Month: July 2022

Finally! We Flew to an Airport for Breakfast!

The weather was great yesterday and I was feeling well symptom-wise, so it was the perfect opportunity to go for a flight. Before COVID, Mike and I used to fly to various airports for breakfast. Some great spots are Brantford, Tillsonburg, Brampton, Lindsay, Kitchener, London and Guelph, to name a few. We decided to get back into things by heading to Brantford. Their restaurant, Skyway Cafe, now has an online ordering system. This is so convenient as we can order whilst on our way. I think we were around Hamilton when Mike put in the order:

After about forty minutes of flying, we arrived at our destination:

Our delicious food was ready soon after we arrived. We sat out on a picnic table next to Vyctor, enjoying our food while watching planes coming and going.

We had to visit Aircraft Spruce, which is the ultimate store for pilots. Anything you need aviation related, you will likely be able to get from there. I ordered a new fuel dipstick for Vyctor, and didn’t want to pay for shipping. It’s much more fun to pick it up in person, especially the journey there and back. So once we picked up my purchase, there were four dipsticks in the plane! My new one, the old one and I believe Mike and I were the other two. Tee hee.

On the flight home, we flew over the beach by our house. It wasn’t too busy, since it was a weekday. The weekends are a different story. There are often lines to get into the beach parking lot, plus it’s paid parking now. I love it being just a three minute walk away.

Once back home, we both did things around the house. Pinky was quite interested in what I was doing out on the porch:

What a wonderful day. I can’t even put into words what it’s like to have such a great day, especially since my bad days are getting more frequent.

Today’s symptoms: I’m a tad weary today, but I’m sure all of the excitement yesterday has something to do with it. Lots of spasms and nerve pain today. Most of the day was spent relaxing and working on my computer. Paws crossed tomorrow is a good day, without having to take sick time (which I seem to be taking more frequently over the last year or so).