Month: March 2022

Awesome Pics of Vyctor

I recently had someone contact me over Messenger and said he had pictures of my plane. He took them at the 2019 Edenvale Gathering of the Classics. This was always one of our favourite fly-in events to attend. Thank you so much, Gary Gentle, for giving me these wonderful pics of Vyctor!

Keep that nose wheel up!

Farewell, Edenvale! I hope to see you again sometime soon!

It’s so rare to get such great shots of Vyc in flight. Thanks again, Gary!

This is What Good News Looks Like…

I’m helping someone with a project and needed video of Vyctor’s gauges. Mike and I woke up Sunday morning and saw what looked like perfect flying weather. There were already two Flying Club planes out in the practice area. The forecast was looking cruddy later in the morning and the rest of the day.

Vyctor was excited to be going up again for the second time in less than a week:

Soon after taking off, we knew that this was going to be a short flight. An instructor in one of the two Club planes flying to the west said they were heading back as the snow was coming in. Mike and I decided to stay close to the Lake Ontario shoreline, which is near the airport.

We flew west briefly, then back east along the shoreline over to the town of Niagara-On-The-Lake. The main street was looking so empty:

There didn’t appear to be too much going on at Fort George either:

Within fifteen minutes of being airborne, the two Club planes had landed and the snow had come up to the edges of the Niagara District Airport airspace on both the west and south sides. Needless to say, at this point we were forced to head in for a gusty landing:

The total flight time was a whopping 18 minutes, but better a short flight than no flight at all. At least we got the video of the gauges I needed.

Once back, we hit Tim Hortons to pick up some noms before heading to Jan’s for a visit. Our drive to my mother’s is no longer 35 minutes because in December, we found her a house just 350 meters away from us. Less than a four minute walk or 45 second drive! Also, we are four streets away from Lake Ontario and she is only two away. This is perfect for her because she has always wanted to live near the water. It was sad to see my childhood home and that which my mother lived in for about 46 years be sold, but onward to bigger and better things!

This is what good news looks like!

She really lucked out with the new house because the folks who lived there before her, completely renovated it inside within the last two years. It wasn’t redone cheaply to flip it either. Everything was done fairly high end, as they didn’t realize the wife would need to move for her job. This Spring, we are going to spruce up the outside to be as nice as the inside.

I think Jan’s grandkids are happy that she lives closer too:

Today’s symptoms: I actually had to take sick time for about half the day. I have a much worse than usual headache and a plethora of nerve pain. I didn’t have the greatest sleep last night, so that always makes my symptoms worse. I’m looking forward to feeling better tomorrow!