Month: June 2022

St. Thomas Airfest…..Almost!

Mike and I were so grateful to wake up to perfect weather today, plus I was feeling well. We eagarly anticipated flying out to the St. Thomas Airfest, which runs from June 24-26. Gates open at 10:00 so we made sure we were wheels up before 9:30. It’s about a 55 minutes flight. As we were crossing over the airport, I was surprised there were few people and not a lot of activity. We touched down and taxied by a row of Dash 8’s:

Once we turned onto the apron and headed toward the terminal building, we realized that the event was not set up yet. It was a bit of a bummer but the main thing was the great flight there. Also, neither of us had landed at the St. Thomas Airport in a few years.

I figured Vyctor would look great between a P-51 Mustang:

And the Electra, from the Niagara District Airport. I’m sure he’s the type of plane that would appreciate being parked next to a fellow plane from the same airport as him:

It was nice to talk to a couple people there. We also got a better view of a couple of the Dash 8’s:

Less than thirty minutes after arriving, we were wheels up and heading back home. I decided to take the scenic route along the Lake Erie shoreline. We flew over Port Dover:

This sounds like it’s going to be a great event this weekend! I wish we were able to head back but won’t be able to.

We had a nice relaxing afternoon and now we have the weekend to look forward to.

Today’s symptoms: I felt pretty good today, which was such a relief after feeling so yucky yesterday. I was happy to be feeling well enough to head out to St. Thomas. No better way to spend a vacation day than to go for a flight!

First Social Event in Over Two Years!

Mike and I both took Friday off as there was a fly-in event at the Kincardine Airport. This was my first time going there. I was also unaware that the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant, just to the north, is the largest in the world! After flying against a head wind for about an hour and fifteen minutes, the plant came into view. The sheer scale was pretty amazing to see.

Certainly worth the ten minute detour!

We were lucky in that we got to stay in the circuit a little longer than we had planned. The faster plane ahead of us didn’t quite make the first taxiway after landing, so needed to backtrack the runway. This lead me to having to do an overshoot and go around the circuit a second time. The next time around, it looked like the same thing was about to happen again but he did end up making the taxiway.

After giving Vyctor a drink of fuel, we parked and mingled.

This was the first fly-in we’ve been to since COVID started. I think I’m feeling more comfortable, mainly since we were outdoors and I was able to wear my masks when folks were nearby. It was really a nice day and we’re looking forward to possibly doing more of these events this summer.

Back in the saddle again:

With a bit of a tail wind, we were home quicker than the trip there. Hello Burlington Skyway! Yet again, I was able to resist flying under it. I’m so proud of my restraint:

That was an amazing day and totally worth the wait. The fly-in had to be rescheduled three times over the last couple weeks due to weather.

Today’s symptoms: I’m a tad weary today after all the excitement! Despite some worse-than-usual fatigue and nerve pain, I still have a smile on my face today.