Month: May 2021

Now is Special

So many of us have things we only use on special or certain occasions. But we’ve all been going through a rough time over the last year and deserve to enjoy them. I started wearing all my rings again, which I used to only wear when I went out. But I love them so why not enjoy? I started wearing my favorite shirts. Once in a while I use a little perfume. Hell, I’m poppin on my favourite Tee, smelling great and dancing around the house like no one is laughing! Make any time special and put on the things you like to wear and do the things you like to do. I think we all know now more than ever that life is too short to deny yourself happiness that is right under your nose.

Check Out This Face!

Since our kitties are hairless (sphynx) cats, they need to be bathed regularly. Some more often than others. Mya doesn’t need one often which is good because she screams like a raging lunatic for the first thirty seconds or so. Then it’s just the odd louder than normal meow here and there. Each cat takes less than five minutes from first being put in the sink to being dried off. Short and sweet. Pinky lets out a few growls here and there but generally takes it well, for the adorable pink blob that she is. Boo goes into full rigor mortis mode, scrunching up and making almost every wrinkle and fold as inaccessible as the bellows on an accordion. She’s always the greasiest too. Then we have little Abby. She sits still and only does a few small mews during the process. Most baths, she gifts us with this most amusing face:

As if I don’t feel badly enough just having to bathe them, knowing they don’t like them. Then I have to look at this little pathetic expression:

Mike and I sauntered over to the Welland Canal recently. It was perfect timing as a tanker was just on it’s way through. Very interesting to see the bridge in action:

We didn’t admire the view too long at the beach as there were way too many flies buzzing about:

Those flies were certainly not welcomed guests. However, a guest whom is always welcome is our wee fury friend, Amber from next door. She has been over often to visit her naked neighbours:

We even get the odd night visit:

She’s so cute!

I don’t have a whole lot to report. I’m really looking forward to the end of the stay-at-home order so I can go flying again. Mike and I have been doing odd jobs and renos around the house on the weekends. And of course, visit with my little mother. That’s about the extent of everything for now.

Today’s symptoms: I had a bit of a rough week symptom-wise. I’m feeling a fair bit better today though. Still some weakness and a fairly bad headache, but everything else seems to be looking up. Woot!