Month: May 2022

My Eldest is 16 Today!

Little Mya is celebrating her 16th birthday today! We had quite the scare with her on Friday. She had a seizure in the upstairs bathroom at 2:00 am – it was so horrible to see. Fortunately, she seemingly fully recovered within a few minutes. Mya is one of the best cats I’ve ever had. She is such a little sweetheart with a very affectionate personality. I love that she sleeps in my arms most nights.

I cherish every day I have with her, as her health seems to be on a slow decline. We just started going to the vet once a week for a month. She’s receiving shots to help with arthritis. This was her soon after coming back from her last visit. Little Boo seems to be using her as a pillow. I would like to think it’s something more caring and nurturing, but I don’t think that’s Boo’s style.

Mike jumps at any excuse to buy cake! He came home with this after work Friday.

We had to sacrifice and eat in on her behalf. What we do for our pets!

Today’s symptoms: I didn’t sleep well last night and felt very drained today. Bad headache and plenty of nerve pains. I plan on scampering up to bed soon and get a great sleep. I’ll feel much better tomorrow.