Month: May 2023

Flightacular Month!

Earlier this year, I decided to take Leave With Income Averaging again for the month of May. I am halfway through and so far, the time off has been wonderful. I’ve been on three flights over the last couple of weeks and have another planned for Friday. I’ve also had the pleasure of providing my motivational talk twice. The first time was a couple of weeks ago for the Harvard Aircraft Association in Tillsonburg. This was my first time at a social event since the start of COVID three years ago. Mike joined me and we continued to be super careful with regards to masking up and distancing, due to my sissy immune system. The event was an absolute blast. We had a great meal and then I provided my presentation for the next hour:

Everything went great and my talk was well received. Mike and I entered some draws and won a few things, including a portrait session, which we will go back for with my little mother. Mike also bid on a beautiful Lancaster picture in the silent auction, which he won. The final auction item was a plate of thirteen butter tarts. They went for $1300! All of the funds went to the Harvard Association, so it was a terrific cause. The individual who purchased the tarts passed one on to us. I must admit, it was quite surreal eating a tart that was about $10 per bite!

What an absolutely fabulous event and I feel so honoured to be asked to be the guest speaker.

Last weekend, Mike and I flew to Brantford for a charity event for Hope Air. It was a great turn out.

Mike got a hamburger and we sat under Vyctor while he nommed it.

We entered the draws available and I got a call later that afternoon to let me know I won two items. That meant another flight back to pick them up – woot! My mother and I flew there a couple of days ago. The weather was perfect and it was a very smooth flight, which my mother prefers. She always glares at me when we hit any turbulence and claims that I hit it on purpose. Tee hee! It was a quick 40 minutes flight each direction. Here is the view of Grimsby Airpark on the way back:

It’s generally quite easy to spot with the striped roof.

I had the privilege of providing my presentation again today (virtually) to the CRA offices out East. It went well and I would give anything to present more often. I always get so nervous beforehand but the second I start presenting, it’s like a switch goes off and my nerves become completely settled.

Update on the kitties – they’re still awesome and doing great! Pinky used Boo’s face as a pillow the other day:

Abby has been her adorable, googly self:

Mya always sits very close to her sisters, likely trying to absorb some of their heat (even though she’s typically laying on the heating pad):

Boo looks like she’s ready to punch my lights out:

And we certainly can’t forget little Peanut!

Mother’s Day went really well. I can’t believe some of the things one can find online. I’m sure Jan feels honoured to receive such a heartwarming mug:

I’d share some of the other gifts I got her, but I’d have to do some censoring. Hehe!

I really needed something to focus on, as I’m still spending most of my time at home to avoid the COVID cases still floating around out there. I do feel a bit safer, after having my sixth shot and always masking up. For many years, I’ve wanted to learn French. I’ve made attempts at it a few time, but it typically only lasts a couple weeks. I’m happy to report I’m on day 63 of learning. I purchased a course on Udemy (always wait until they go on sale, which is frequently) to get me started. I bought a few months of Babble but, for my style of learning, I’m finding Duolingo better for me. After a two week free trial of Super Duolingo, I just bought a year’s subscription. I use if for a few hours per day and am really motivated to continue.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been having a little bit of a rough go lately. I developed crushing pain in my left middle finger, which has continued for the last three weeks. It’s likely an MS thing. My sleep has been very on and off, with a really bad night last night. Lack of sleep always makes my symptoms worse, but hopefully tomorrow will be better!