Month: September 2020

Potty Mouth

For the last few years, my New Year’s Resolution is to only swear a maximum of three times a day. While painting my room over the last week, I have sworn for the following reasons:

  • The width of the paint tray was a few millimeters too small for the roller
  • There were no pockets on my shorts for my phone
  • The paint went on super bright and I freaked out for a few minutes
  • Stubbed my toe multiple times
  • Did not let the paint dry enough between coats
  • Had to pee more often than I thought was necessary
  • The part of the roller that screws into the extendo-reach is broken so I had to tape it together multiple times
  • Sneezed:
  • Ran out of Glad Press n’ Seal and I don’t even know if they make it anymore (It is perfect for sealing paint-soaked brushes and rollers overnight)
  • I got a bran flake on the wall I just painted
  • The ladder I was using was extremely unstable
  • The second paint tray I tried when I switched colours was also a tad too small 
  • Forgot the next day that the tray I used to previous day was too small
  • Touched paint to the carpet (It was a tough lesson that appears to be ongoing)
  • Dropped the brush
  • Dropped the roller
  • Dropped the foam thingies
  • Dropped the paint stir stick
  • Dropped the paint-soiled paper towel
  • Imperfect lines
  • Stepped on the paint can lid
  • Almost ripped my toenail off
  • Distracted by kitties (cuteness distraction)
  • A fly landed in the paint (poor little fella)
  • Poor lighting
  • The sun in my eyes
  • Paint splooshed onto the bed

I’m quite sure the list could continue but I’ll leave it at that. I feel bad about the slip ups, but I’ll go back to being less of a potty mouth when I’m finished painting.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve been feeling somewhat decent the last few days. I’ve been sleeping better than normal which always helps. However, the pains in my hands have been worse than usual and the headaches are still pounding away. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance for feeling better.

My New Supervisor

Since little Mya has less than half her teeth plus she’s very skinny, I feed her wet food 6-10 times a day. Apparently I’ve been taking too long to get her food ready and she decided to meow orders at me to speed things up:

The pressure’s on! After chowing down her noms, she grabbed my phone for selfies while I was cleaning up:

This silliness was followed by her snuggling up with her brother, Peanut:

I asked Abby if she was interested in snuggling with him, but this look said it all:

I had Wednesday off and my little mother came for a visit. I asked my neighbour if I could borrow their ladder. She kindly agreed and Jan and I brought it over to our shed. There was a pile of what looked like llama poop on the roof of our shed. I was really getting tired of looking at it. Also, the ivy was growing up onto the roof, so that had to go as well:

I came across this adorable praying mantis, trying to help me out with the ivy:

After doing this, returning the ladder and cleaning up a bit out back, we sauntered down to Sunset Beach. It wasn’t the clearest of days and fairly windy:

It was a good week. Mike and I took advantage of the Sherwin Williams 35% off sale and bought all of our paint to do most of the inside of the house. We’ll be busy this Fall.

Today’s symptoms: I’ve had a pretty bad headache for the last day and a half. There are things I would like to get done this weekend so it would be nice if said headache could bugger off! Although knowing me, I’ll still get things done, but it won’t be as enjoyable. Lots of pain in my hands as well, so that can join my headache when it goes elsewhere.

Safer In The Air

I had to take Vyctor to the airport in Welland today for his annual. I drove to the Niagara District Airport for just after 8:00 this morning. It was a very, nice calm flight. Here is what an empty PEN Centre looks like from above:

My landing in Welland was about thirteen minutes after take-off. My adorable, little mother met me at the airport so we could have a visit. We drove away as Vyctor was put in the stirrups for his inspection.

One of the goals for today was to chop her Janfro. Like the last time I cut her hair, I said “Oops” and “I have no clue what I’m doing” multiple times, but she I insisted I continue. I told her “It will grow back” and “You hardly go out anyway”. She was actually quite happy with how it came out! Cataracts, perhaps? Anyway, during the Janscaping, I got a text from my mechanic that my plane was good to go with a clean bill of health.

My mother (with her stylish new do) and I headed back to the Niagara Central Dorothy Rungeling Airport in Welland, to take a rather tired Vyctor (due to all the man-handling) back home. First step though was getting some fuel. Thanks for the pics, Frank!

The drive home was a far different story from the calm, peaceful and fun day I was having. I was about half way home, so roughly five minutes into the drive, when I was almost in a head-on collision. There was a long, steady string of vehicles coming in the opposite direction on the two lane road. Suddenly, a pick-up truck decided to pass the car in front of her, I guess to take about 2 seconds off of her drive. The problem was, I was far too close for her to safely make this idiotic and doltish maneuver. If I didn’t hit my brakes, we would have hit. Further up the road, the traffic in my direction came to a stop. I knew the bridge up ahead was up, but there was no way traffic could have been backed up that much. About fifteen minutes of creeping along and I could see why we were stopped. There was a police cruiser blocking the road and she was speaking to each driver.

Once I finally made it up to her, she asked me where I was going and then advised me to turn around at a parking lot up ahead. It was there where I saw the two car collision. The windshield was out of one of the vehicles. This was posted on NRP411:

This made me think of how many times I’ve heard people suggest how “unsafe flying is” and “my spouse won’t let me go up.” I have flown over 720 hours and have never had a close call, let alone an actual incident or accident. Meanwhile, I drive twelve minutes to the airport this morning and have the guy in front of me run a red light, roll through another and drive well over the speed limit. On the way home, I almost get hit head on and then pass a very serious two car collision. No, flying isn’t unsafe – the drive to the airport is!

Today’s symptoms: I slept well last night and actually had a really good day. My fatigue level was better than usual, but I did have a headache and bad nerve pain in my hands later on in the day. I’m sure after all the excitement today, plus know that Vyctor is healthy and fit to fly for another year, I will sleep well tonight.