Boo and I Want to Start a Band…

Boo and I Want to Start a Band…

The Sphynkles will be the name of our group.

What do you think? Are we ready for the big stage?

I’ve been up for a couple flights over the last month. One was with my little mother. She hadn’t been up in a while. Here we are approaching the Niagara Skyway on an overcast day:

It’s weird seeing the bridges crossing the Niagara River into the States. We haven’t seen traffic coming or going for almost two years:

The Falls was looking as spectacular as ever. That’s one thing I never get sick of seeing and always take my passengers over it as well.

The Outlet mall seemed to be rocking with shoppers. I can’t wait to be able to go back there:

That’s about the extent of my updates for now.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been having quite a few ups and downs lately. I really try to take advantage of the good days, but since I rarely leave the house, there’s not too many things to put those good feelings towards. I know things will get better though and having that hope is quite motivating. It also helps to have Christmas to look forward to. For the last few days, I’ve been dealing with a much worse headache than usual. I think not sleeping well has contributed. Tomorrow will be better!

3 thoughts on “Boo and I Want to Start a Band…

  1. Hi Lizzy,

    As always, great photos! They are so clear. I can’t believe how busy the outlet mall is. Seeing it from an aerial view really puts it in perspective.

    Hope you feel better soon. Stella can’t wait to one day fly with you again.

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