Month: January 2020

Great News!

Back in August, I lost my little co-pilot friend, Donkay.

Donkay Right

I can’t believe how much it has bothered me.  I guess it’s just all the great places I’ve flown with him.  He LOVES aerobatics too.  The “grieving” process was going a tad longer than I thought it would be.  I headed to eBay and went on the search for Donkay.  It had to be the exact copy.  Great news!  Mission accomplished!  I had him sent to my mother’s address, since I live in an apartment.  A couple days ago, I started getting great pictures of the awesome new arrival:


She even put a nice little bow on him (the same colours as my plane) and fed him some Fiber One cereal.  She also watched The Big Bang Theory with him:


The Young and The Restless:


She even tucked him in at night.  (Now you know where my weirdness comes from):


I have decided that he will take on the spirit and experiences from the original Donkay.  I’m looking forward to taking him on his first flight.  I have since got him ready to rock.  Squiggy, who let me know that he isn’t a big fan of aerobatics, decided to pass on his aviator scarf and goggles to his new buddy:




If I was feeling better, I may have taken him for his first flight today.  The weather seemed pretty good.  It looks like a cruddy weekend weather-wise coming up.  Ugh.  Although, Mike and I always seem to have an easy time amusing ourselves, even when stuck indoors on a dreary day.  Like take for example, the lovely flingable sticky green aliens I got him for Christmas.  It turns out they are quite sticky!  These little fellas have been hanging off of my gourmet ceiling for five days now:

How he is hanging from just one foot is beyond me.


Really makes the place look more sophisticated and stylish!  Hehe!

Boo was curious at first but the thrill has since worn off:


I had the day off and relaxed/recovered from some lousy MS symptoms over the last few days.  My little mother came up to visit me.  After Timmies and a short visit to the Fairview Mall, I came home to Mya using her sister Pinky as a pillow:


After ohh’ing and ahh’ing over my little goobers, I gave Peanut’s tank a good cleaning.  He never is keen on  going into and staying in his meager holding tank:


He’s quite content now.  And the crickets I took out of Peanut’s tank are now back with their folk in the breeding tank.  I wonder if when the ones that Peanut didn’t eat rejoin their cricket buddies, do the other ones say “Hey brother!  Welcome back!” or “Where have you been all this time?”  Hmmmmm……

Today’s symptoms: I have been dealing with a bad headache this week, plus another bout of weakness and increased fatigue.  It felt so good to get out today.  The extra rest will help me feel better tomorrow.  I think this headache can vacate my cranium as well….please and thank you!