Month: July 2021

Theo From the Air

Mike and I heard about little Theodore the Tugboat travelling from out East to Hamilton. My army buddy Ken went to see him at the dock and sent me this adorable pic:

I figured we would visit Theo as well, but from 1800 feet! Hmmmmm… where is he?

We actually found him really quickly. The big, red hat was a bit of a give away:

He’s so cute!

What a great and uplifting flight!

Like most people, I’m in a bit of a funk from everything going on. Flying and visiting with my mother have been two very helpful ways of dealing with the negative emotional impact the pandemic has had on me. The total lack of social interaction is taking its toll. I know things will get better though. My little mother and I did venture out to the dollar store this month. It was my first time shopping in a store since November. It was quite nice and a little surreal.

I’m going to continue to pull myself up and try to blog more. The fact that I haven’t been posting much is also getting me down.

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt pretty good today. For the last few weeks, my fatigue and pain have been slapping me around. It really makes me appreciate the better days. Having hope for a better tomorrow is a nice motivator.