Month: February 2021

Could I Be More of a Slacker?

I really can’t explain why I haven’t done a blog in so long. Maybe just been down a bit due to COVID plus not too much is new.

Mike and I are currently painting most of the house. We just finished the living room and next is the stairwell and upstairs hall. Like I’ve heard so many times before, just some paint can transform one’s abode. We work amazingly well together so it actually makes painting enjoyable.

We have a new visitor. Look at this adorable, sad little face:

Unfortunately, he’s looked in and seen the four naked ladies that live here, which sparked some interest and lead to some spraying on our deck door. Can’t really say I blame him.

Mike and I have been going on walks during the evenings. It’s been really nice and refreshing. My boots have been rubbing on the backs of my heels, which is a wee bit uncomfortable. I ordered Kinesiology Tape (three rolls for $17 on Amazon) and it has been the perfect solution. There’s my little product plug for anyone who has footwear or anything else that rubs.

Here are some of the views from our lovely walks:

It’s interesting to see the locks and canal from the ground, as I’ve typically seen them from the air. The water levels of the canal are considerably low right now:

Vyctor never disappoints with the views he provides.

The kitties have all been doing well. Mya had a bit of a rash on the back of her neck and kept licking it. I thought a sweater would be far more comfortable and stylish than the cone of shame:

No matter what she’s wearing, nothing will stop her from getting to her feeding sanctuary when she gets hungry. Not even Pinky:

I’m going to make a valiant effort to blog more often again. It’s bothered me quite a bit that I’ve been such a slacker. I can only imagine the grief I’ve caused people, not getting regular updates on our adorable daughters and flying adventures. Stay tuned!

Today’s symptoms: Well I guess I have a few months to cover. Things have been fairly stable with a few bumps here and there. Bouts of insomnia have paid me some visits, which always exacerbates my MS symptoms. For the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing some eye pain and worse than normal headaches. I see my eye doctor next week – I’m hoping to report back with a clean bill of eye health.