Month: March 2023

Soggy Flight Inside the Cockpit!

I think today’s flight was one of the most amusing I’ve been on. Mike often brings a bottle of water with him when we go flying but he rarely drinks it. I mentioned that to him when we were leaving the house today. It was quite windy, but not too bumpy. During a smooth part of the flight, Mike decided to have a drink. Well, what a perfect time for the plane to hit an air pocket. The plane bounced fairly significantly. When I looked over at Mike, there was water steadily dripping off the roof and Mike’s face and headset were soaked. He said he actually watched the water shoot up from the bottle as the plane dropped slightly. It took him a few minutes to dry everything off. I was laughing the whole time to the point where my jaw and stomach were aching. The rest of our flight was uneventful but quite enjoyable. Landing in gusty winds is always fun, so it was a great end to the flight.

We flew by Fort George in Niagara-On-The-Lake just before heading into the circuit to land:

My little mother and I had a flight last week. I took a vacation day and Jan and I flew to Brantford to pick up something for a friend at the nearby aviation shop (Aircraft Spruce). Thankfully, it was a much smoother flight than the one today. Jan gets a tad stressed when it’s bumpy, even though she knows it’s not going to cause any issues with the plane.

Vyctor got to chill with this sweet looking helicopter while Jan and I ran over to Aircraft Spruce.

Heading back, it was nice to see the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum parking lot almost totally packed.

The flight with my mom was the first one in over a month, as my magnetos had to be removed for inspection by a company in Toronto. The weather has been rather yucky lately too, which certainly didn’t help.

We had another joyous event last week too. The kitty my mother is cat-sitting had a birthday. Happy Birthday, Daisy!

It’s been a few up and down weeks with my health. I had a doctor appointment yesterday morning and she is sending me for an ultrasound of my bladder. I was surprised to get a call from the clinic who will be doing the tests, within minutes of getting home. It’s tomorrow morning – great to be getting it out of the way so quickly. I’ve been feeling very drained by around mid-afternoon and sometimes starting in the mornings. I have many of the symptoms of an infection but the initial test I did yesterday did not detect one. The results showed protein in my urine, which isn’t good. Hopefully the tests go well and we can get this issue figured out.

Today’s symptoms: I felt quite good this morning. The new tiredness and achy feelings I’ve been experiencing did not start until about 2:00 today. When it gets like this, I’m rather limited in what I can do, so I typically just chill for the rest of the day.