Month: March 2020

Exciting News!

I mentioned in my last blog that I had some very exciting news (at least for us) to share.  Mike and I have been together for over seven years now, with the last two years of our relationship being the best yet.  I have been living in the same apartment for over eleven years now and for the last six, he has been in a condo across the driveway from my building.  We decided a few months ago that we are at a perfect point in our lives and relationship to move in together.  We went for a flight around Niagara about two months ago, looking at different areas where we may want to consider living.  When we landed, someone at the Flying Club asked us where we went.  I said that we were doing some house hunting from the air and she said that she was selling her house.  I asked her to describe it and it was pretty much what we were looking for.  A few weeks later, she invited us over for a tour.  We were very impressed as it was close to perfect for us, including the location.  With less than a five minute walk to a large, St. Catharines beach as well as walking and bike trails.  It was only a matter of a day or two before I texted the seller our decision.  She couldn’t view the gif I sent so she asked me to send it to her sister’s phone:


Tee hee!  Probably the silliest way someone has sent a message to a seller regarding the largest purchase of their life!

We are very excited.  The closing date is at the end of April.  We have pretty much completed everything we need to do with the bank and lawyer, plus setting up the moving crew.  This wonderful news has certainly helped us to stay happy and positive during this horrendous situation the world is dealing with right now.  It has also provided us extra time to pack, clean and prepare.  I have already completed around 2/3’s of my packing and Mike has done a good amount as well.  Having to stage his condo to sell helped to motivate him with that!

The kitties are thrilled as well, especially with all the extra space they will have to skulk and roam around.  I’m certainly going to miss my awesome 10th floor view of Lake Ontario, Toronto, the Niagara Escarpment and downtown St. Catharines but I know I will be much happier in the house.

Today’s symptoms: I’m actually having a pretty good day.  I slept in until after 8:00, which my spindly little body needed.  I have a bad headache, but that’s the worst of today’s symptoms, so no complaints!  Please stay safe and positive!

Final Flight for A While

Last Saturday, Mike and I made it out for our last flight for at least a couple weeks.  The Flying Club has shut down (understandably!) for at least two weeks.  So, I won’t be reuniting with Vyctor any time soon.  I’m so glad we had such a nice flight.  Since I had already started mostly quarantining myself that day, my buddy at the Club kindly pulled Vyc our for us.  That way, I did not have to walk through the Club or around anyone to get out to the apron.  But first we hit the drive through at Timmies then sat in the car in the airport and watched the planes:


We couldn’t fly anywhere to breakfast, of course, so it was a nice local flight.  We headed south through Welland and out to Port Colborne.  Heading east toward Buffalo then turning north-west through Fort Erie.  Here is the eerily empty Peace Bridge:


We came along this which looked very strange from the air.  We circled around it once but couldn’t figure out what it was.  It’s a bit more obvious from the picture:


It became more apparent when we zoomed in on the picture, that it was a decommissioned greenhouse.  All of the plastic sheathing is gone, which makes it look so odd.  Here is what it used to look like, as per Google, at a slightly different angle:


And yet another empty bridge, the Queenston-Lewiston:


And around the less than full Costco, in front of the closed YMCA:


What a great end to at least a few weeks of being grounded.  I have not left my apartment in seven days.  The first few days were really tough because I wasn’t feeling well and everything about the enormity of what’s going on in the world.  I decided that feeling down wasn’t going to help the situation, so I’ve since been forcing myself to be more positive.  Keeping busy has been a big part of it.  I also have been focusing on the awesome, epic news I have to share.  Stay tuned!  I will share this news in my next blog and also some of the things Mike and I have been doing while I am on lock down.

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt decent today, after getting a good sleep last night.  The first four nights of my “quarantine” were horrible – very on and off, but mostly off.  I’m sure it’s all the stress and of course, my fears due to my sissy immune system.  Everything will be good and we will all get through this.


I guess I have more time to write blogs, although I’m not sure how many exciting things there will be to report on over the next few weeks.  The MS medication I’m on is one of the few that suppresses the immune system.  My lymphocytes are looking rather scant at 0.4 when the normal range is 1.0 – 3.5.


They have gone up to 0.7, but have been at 0.4 for at least six months now.  So needless to say, I’m staying inside.

Luckily we were able to go flying over the two weekends, as I will be grounded for the next little while. The flight two weekends ago was a trip to Tillsonburg for breakfast. The weather was perfect and there were quite a few other planes out and about, taking advantage.  After landing, we got Vyctor all snuggled-up while we went into the Skyway Cafe for breakkie.



As usual, the restaurant was quite busy.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a less than enjoyable breakfast here.  And of course, a great view of the apron and runway.

On the way home, we decided to head slightly south to the Lake Erie shoreline.  I usually fly over the ice fisherman, but the weather never got cold enough for them this winter.

Anyone up for Windmill Slalom?


From one power type to another, here is a rather large solar farm:


It was just a perfect day for a flight.  I had one last weekend as well, but I’ll get into that in my next blog, which should be very soon.

I’m so grateful to have my kitties as company.  And could one have cuter company than these goobers?  Mya:




Little porkish Abby, who has gained more than two pounds over the last few months, due to the steroid she’s on.  She is so much more comfortable and happy now!


Boo being frisky with Mya:


Here’s a better view of Mya’s shirt:


Her SpongeBob shirt was in the wash.

I hope everyone is staying safe during this difficult time.  Please remember to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally.

Today’s symptoms: I haven’t slept well in the last few months, plus I’m dealing with a bladder infection, so I’m not feeling too well.  Lack of sleep, needless to say, exacerbates my MS symptoms as well as my “usual” headache.  I’m really hoping for a great sleep tonight, so I will feel better tomorrow.  Having hope usually helps get me through the rougher times. 

Brampton for Breakkie

More good weather last weekend meant that a flight was in order.  Mike and I decided to fly to Brampton, as we hadn’t been there in a few months.  The weather was fairly calm and warmish.  We actually didn’t see or hear of too many small planes flying around there at the time, which was weird since the weather was so nice.  The restaurant there has really good food and is usually fairly busy.  Of course, Donkay joined us:


After we finished a yummy breakfast, we wandered over to the shop there to peruse the merchandise.  Ironically, they had tire pressure gauges there.  I was checking my pressures before I left, and I inadvertently ran over my gauge while we moved the plane to accommodate the snow plow.  Oops.  Minor dent:


My new one is purdy:


Something else followed us home too:


I’m such a dork.

All of the kitties got a bath recently.  Even little skinny Mya, who I usually only have to bathe about once a month.  She doesn’t get oily for some reason:


Maybe her overwhelming cuteness repels oil.

The only four-legged resident who didn’t get a bath was little Peanut:


He seems to want to come out quite a bit more lately.  He’s always happy to see his sisters, even when they’re licking their chops while looking at him:


I’m so lucky to be able to wake up to these adorable goobers:


Although I hardly slept last night and was quite weary, it was still a great day.  I gave a lunch and learn presentation on Decluttering at work.  I was so nervous that no one was going to show, but there were over twenty people.  Very nice to see and they were a fun and interactive group.  The presentation went well and I’m looking forward to giving it again at the two Hamilton offices in May.  I love developing and presenting seminars like this.  My last two were on Technophobia and Safe Online Shopping.

I can’t believe it’s going to be Friday already!  It looks like the weather is going to be nice, so hopefully we can get another flight in.  My mother was even talking about going out and doing some yard work, since I think it’s going to be around 10 degrees C.  Bring on Spring!

Today’s symptoms:  I plan on getting a much better sleep tonight.  There has been a lot going on lately, but mostly positive.  The pressure, stress and excitement (more to come!) has done a job on me physically.  It usually takes a couple days to recover from times like this.  I guess it’s comparable to a non-MS person recovering from the flu.  I usually end up with more muscle cramping and spasms, worse than normal headache, more fatigue and just all round feeling more blah.  But I know it will get better so I shall keep smiling and pressing onward!