Month: April 2020

New House Tomorrow!

The weather was perfect yesterday and we were able to go out for a flight.  It was my first flight in over 50 days, but I didn’t need to refer to my “How to Fly a Plane” manual!  Mike and I climbed up to 4000′ over the Niagara District Airport and did a few aerobatics.  Everything went well in that department.  Since we were already above 3500′ after the aerobatics, we headed south-east to Niagara Falls.  We wanted to see how a now mostly closed major tourist attraction would look.  All we could say was wow:


We did a couple trips around the scenic circuit and checked out the eeriness of the ghost town plus the beauty of the Falls:




We came back up north and flew over the empty Outlet Mall in Niagara-On-The-Lake:


It was a really nice flight and so great to be back in the cockpit again.  On the way home, we drove by a much different view we had in the air.  We couldn’t believe the number of cars at the Beer store.  The lineup (which you can somewhat see) was huge:


And more good news, we take possession of our house tomorrow.  I thought it may be best to not move on the same day as closing, so we actually don’t have the movers come in until Wednesday.  For the next two days, our mothers will be helping us to clean and do the basement floor, as well as move smaller items.  I wonder what the little kitties are thinking with all the packing and how they will handle the move.  This will be at least the fourth move for Mya:


Hopefully the weather will be good over the next few days while we move.  You know that Spring is upon us when one of the naked kitties heads out to rest on the chair on the balcony:


Wrinkly Boo was the first one this year.

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt okish today after another decent sleep.  I think I’ll be so physically exhausted over the next few days, that I’ll probably sleep well again.  I just feel bad that I can only help out at the new house on moving day, so that I avoid people as much as possible. 

Stay positive and don’t forget to have fun when you can to keep your spirits up!

Day 50 – Finally Left the Apartment!

For the first time in 50 days, I put on jeans, shoes and a coat.  Wow, it was so weird but nice to finally get out again.  We had to go to the lawyer’s office to sign the final paperwork for the house and give him the down payment.  The lawyer was kind enough to come out and speak to me while I sat in the car.  I signed about 729 documents and the deal was done.  Woot!  Mike and I take possession on the 27th.  We will spend two days doing some cleaning and resealing the basement floor, then move on the 29th.  Can’t wait!


Today’s symptoms: I actually had a somewhat decent sleep last night.  Woke up with a bad headache and lots of sharp pains in my hands and arms, but other than that, nothing notable.  Paws crossed for another good slumber tonight.

40 Days Inside

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet (like my mother).  Today is the 40th day I have been inside my apartment.  I’m afraid when I do go out, I’ll forget how to tie my shoes.

I did, however, have something absolutely amazing happen today.  I was looking at how much coffee I have left and I found this piece of perfection:


Yes, it’s chocolate!  Nice way to “cheers!” the fortieth day. It’s better than being glum about it.

Today’s symptoms: I have not been sleeping well at all and I really felt it today.  The fatigue was bad but also constant sharp nerve pains and still a bad headache.  I know it’s from all the stress we’re all going through right now.  I just can’t turn my brain off at night.  It will get better though.

My Ham Turned 12!

Yesterday was Pinky’s birthday and she turned twelve!


After hours of partying, she was extremely wiped out today.


Fortunately, sleeping for most of the day seems to have recharged her battery:


It’s only right that since there was a birthday in the household, there was also cake!  Mike and I ordered from Swiss Chalet, and fortunately, they had a nice slab of chocolate cake (which Pinky said that we could have).  She’s such a thoughtful ham!

I haven’t stepped out of my apartment in over three weeks now.  Mike was kind enough to go downstairs and check on my car, Lola Corolla.  He sent me these wonderful pics to show that she was still alive and kicking:


She’s a 2009 which I’ve had since 2008, and only has just over 65,000km.  Every year I say that I’m going to have her for twenty more years!

IMG_0258     IMG_0259

I at least have a nice view to enjoy while wittling down the hours.  I see the folks at the LCBO are behaving and staying apart from each other while in line.


Yesterday, I heard a few fire trucks race by and stop downtown.  It looks like there was a fire in or around the St. Catharines market.  I’m still not sure what happened or where exactly the fire was:


I’m keeping busy by working away on my computer, watching movies, playing Skyrim on the PS3 and playing with the kitties.  I’ve also really been enjoying the visits by my little mother every few days.  Mike usually comes over after work as well.  Looking forward to the move to our new house in three weeks is certainly helping to keep our spirits up.  I think one of the best things I have to look forward to when we move is just being outside.  It’s been so long, I don’t even remember how to tie my shoes anymore!

Today’s symptoms: I got very little sleep last night.  Maybe three hours total, all broken up.  I’m sure many people are having sleep issues while dealing with everything.  I had a pep talk with my brain and body, and they agreed to let me sleep tonight.  Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to feeling better tomorrow.  Woot!