Vyctor at 8000′!

Vyctor at 8000′!

I was feeling decent today and the weather was great, so Mike and I went for a flight. Over ten years ago, I took Vyctor up to 10,500 feet. After that, he wouldn’t climb (air is less dense). We tried it again today. Unfortunately, I was having to put on my carb heat every few hundred feet we gained in altitude. I was having to use it too much for comfort. Ice in the carburetor decreases engine performance and can actually cause it to quit. We made it to 8000′ and then he would hardly climb anymore.

The view of Niagara was pretty neat at that altitude:

I had to contact Toronto Terminal on the radio to let them know I was up there. As large commercial planes come into Toronto from the south, they often fly over St. Catharines above 6000′.

We flew over a few places to see how many folks were out shopping. Lots at the Outlet Mall in Niagara-On-The-Lake:

The PEN Centre in St. Catharines. I can’t wait until we can go back there!

Mike and I went for a walk at Sunset Beach not long ago. It was night and pitch black. We were surprised how many fences were up on the beach and we almost walked into three of them. They’re quite clear at 1800′ during the day:

It was a great flight. The first 25 minutes were spent trying to climb to 8,000′. Mike tracked it with ForeFlight. The climb data at the bottom is rather amusing:

Today’s symptoms: I finally slept well last night and felt quite good today. Yesterday was the opposite as I hardly slept the previous few nights. I seem to be experiencing a lot more pain than usual over the last month or so. Mainly crushing pain in my arms and hands. How rude!

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