Month: April 2021

Happily Vaccinated Today!

What a great day – Mike and I were vaccinated! My little mother let me know on Monday morning that folks 40 and up could get their first dose. Thanks, Jan! I’m already part of Phase 2 due the MS and being on an immunosuppressant. But the age group is what got us the thumbs up to book the shot. I got through to a Fonthill pharmacy and booked before 9:00am. Our appointment was two days later. Sweet!

While we were waiting our mandatory 15 minutes after the injection, I asked Mike to stand next to the Jan-sized skeleton in the hall:

We are booked for our second dose in August. I phoned my neurologist’s office when I got home to add the vaccine to my file. He spoke with me and said that because I’m on an immunosuppressant (Gilenya), that I should have my second dose in one month rather than four. So, he is sending me a letter which I will bring to the pharmacist. I then phoned the pharmacy and they said they would gladly accommodate the different second dose date (if there is a dose available) with the letter. How nice!

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling very drained physically and emotionally over the last few days. It’s causing my fatigue to worsen and just overall blah physically. I’m sure having the first vaccine dose today will perk up my spirits very soon. Not waking up to over half a foot of snow tomorrow will help, too! That was crazy today!

Plane Plain Gang!

Mike mentioned a radio station he listens to which has an ongoing discussion on Old Fashion Plain donuts. I always called them Old Man donuts. They were probably my least favourite. I couldn’t believe people would desire something so boring over much yummier choices. Well, last year Mike brought over a Timmies order, which should have contained his usual Sour Cream Glazed donut. There was an Old Man donut instead. I decided to give it a try and was blown away! The subtle crunch of the top layer was unexpected and exquisite. Going down through the squishy and scrumptious donutty-goodness, my taste buds yearned for more. However, I reluctantly handed my new favourite donut back to Mike. This event was life-changing in ways I never thought possible. On days where I’m hankering for a donut, my usual order is now egg and cheese on an English muffin, medium coffee with three sweeteners and two milk, and the beloved Old Fashion Plain. So back to the radio station – Mike had me check them out on Facebook. This lead to the Plane Gang Video, which is posted to 102.1 The Edge page:

I decided to make our light and yummy donuts even lighter. We did a few instances of negative G’s, which left our donuts floating in front of us:

I still laugh every time I see this blooper from the making of the weightless Plane Gang video. “Mike, where did your donut go???”

Today’s symptoms: I had a really bad night. It wasn’t until after 2:30am that I finally fell asleep. Mya woke me up less than an hour later for food. About an hour after that, she barfed. Not long after, she jumped back into bed after pooping and had lingering stinkiness. I ended up taking a sick day today and mostly just chilled on the couch with the kitties. I did a fair bit of work over the weekend, as my energy was decent. I love days like that and try to take advantage of every active moment!

Strolling Along

Mike and I have started walking along the ravine trails in Port Weller. It’s so nice to get out into nature. Here are some pics from our recent strolls:

This seemed to be in an odd location:

Strolling away from that topic, here is a flattering pic of Boo:

The girls are loving the solar heated floor in the kitchen, now that the weather is better:

It wasn’t long after this that little Mya came into the living room, begging for food with those beautiful eyes:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. As you can see, I went all out with the Easter decor this year:

Today’s Symptoms: I still seem to be on a bit of a roller coaster symptom-wise. One day will be pretty decent and the next will be a menagerie of blah, from bad headaches to nerve pain to overall feeling head to toe lousy. Mike and I plan on working on repainting the railings and banister tomorrow so I need to have a good symptom day. I’ll have a pep-talk with my brain and bod tonight.