Month: January 2023

Epic Explosion

My alarm was set to go off minutes after I was woken up by a massive explosion. I had no clue what just oke me up and shook the whole house. I thought it was thunder at first, but then I heard all of the subsequent explosions, continuously going off. The sky went red:

Many of the neighbours came out and gathered on the street, trying to figure out what was going on. I have never heard so many sirens in my life. The smaller explosions continued for over half an hour. Apparently, a waste management facility (mainly fuel, oil, wastewater) exploded. The building is/was about a kilometre from us. Unfortunately, one person was seriously injured. He was the only one at the facility, thank goodness.

Here is an article on the incident. St. Catharines Explosion.

People to the north of the building were evacuated, as the wind was coming from the south. I’m so glad that we were able to stay home, as we are west of the location. Our thoughts are certainly with the guy who was injured.

Today’s symptoms: I’m not having the best or worst day today. My headache is worse than usual and plenty of aches and pains. The fatigue is really taking over as well. I’m quite looking forward to bedtime tonight!