Month: October 2021

We Have Another Teenager!

Guess who turned into a teenager today? Our youngest, Abby, turned 13! Part of her celebration was eating the whipped cream from my donut:

I have to admit, I raised her to be a bit more lady-like, but we let her behave however she wants on her birthday. Her sister Mya, the eldest of the four naked ladies, enjoyed some as well.

Not too much is new with me. I’ve been approved to get my booster shot, so I’ll hopefully be doing that this week. Paws crossed I don’t take as long to recover from this one. Either way, it will be worth having the extra protection no matter how many weeks I feel the effects. We still aren’t going out at all, but possibly in the New Year things will be a better. Something to look forward to!

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been dealing with a bout of insomnia over the last few weeks. All of my physical symptoms are always worse when I get very little sleep. Mike and I started going for walks again, and I found I sleep a bit better after that. I’m sure things will continue to improve!