Strolling Along

Strolling Along

Mike and I have started walking along the ravine trails in Port Weller. It’s so nice to get out into nature. Here are some pics from our recent strolls:

This seemed to be in an odd location:

Strolling away from that topic, here is a flattering pic of Boo:

The girls are loving the solar heated floor in the kitchen, now that the weather is better:

It wasn’t long after this that little Mya came into the living room, begging for food with those beautiful eyes:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. As you can see, I went all out with the Easter decor this year:

Today’s Symptoms: I still seem to be on a bit of a roller coaster symptom-wise. One day will be pretty decent and the next will be a menagerie of blah, from bad headaches to nerve pain to overall feeling head to toe lousy. Mike and I plan on working on repainting the railings and banister tomorrow so I need to have a good symptom day. I’ll have a pep-talk with my brain and bod tonight.

6 thoughts on “Strolling Along

  1. Rick and I walked through one of the trails in this park in early March.
    Everything was dry and brown so will return in a few weeks. Hope you get a break Liz.

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