Month: February 2023

Vyctor Just Had A Magectomy!

Mike and I went for a flight yesterday. We were hoping to fly to Brantford to go to the Aircraft Spruce store, but it’s closed on Saturday’s during the winter. Bummer! So we just did a local flight instead. It’s so neat to see the Welland Canal at such a low water level:

We headed south to Port Colborne and then east to Fort Erie, back north around Niagara Falls then along the Niagara River to Niagara-On-The-Lake. We also flew over the building in Port Weller East that exploded a few weeks ago. The amount of damage is unreal:

The clouds were fairly low so we weren’t able to do any aerobatics. Regardless, it was such a nice flight. It will be my last one for a few weeks as Vyctor had a magectomy today. My awesome mechanic removed his two magnetos (little electric generators which provide ignition to the engine through the spark plugs) and will be sending them off to be inspected. This needs to be done every 500 flight hours. Vyctor sure is getting a lot done this year. He had one of his cylinders replaced a few months ago, new brakes, a new ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) and now the mags. At least he’s still in the hangar with his buddies while he awaits his freshly inspected and potentially rebuilt magnetos. I’m really looking forward to the call that his mag transplant is done.

For the rest of the weekend, Mike and I worked on our bathrooms. We just repainted both and we are waiting for a call from the counter place to let us know they’re coming to install the new counter-top. It’s going to look amazing. We just had the floors redone upstairs too.

A little update on Stibbons the praying mantis. SHE is doing well (I learned how to determine their sex). Somehow, she lost one of her pincers. Poor little thing. She’s still doing well though and happily munches on the crickets I feed her:

Her big brother Peanut is doing well too:

Today’s symptoms: I felt ok this weekend. Keeping busy really helped. I’m dealing with a stupid bladder infection so that’s upped my fatigue level. It’s also causing some issues with my sleep too. Today I’ve had fairly regular nerve pain in my left hand. It feels like sharp electric shocks shooting through my paw. I think I’ve had enough of it today and it would be appreciated if I wake up with it gone tomorrow.