Month: July 2020

It Finally Happened!

After almost a year of trying, I finally made it to Edenvale (just west of Collingwood)!  I was feeling quite good when I woke up, after a good night.  I couldn’t believe how clear the weather was – perfect!  Jan and I headed to the airport around 8:30.  During my walk-around, I had to remove something:


It was a really smooth flight, which is the only kind my little mother likes.  We arrived at the Edenvale Airport after an hour and ten minute flight:


Coming over the trees just ahead of the runway is always fun (not for Mike though)!

The hangar where I was to meet up with the Edenvale Classic Aircraft directors was easy to find and looked quite welcoming:


We had a really nice, relaxing chat with everyone.  I was so happy to see the framed print of the Tiger Moth I won last year.  I also perused their library and signed out a book.  It’s nice to have a reason to go back:


Someone came in while we were chatting and said that he booked a tour of the Avro Arrow.  I saw it previously in Downsview during a fly-in and also last year in Edenvale.  My little mother hadn’t yet seen this amazing piece of history.  We joined them on the tour – such great timing!


It’s so amazing to see in person.  Just when you thought my little mother couldn’t look any tinier.



Seeing the Avro Arrow is a must if you’re ever up that way.  You just need to call and book a tour.

Back at Vyctor, I posed like a dork with my nice new pic, then got him ready to rock home:


On the way up we took the Brampton route, so flew west of Toronto.  I decided on the way back, since there isn’t much air traffic right now, to pass right over the city.  The Air Traffic Controller was good with my idea and cleared me through.




The Island Airport, like Pearson, certainly wasn’t very busy today:



LifeFlight flew under us, about 1000′ lower:


If your’re wondering, I think the newish Costco out in Stoney Creek is just as busy as the St. Catharines one now.  Yikes!:


The flight was perfect and I’m so glad that wee Jan was able to join me.  Now I just have a book to read so we can return is to Edenvale.  It’s nice to have an excuse to go back.

Today’s symptoms:  I felt quite good this morning after a restful sleep.  As always after a flight, I’m quite drained and achy now.  Experiences like what I had today are worth every second of feeling cruddy afterwards.  I’ll chill tomorrow and hopefully feel good again on the weekend.  At least I’ll be going to bed tonight with a big smile on my face.

Paws Crossed…

I won a Tiger Moth framed print at the Edenvale Gathering of Classics last year. Ironically it’s of a Tiger Moth, which I had the privilege to fly a couple weeks prior. Thanks again, Paul!



Either my health or weather has caused me not to be able to fly back and pick it up. We were so close last September when my mother and I participated in the 99’s Gold Cup Air Rally. Maybe a five minute flight away. Unfortunately it was a good time for the Edenvale Classic Aircraft folks. So, symptoms and weather permitting, Jan and I will fly there tomorrow to pick it up. Things are looking good so paws crossed it stays that way!

Mike and I had a nice local flight last weekend. We toured the beaches along Lakes Erie and Ontario. Then met up with the glorious Lancaster, as they circled around Niagara Falls. The Lanc pilot and I know each other, so he gave a nice greeting over the radio, then exited the circuit just before we entered it.



Always a nice sight.  We traveled around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit to check out how things are going with the current restrictions.  


It was nice to see the distancing on the Maid of the Mist.  During our previous flight over the Falls, the US boat was packed and ours was sparse.  Only six people allowed in the previous phase, but I think they’re limiting ours to around 50 people now. 


Certainly more people today then there were a few weeks ago:


As we have been doing for the last few flights, we checked out how packed the local beaches were:




And finally:


Great flight and I’m so grateful I’m able to safely get out while dealing with the current situation.

Fill him up!  Need to be all fueled and ready to rock tomorrow!


We came home to three of the four cats enjoying the weather as well:


Our little friend from next door (Amber), looking somewhat intrigued: 


I made sure I have my pitot static tube cover for tomorrow:


Keeping it classy, folks!

Today’s symptoms: I actually had a pretty good day symptom-wise, following two not so good ones.  I even took a little vacation this afternoon and did some work out in the gardens.  If I feel like this tomorrow and the weather is perfect, I’ll be over the moon!  Well, at least a little bit closer to it.  🙂

Weirdest MS Symptom Yet!

Most MS symptoms suck. However, there are ones that are nothing more than an annoyance and some are just weird. I’ve had it where if I’m laying down, it feels like I’m sinking down into my mattress. Or if I’m sitting in a chair, it feels like the chair is tilting far back. These sensory symptoms are actually kinda neat and interesting to experience. I haven’t had the above two symptoms in quite a few years. I think the one that I’m experiencing today tops them for weirdness. Get this – it feels like I’m peeing out of the bottom of my left foot. Hehe! It’s hard to describe, but it feels like warm fluid is streaming out of my paw. Of course, it’s dry as a bone. There’s no pain and it’s not affecting mobility or strength, so I’m really not too worried. You know how in parades, they have people follow behind the horses with a bucket and shovel? It feels like I need someone following me around with a bucket and mop!  

For something a little less weird, here is a pic of Peanut on Boo’s head:


Today’s symptoms: Well, aside from the pee pee foot, just dealing with a pretty bad headache and crushing pains in my hands. My energy level the last three days has been better than normal. Yay!

I’m An Old Man Cactus

Since I’m new at gardening, I’m not too good at identifying plants yet. I downloaded the app PictureThis, which identifies plants you take pics of. It’s been extremely accurate so far. However, Mike took a picture of my hair this weekend:

According to the app, I’m an Old Man Cactus. Bwahaha!

OMG I’m an OMC!

Today’s symptoms: I had another decent sleep last night, so my fatigue level was a bit better. I’m having pretty bad crushing pains in my hands today plus a worse than usual headache. Tomorrow will be better!

My Cats Are Truly Weird

So I was at my mother’s place a couple weeks ago and found my cute cat-shaped water dish.  Pinky enjoys drinking out of weird places, like jumping up on the counter (which is not allowed!) to slurp water from dishes in the sink.  Or from the container of water I have to refill the crickets water bowl, which sits next to their tank.  I figured I’d bring this dish home so she would have another source.  Little did I know that all four cats would fall in love with it.  It’s quite shallow so I have to refill it three to five times a day.  Why they think this is better than the nice fountain I have for them in the kitchen is beyond me.



There’s typically a line up in the morning before I refill it:


Bunch of weirdos!

The weather has been quite nice although a little on the hot side for the last week.  We took advantage of it this morning and went for a flight.  We flew south to check out the beaches along Lake Erie.  It was surprising how many people there were, considering…



No delay on the Peace Bridge, connecting Fort Erie to Buffalo:


We went around the Niagara Falls scenic circuit once.  Mike snapped a bunch of great pics of the eerily quiet major tourist area:



There was only one helicopter touring the circuit:


Great Wolf Lodge is typically packed solid:


And there is usually a long delay on the Rainbow Bridge during the summer months, especially on the weekends:


I sure miss going to Casino Niagara with my Army buddy, Ken:


We flew over Brock University, where they are building the facilities for the hopefully upcoming Canada Summer Games:


Then finally, we flew along the Lake Ontario shoreline to check out more fairly crowded beaches:



Bringing Vyctor in for a landing:


It was so wonderful to feel well enough to be active today.  I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week, due to the worst Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms I’ve ever experienced, both in my legs and arms.  I upped my magnesium dose last night and the symptoms were greatly reduced!  I was thrilled to wake up this morning after a decent sleep.

Today’s symptoms: It was a rough week, as lack of sleep always makes my MS symptoms worse.  Everything from my nerve pain to spasms and headache were much worse, making it difficult to get through the work week.  Restless fingers crossed that the extra magnesium continues to be the solution.