Month: October 2022

Abby Turned Fourteen!

Our youngest turned 14 today. She really grew into a sweet, affectionate, lovable little chunk-o.

Happy birthday, you adorable little goober!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty decent today. Had a good weekend which included a flight on Saturday and enough energy to winterize the gardens on Sunday. Fairly consistent nerve pain in my left hand for the last few days. I told it that it can bugger off for the month of November. I don’t have time for it’s silliness.

Profound Reaction

I was really sick with an intestinal and stomach bug a few weeks ago. I could hardly get out of bed for over a week. I got quite down during this time too. I’ve never had this thought before, but I actually considered selling my plane! I know it’s just because of how lousy I was feeling, but the thought did hit me. This past weekend, I flew Mike around Niagara to check out the Fall colours. The next day, I took my little mother up for the same experience. I told her that I briefly considered selling Vyctor. Her reaction was pretty profound. It was total shock. When I visited my friend recently, I told her the same thing and her reaction was the same as my mother’s. They both shook and their jaws dropped. These reaction showed me that Vyc isn’t going anywhere! Clearly my mind was being influenced by illness I was dealing with.

Both Mike and my mom got to enjoy a trip over Niagara Falls.

The weather for both flights was perfect. With Mike, we had a windy, bouncy flight, which he doesn’t mind at all and I quite enjoy. With Jan, it could have not been any smoother. This was great because whenever I hit even the slightest bumpy air, she glares at me and usually accuses me of doing it on purpose. Tee hee!

I decided to do a little decorating for Halloween this year. There is someone at the end of our street who does amazing wood carvings. I bought one of his awesome pumpkins (the tall one in the centre), and drew faces on my two orange planters. Dangling pumpkins and skulls finished the look:

Everything from the porch has been temporarily moved to the driveway, as Mike and I are in the process of repainting the porch (the same colour). The second coat is going on tomorrow. I’m looking forward to having it finish.

Not too much else new to report. Things have been similar to the last two and a half years. We’re still being super careful, due to my sissy immune system. I’m really looking forward to going into a mall again, once it’s safe to do so. At least it’s something to look forward to!

Today’s symptoms: I have been feeling quite good the last few days. My fatigue has been minimal, pain has been average and I’ve been feeling much more positive and happy.