Month: October 2020

My Cat Is Broken

After doing some work on the gardens today, I came upon a rather pleasant symbol of being a happy and proud Canadian:

I reattached the limbs of my classy house number sign. I don’t think there will be any amputations during the upcoming skanky weather. I should get him a little hat and scarf….

Our neighbour’s kitty (caring for a stray), often comes to visit. I think her and Pinky are the best buds out of all of them:

Pinky and Mya are good buds too. Well, Mya’s main concern is soft, squishy warmth. Can’t get much softer, squishier or warmer than ol’ fat and adorable Pinky. However, I have no words for this:

I think I have everything pretty much ready for Fall. There’s really nothing out back, besides our deck. No shed, no Japanese Maple, no Rose of Sharons, no lilies. Everything was lost in the fire. Sad, but right now I’m just so thankful I had that flame thrower. I won’t be running face-first into this fella’s web again:

I went for a solo flight recently. It was a nice, warmish but bumpy day, which I love when flying alone. I did some aerobatics, flew over Niagara Falls, flew over a friend’s house, checked my mother’s gutters, checked out downtown St. Catharines then landed back at CYSN. It was interesting to see how far along the building and facilities are for the 2022 Canada Games at Brock University.

After my flight, I completed the arduous task of decorating the house for Halloween. It was quite a struggle to get every single decoration in one picture, but cameras these days can do some amazing things:

Halloween is my youngest daughter’s 12th birthday! Little Abigail McGillicutty Murphy really turned into an awesome cat with such a loving personality:

The vets did not think she would live to three. She’s a little fighter! And since we got her chronic bowel issue under control, her life has been better the last few years. It’s been better that way for us, too!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the week already. I must admit, time seems to be going by much quicker since I rarely go out. I’ll go to my mother’s house, the airport and about once a month, Jan and I hit the Dollarama for stuff. I’m so unbelievably grateful that I’m in this house and not in the apartment. Everything timing-wise with this place was truly in our favour.

Today’s symptoms: After a couple of days of having very low energy, bad headaches, I felt decent today. I had a great visit with my little mother, who helped winterize the gardens. It’s such a relief that it’s mostly done. Now that it’s colder, I’ll need more days where my symptoms are more in the background. We bought paint for almost the entire inside of the house. After finishing two bedrooms, the basement has been prepped for tackling. I had a pep talk with my body and brain to not be a jerk during this must-anticipated time.

Only One Raisin…

I came downstairs the other morning to Mike sitting on the couch with his now empty cereal bowl. He looked rather downtrodden. I asked him what was wrong and he said that his whole bowl of Loads of Raisins (President’s Choice brand) only had one raisin. This brand and also the Giant Tiger Raisin Bran, have around 40% raisins. I said that he must have forgotten to shake them, since it was a new bag. He said he did, which I’ve seen him do many times before and he’s very thorough! We figured he must have got a defective box. I then walked into the kitchen and grabbed the bag of raisins that I took out of the box a couple days before:

Tee hee! Poor Mike.

Today’s symptoms: I didn’t have the best weekend symptom-wise, but I expected that was going to happen. The last couple of weeks have been super busy at work and somewhat stressful. At least I had an extra day to recover, thanks to Thanksgiving. One more week for this project and things should be back to normal. It’s been totally worth it though, as I’ve been really enjoying it.