Month: September 2021

Aborted Takeoff On A Grass Strip!

I’m sure most pilots at some point wonder what it would be like when that critical go/no-go decision must be made. While taking off from my mechanic’s grass runway about a week ago, it just didn’t feel right. I was less than halfway down the runway when I made the decision to pull power and try again. I had a feel for the grass strip when I landed earlier that morning. It was covered in morning dew and a tad squishy. By early afternoon, it was a bit better and certainly good enough for a take off. Before applying full power, I knew at what point I would need to abort or I wouldn’t be able to stop the plane on the ground. I barreled down the runway during the short-field takeoff. Despite people watching, I was confident that I would make the right decision to bring Vyctor to a graceful halt, rather than wonder what people would think if I had to try again. I have only ever had to abort a take off once before and there were no issues. However, there was a time before that on grass where I wish I had made that split second decision to abort. Regardless, I made it up with a comfortable and safe amount of runway to spare. Still, not as relaxing as it could have been (and not bad enough to have to check my knickers after). Check out the video of my aborted take off, then subsequent successful one. As you can see, I threw Vyctor’s thrusters on and we just taxied down that runway like a bear chasing a wabbit!

ElizaNOTAM (Notice To Airmen): Have a plan (or dream) and stick with it. No one will think you’re foolish if it takes multiple attempts to achieve it.