totally worth it! I have so much to share so please check back very soon!

My Apologies…

I was hoping to do a blog today about my last week. Unfortunately, all of the awesomeness caught up with me and have had to spend most of the day in bed. I plan on waking up bright eyed and bushy haired tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Rankin Cancer Run

As with the previous three years, I was fortunate enough to be the Rankin Cancer Run pre-event entertainment and aerial photographer. The Run takes place within the St. Catharines Airport airspace, with lots of room (and extra eyes from the airport tower) for some aerobatics before the race began. I texted my ground contact and she let me know that they announced for everyone to look up and enjoy the show. Once done, I descended to just below 2000′ and took shots like this:

IMG_9822The number of people always completely blows my mind.  Very emotional experience.  There were over 14,000 people this year and they raised a staggering $1,050,000!!!!!

Here’s a couple shots of them heading out:


And this:


This has to be one of the top fund-raising events in Niagara.  I can’t wait to do it again next year.  And just so you know (a little hint about my big adventure, which I’m technically still experiencing!), if there was a Westjet strike, I may not have been able to do the Rankin Run fly-over.

Stay tuned!  The start of some excellent bloggage coming very soon!

Today’s symptoms:  Absolutely exhausted, drained and highly fatigued – for very good reason.  No regrets.  Feeling like this is worth every second of the last week!

Out Of This World!

We had our monthly RAA (Recreational Aircraft Association) meeting last night.  My friend, Leon Evans from the Heritage Warplane Museum, came and gave us an amazing presentation.  He was the chief pilot of the Lancaster when they flew it from Hamilton to the UK.  I was so lucky to have flown in the Lanc a couple years ago and can’t imagine taking the trip they did in it.  It was a wonderful presentation on his trip overseas – very fascinating.  We had around forty people in attendance (some invites outside of our RAA group).  When I met up with Leon a few months ago and asked him about giving a presentation, he told me something that stuck with me.  He said that he presents to both aviation and non-aviation groups, and he has often been asked if he saw any UFO’s while crossing the ocean.  I didn’t think our group would ask such a question, so I decided to – with a prop.  I made this earlier in the day:


From the back of the room, I said “Oh Leon!  Did you happen to see any [raises the alien head up] UFO’s while crossing the ocean?”


Tee hee!  I’m so weird!  It got a good laugh, so I’m happy.  I was wearing this shirt too:


Something else that was out of this world was this little gem Mike and I discovered at the Bulk Barn.  I’m not a big Oreo person but a chocolate covered double stuffed Oreo is SO good:


And at least at the Bulk Barn, you can just take one and then don’t have the guilt of buying a whole bag of naughty treats.  Pinky concurs:


The temps have been so nice lately.  Everything is in bloom and the tulips are out downtown:



The kitties are in bloom too:


Today’s symptoms: I’ve been dealing with a bladder and sinus infection for around three weeks, but the antibiotics I’m on are finally starting to kick them.  Infections wipe me out so much and the weakness forces me into bed more often than I would like.  My MS nerve pain has been worse over the last two days, down my right arm. 

Thoughtless Hawk

I was laying on my couch the other afternoon, minding my own business, chilling with the kitties.  Being up on the 10th floor, it’s very common to see birds flying by my window, to which I usually wave at and yell hi.  Well, that certainly didn’t happen on the day in question!  I looked out to see a big hawk flying right toward my apartment, which would normally be cool.  However, this one had a huge rat hanging from its claws.  Yes, I know they must eat.  But could the hawk have been any more thoughtless?  Did it stop to think “Hey, maybe the people in this apartment like cute, little rats!  Maybe they wouldn’t like seeing me with my kill?”  No.  Clearly it didn’t think that at all.  I used to have pet rats so this scene was certainly not pleasurable.  Next time I see this hawk, I’m going to ask it to be a little more considerate and transport its food in a take-out container.  I’ve drawn this illustration to demonstrate how much more humane it looks:


I’ll keep everyone posted on whether this idea “flies” or not.

Speaking of flying, the photographer from the MS Walk on Sunday, Robert Ventura, was kind enough to send me some awesome pics of my plane!  Check out these great shots:




I’m so appreciative of him doing this for the Walk and also sending me the Vyc pics!  Thanks again, Robert!

I kinda wish I wasn’t at home, writing this blog right now.  I would much rather have joined Mike at his sister and brother-in-law’s place, playing with the four kids and eating Five Guys.  I’m afraid I still have this infection though, but at least I have proof now!  I had to get my blood work done yesterday (I go every three months because of the MS medication I’m on).  It shows my neutrophils and monocytes are elevated (white blood cells), which indicates an infection.  I’m going to head to the clinic tomorrow and get an antibiotic.  I always try to beat these things without one, since I get them so regularly.  However, I’m heading out of town for work in a few weeks and can’t afford to be sick for the trip.  I always take weeks to recover from things other people take days for.  What can I say – I like to be different!

I’ll just chill with the kitties tonight and rest.  Ninja Boo will keep me company:


I would say her speckled sister Abby would too, but she’s too busy being cute on the balcony:


Right after I took that pic, I noticed Spongebob was doing a similar pose:


And no, I don’t know how the TV got changed to the Spongebob Squarepants show.   Errrrrrr……I must have hit the wrong number.  Yeah, that’s it!

Today’s symptoms:  Having infections always makes my MS symptoms worse.  On a bright note, I always appreciate “just” having MS symptoms once these things clear up!  See, there’s a silver lining to every situation!

2018 Walk For MS!

I woke up bright and early and was thrilled to see clear skies.  The 2018 Walk for MS was today.  I’m like their little mascot, as I fly over the Walk Sites and take some aerial pictures.  It was another great turnout.  I heard they surpassed their fund-raising goal.  Sweet! Here are some of my pics:





My Army buddy Ken gave me a stuffed Bruiser, the mascot of the Hamilton Bulldogs.  He asked that I take a pic of him in the plane.  I also included Blue Dude, which my financial advisor gave me:


Once landed, I headed over to the Port Dalhousie Lions Club.  It was perfectly organized and everything was on time.  Mike was nice enough to come over to watch the closing ceremonies.  It was such a great time.  I met many new people and heard some interesting stories.   Also, I met up with the awesome DJ, Blake:


I had to pick up something downtown this afternoon, so Mike and I decided to hit a restaurant for noms.  We went to The Merchant Ale House on St. Paul St.  We were there about a year ago and Mike ordered the chicken and waffles and has been talking about it ever since.  So, no surprise when he ordered it again tonight.  I had the fish and chips:


Very good, although probably would have been a bit better if I could smell.  Stupid sinus infection seems to like me.

Today’s Symptoms: My energy was quite good today.  Sinus headache is still very bad.  Back to having bad nerve pain down my arm.  Other than that, everything MS related is status quo (Yucky fatigue, nerve pain and headache). It was a long but wonderful day, but man I’m wiped out now.  Nighty night!

It’s A Boy!

Mike and I have a new member of our family.  I told him I had a surprise for him and swaddled our new son for the big reveal.  Mike is a big fan of the Rick and Morty cartoon, which I have never watched.  I do, however, like the one character.  Therefore, I brought him home for us to love and cherish:


His reaction was priceless when I uncovered Pickle Rick’s face.  I had custody for the first few days and Mike has had him since.  Mya wasn’t a big fan of him, as you can see:


Mike is taking good care of him.  Showed him the fish:


Fed him peanut butter and jelly:


And surprisingly, shared his favourite Triscuits while they watched TV:


Yes, we’re weird.  I mean just look at our children:

Last week we met up with his sister, brother-in-law and four kids to celebrate their eldest’s ninth birthday.  I always joke with him about his age, and say “You’re 16 now, right Elliott?”  “Auntie Elizabeth!  I’m eight!!!”  Hehehe.  This is the balloon we gave him:


The card said Happy 16th on the front and we wrote Happy 21st inside.  Tee hee!

I’m so glad the weather has finally started to warm up.  One of the first signs of Spring is seeing the kitties frolic out on the balcony (it’s enclosed with sturdy screens, so no worries!)


Not too sure where Abby was.  They were quite content out in the fresh air, but didn’t last too long.  Once back inside, Boo decided to munch on Mike:


And Mya was licky:


All was good in my world until this past Monday.  I got my second “bug” in a few weeks.  I’m on a roll!  Woot!  I couldn’t decide if I wanted a cold, sinus infection or bladder infection so I got them all.  Jealous?  I had to take a bit of sick time this week, mainly because my energy was so low that I couldn’t even sit up straight all day.  The sinus issue is a bit worse today but the other things are starting to clear up.  I’m just hoping everything is good to go (health-wise and weather-wise) this Sunday, as it’s the annual Walk for MS.  As usual, I will (or at least hope to) fly over all three Walk sites in Niagara, starting in St. Catharines.  Paws and wings crossed the weather forecast is wrong and it’s going to by sunny.  None of this overcast and 50% chance of rain gobbledygook.  All these years I thought it was gobbledygoop!  Oops.  Well I guess it can be whatever I want it to be in Lizzyland.  I came up with some zingers the other day.  Just out of the blue, I told Mike that I’m Heidi-dextrous.  I can use two Heidi’s equally well.  Seriously?  Where the heck did that come from?!?  I don’t even know anyone named Heidi.  There are a couple other things that flew out of my yap, but they are not appropriate for my blog.

So there’s my joyous update for now.  I will report back soon, hopefully with good news about flying over everyone this Sunday.

Today’s symptoms: Considering the cold and infections, I’m feeling like caca.  Even having a slight infection completely wipes out my energy.  I always take longer to recover too because of my cruddy immune system (mainly caused by my MS medication).  I shalt get better soon though and be all bright eyed and bushy haired again! 

I’ve Been Hiding

Lots to mention in this blog, since it’s been a couple of weeks.  Let’s see….Janski and I went to Toronto to see Celtic Women at the Sony Centre.  They were amazing.  Fourth row from the stage, such great seats for a perfect evening.  We went up the day of the concert on the bus, as the stop here is just a couple blocks from my apartment.  For dinner before the concert, we ate a great meal at Fran’s Restaurant.  We passed this awesome fountain on the way there.  It’s hard to see, but there’s a golden bone at the top.



Then we went back to the Hotel Victoria to chill before the long, three minute walk to the Sony Centre.

The next morning, we checked out the Eaton Centre a bit.  I’ve never seen one of these before – it was an industrial sized Roomba!


Around 1:00, we headed back home on the bus.  So much less stressful than driving there.  And lucky us – front seats!


It was a great little trip for us.  Back home, I had to check on Mike’s fish while he was away.  I decided to redecorate a little:



I noticed this rather disturbing scene that looked like they were performing a satanic ritual on the poor helicopter in the middle:


Great news – he broke free and flew into the sunset:


I also got into his peanut butter:


And organized his CD cases:


Good times!  I have some more updates since my last blog, but I’ll get them out on another post soon.  I’ll leave you with joyous news…..the little snail I rescued back in December (Ralphie), is still alive!  Here he is eating some pink gecko food I mixed up for him:


I’ll let it get a little warmer before I set him free.

Today’s symptoms: It wasn’t the best day.  I had to take some sick time from work because I was feeling so weak and just generally blah.  I didn’t sleep too badly last night, so I’m sure it wasn’t from that.  I had a pep talk with my body and it said it’s going to smarten up tomorrow.


Good To Be Back

I went a little longer than I would like since my last blog.  Oops.  My bad.  I had a bit of a stomach bug on Tuesday.  I took about a day and a half off and was able to work the next couple days, but was still quite weak.  All good now!  So glad it didn’t last long.

Sorry to deprive everyone of your weekly kitty fix:




You’re welcome.

Since I was feeling better today (I was surprised how much better I felt than the last few days), Mike and I went to the airport.  We thought we were just going to go for a quick, local flight.  We ended up flying to Brantford.  My Army friend Ken gave me a stuffed Bruiser, which is the mascot for the Bulldogs (Hamilton’s hockey team).  He decided to join us today:



He was quite enjoying the view:


I asked him to change the radio over to the Hamilton frequency, and he was quite proud for doing so:


He turned out to be quite the photographer:


He got a couple nice shots of the Hamilton Airport.  There was a home and garden show going on at the Canadian Warplane Museum.  They turned the museum apron into a parking lot.  The awesome Lancaster was out in the cold (poor dude!), as you can see on the far right, a little more than halfway down:



We finally made it to Brantford:


We had to pick up some things from the Aircraft Spruce store, which used to be just a few steps away from the restaurant.  They moved a couple years ago and are now a bit of a jaunt.  It was rather windy today and we were so happy to see they now have a shuttle service from the restaurant over to the store.  Very appreciative!  Vyc is next to the white plane in the distance.


After picking up our loot, we headed back to St. Catharines.  Just slightly east of Jordan Harbour I noticed a fire near a road.  Turned out to be a truck or van on fire:



Yikes!  I hope no one was hurt!

It was a great flight.  Rather windy and gusty (which I always love flying in when I don’t have passengers), and flew through a couple very light snow showers.  We just chilled with the kitties for the rest of the day.

Today’s symptoms: So much better today than when I was dealing with the yucky bug-flu-sicko thing.  I’m hoping I didn’t push myself too hard today after recovering (which my adorable, tiny mother always nags at me about), because I would like to have another good one tomorrow.  I am still experiencing more than normal nerve pain, mostly down my arms.  I have certainly noticed how the MS has progressed over the years.  Certainly more aches and pains.  I go into a little more detail in my next blog, which will be much sooner than the last one!

Dundurn Castle

I took some vacation today and my friend and I went to Hamilton, first for some shopping. Then somewhere I’ve always wanted to go – Dundurn Castle in Hamilton. We met up with our tour guide Luke at 2:00 and had an amazing hour long tour.

It was neat seeing the area I frequently fly over, as I did just this Tuesday heading to Guelph and back. The history in that area is amazing. I want to learn more about it so I purchased this book from the gift shop:


it was such a great day. I drove my friend home then headed home myself. As I stopped at a gas station, I looked down at my odometer:

Congrats, Lola Corolla! I got her in 2008 (she’s a 2009). Almost ten years old and every year I say “I can get twenty more years out of her!)

When I got home, I opened my balcony door. This is one of the first signs of Spring for me – when a kitty runs out on the balcony. I was in the process of taking a pic of curious Boo, but then she launched just as I snapped the pic:

Isn’t that great, Pinky?

Today’s symptoms: it seems like my insomnia is creeping back. For the last couple of weeks, I’m waking up around 3:00am and don’t get back to sleep for one to three hours. Last night wasn’t the worst, but certainly not the best. The night before was awful and I was a zombi for the day. I’ve been experiencing a lot of nerve pain lately. I’ll have to mention this to my neurologist next week. Hopefully it will be a restful and funtacular weekend!

Magique and Morty

It’s been a pretty good few days.  Let me share with you some of the highlights.  We’ll start out with the simple booping of Boo’s nose.  Boop:


She doesn’t seem too amused.  Pinky booped her own nose with her tongue:


Mya decided to have a discussion with her, so see if the self-booping was really worth the effort:

Still not sure how that conversation went.

Mike’s 40th birthday was on Friday.  I got him tickets for the Cirque de Soleil show at the Meridian Centre this July.  Front row seats – sweet!  Also, these classy Rick and Morty socks:


We had a great dinner at Kelsey’s with his family and my little mother.  Always great food there.

Speaking of my mother, she says I’m stubborn (like her).  I say she’s right.  While I was out with her on Thursday, I picked up a few things at the mall and Zehrs.  This included three cases of pop, a pillow, toilet paper and two bags worth of stuff.  Most people would take a couple trips to bring it in from their car.  Not moi!  One trip, baby!


And no, Mya was not part of the load.  The pop fit ever so nicely in my fridge:


Had a great day yesterday.  Met up with my friend Ken from Hamilton and the three of us went to the Casino for a show and noms.  We went to see the amazing magic show Magique.  It was incredible.  I can’t believe the illusions they did.  At the end, this awesome orange helicopter suddenly appeared:


I certainly recommend seeing it!  Afterwards, we went out to the slots to blow some money.  I only brought $60, although I usually bring $40.  I put $20 into the machine and on my first pull I won $4.  I instantly cashed out.  Tee hee.  Then we wandered around a bit and that’s when I blew all $40 (decided $60 was too much).  Well, not all of it.  I walked out not totally broke:


Booyah!  Don’t hate!  Guess what Mya, we ain’t gonna starve this week!


Today’s symptoms: Felt fairly decent over the last couple of days.  My sleep is back to being not so good, but still better than my worst nights with insomnia for the last six or more months.  Yesterday at the casino I had to take a few wake-up pills.  They started to wear off around 5:00 and the crashing began!  We had to drag Ken out of the Casino and head back to St. Catharines to get him to the bus stop to go back to Hamilton.  It was such a great day!  I didn’t sleep too well again last night but hopefully I last through the whole day.

Awesome Vyc Pics!!!

I posted a couple pictures of my plane in flight on a previous blog.  When I flew through Niagara Falls last week, an aviation enthusiast took some wonderful pics as I passed over his home.  He was kind enough to look up my aircraft registration, then found me on Facebook to send me his great photos.  During my flight this morning, we flew south to Port Colborne then through Niagara Falls before landing back in St. Catharines.  I messaged him and he came out with his camera.  Please check out the great pictures taken by Kaan Ens.  He is in Cadets and has a love for aviation.


If you notice in the fourth picture, my lovely new red tail beacon is looking fabulous!  It appears the little electrical issue I was having with my plane has been fixed by my awesome aviation mechanic.  Vyctor feels great and it showed during our flight today!

After the flight, I went over to my best friend’s house.  She had texted me to ask if I wanted to go to a Norwex party.  I’ve never heard of that.  I inadvertently read wax as opposed to wex at the end of the word.  Because of this, I assumed it was a candle party.  I loved candles but have quite a few right now, so really don’t need any more.  But still, I get to spend time with my bestie so it’s all good.  I was just a tad surprised when we arrived at the party address and I mentioned candles to Laura.  She said, “It’s not a candle party.  It’s for cleaning products!”  Hehehehe.  Oops!  I didn’t think I would be too interested in their products, but was quite impressed with everything.  I think Laura might be hosting one coming up so I’ll have to browse the catalogue and pick out some items to purchase.  It was a such a nice time and I met quite a few people.

Tomorrow my Army friend from Hamilton is coming down and he, my little mother, Mike and I are going to an Ice Dogs game.  It’s nice to see they made the playoffs.  Paws crossed they win, although they never do when Mike is there.  Ugh.

Today’s symptoms: Felt pretty good today.  I had two nights of really good sleep, and last night was so-so.  I can feel a significant difference in some of my symptoms after I’ve had decent sleep for a few nights in a row.  I have been dealing with pretty bad nerve pain in my right hand for the last couple weeks.  It feels like my hand his being crushed, with the bone splintering and the muscle bursting apart.  It’s really wretched and unpleasant!  Having a symptoms like this last this long is a pretty good sign of an MS flare up.

Blue Dude

I can’t believe how fast last week went by.  I hate it when that happens.  On Saturday, Mike and I went to this event, which I saw advertised on Facebook:


We chatted with quite a few vendors, and I recognized one.  Sense Of Bling.  She has her products on sale at the St. Catharines Market just before Christmas.  She has so many unique items.  I bought a neat little stick-on phone stand from her, which I noticed that Mike’s sister and brother-in-law had on their phones (we were there the day before visiting).  I think we toured around for almost an hour, then headed to the airport.  My mechanic just tried something else to fix my high voltage light issue, and wanted me to test flight the plane.  I always love an excuse to fly.  We traveled around Niagara, with my new little friend.  My financial advisor had a cute keyboard sweeper.  I always pointed him out at our visits and said I really wanted to get one.  It was a promotional thing but there weren’t any left.  I was quite honoured when she basically forced him on me last week!  It’s greatly appreciated and I told her I would take some pics of him in his new home.  I also mentioned I would take him for a flight.  Voila:


We even toured over the Falls:


The Flying Club cat wasn’t overly thrilled to meet him:


Unfortunately, the high voltage light came back on during our flight.  On Sunday, we went back to the airport and met up with my aviation mechanic, his aviation mechanic son and an auto mechanic from Port Colborne.  I felt so lucky that I had these great guys trying to help out fix Vyctor.  We were at the airport for a few hours Sunday.  I took up the mechanic a couple times while he ran some tests.  They still have more work to do to figure out the cause of the light being triggered.

Earlier today I was sent a message in Facebook messenger from someone who watched us fly over his house.  He looked up my registration to get my name, and then kindly sent me the great pics he took:




I’m so appreciative he sent them to me!

Mike decided to share a picture of the lettuce he was cutting up.  I sent it back to him slightly altered:


And just in case you need a kitty fix:



Today’s symptoms:  Felt quite drained today after my busy (but great!) weekend, plus my nerve pain was really acting up.  Hopefully it doesn’t prevent me from having a decent sleep tonight.  Last night was actually quite good.