Month: March 2021


Boo can be so photogenic at times, as she is here posing with some bananas:

And check out her rockin’ wrinkles:

Our little friend, Amber, has been visiting us daily again. She is our first sign of Spring:

Mike and I had a couple of really nice flights recently. We took a couple circuits around the CN Tower, while checking out the city below:

Always an interesting and fun flight over and around Toronto. Views are a little more serene back in Niagara, such as the Welland Canal. It is back operating after the winter break.

We headed over Niagara Falls too, as Mike had not been over it in quite a few months. We were the only aircraft in the circuit at that time. I hope things picked up for the helicopter tours later in the day:

I asked Mike to take a pic of the Casino on the US side, for my buddy Ken:

Those were a couple of really nice flights. I’m hoping to feel perky tomorrow so we can go for another one. Afterwards, we’ll go visit my little mother. Sunday will be another fun-filled day of painting! So far, we’ve painted the main floor, kitchen, basement, upstairs hall and two bedrooms. There are a few doors left to do, the banister and railing, spare bedroom and laundry room. Once we get the new bathroom counter and sink installed, that room will be painted. I’m still surprised at how much some paint can change the look and feel of a house.

Today’s symptoms: Things are a little up and down this week. One day I feel decent and the next is blah. I hope that means since today was a blah day that tomorrow will be great! I’m sure as with everyone else, the continued saga of stressing about COVID hasn’t helped things. Keeping hope alive and well for things improving “soon” is certainly a good motivator to get through the tougher times.

Romantic Photo….Sorta….

A few summers ago, Mike’s family had photos done. For one set, we did shots of the couples. We were supposed to look at each other lovingly, but as natural as possible. I’m sure I was laughing or saying something goofy….naturally:

I had it printed on metal through Costco. It turned out great. Now we have another pic to hang on our soon newly painted wall. It will go well with the photos of our daughters:

We had another joyous flight on the weekend. It’s nice to be so free and only think about the flight – nothing else. Here is the PEN Centre in St. Catharines around 10:30 on Saturday:

After our brief (due to low ceiling and visibility) flight, we headed to Timmies for tasty noms and coffee. We spent the rest of the day painting. We’re both taking tomorrow off to hopefully finish.

The bamboo plant I gave my buddy at the Flying Club a few years ago became slightly root-bound and in need of a new pot. This is why I can’t have any plants in the house:

It was so tiny when I gave it to him, with chew marks in most of the leaves courtesy of Boo. It looks like it’s going back to him with a few more chew marks.

The other kitties continued to chill. Poor Pinky was yet again, Mya’s pillow for the day. It looks like she was half of the bed this time too:

Little (now far more rotund) Abby looked on non-nonchalantly, as usual:

I’m really looking forward to getting the next big phase of painting done tomorrow. It’s bath day for the grungy cats too!

Today’s symptoms: It was a mostly average day symptom-wise. Mild headache, nerve pain in mostly my hands and kinda blah energy level. I must hit the hay early tonight so I’m all charged up for tomorrow!

Talent Show

We just had a wonderful experience at work. We were invited to put together a five minute video, displaying our talent for Talent Show shown through Microsoft Teams. There were nine folks who put together a short clip on their own time and they were displayed to our colleagues over lunch. There are some seriously talented musicians at our office! I submitted a video of some aerobatic maneuvers I did a few weeks ago. You can check it out here: Lizzy McFly Aerobatics. Events like the talent show are nice little morale boosters, which we all need right now!

Our office also supported Pink Shirt Day again this year, but we sold pink masks instead of shirts. I believe this was our ninth year doing this, and we had a great turnout. Another donation to a worthy cause was made. Lucky me – I have a pink cat to support this event!

Mike and I have been using the curbside pickup service offered by the grocery store. We learned that when ordering bananas online, the quantity is “bunches” and not “singles”. I thought we would get four single banananananas. Oops:

As you can imagine, our potassium levels are quite good right now!

Our sad looking little visitor was back recently. I love looking at this face!

Mike and I went for a flight last weekend. It appeared to be nice and clear around St. Catharines and Niagara. It was a different story once we got up to about 3000′. I called the tower and filed a pilot report that the cloud layer was at about 2000′ and totally solid in all directions. Since we were confined to a rather small area to fly around, we decided to do some aerobatics.

COVID certainly has put a crimp on my joy of taking people up for such a fun experience. I have a list of folks looking to go up for either a purely scenic flight or some aerobatics. My favourite little copilot, Stella, is first on the list to go! She did aerobatics with me when she was seven and she handled them better than most of the adults I’ve taken up. I sure hope we can fly again before she turns nine!

Today’s symptoms: It’s going ok although I’ve been having lots of nerve pain the last couple of days. My energy has been fairly decent though, which is more than I can ask for! Although both really suck, I can usually get through the days better with less fatigue even when the pain levels are high. I’m hoping for good weather and decent symptom days on the weekend so we can go for another flight. Getting out for a flight during the pandemic has done wonders for my mental health.