Month: November 2019

Ozzy Bosebourne

I decided to have a birthday last week.  I was thinking of not having anymore but then I would lose out on cake.  I have my limits.  I got some nice pressies to boot!  My mother got me some nice new bedding, which I really needed since I’ve been using my old King sheets on my new Queen bed.  She also got me the awesome orange shoes that go perfectly with Vyctor (and are almost as big as him too!):


Mike got me a great new shower speaker.  The colour sure is perfect.  When I installed the app on my phone, I was asked to name the speaker.  I decided to honour one of my favourite artists….introducing Ozzy Bosebourne:

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 6.48.52 PM

The sound is amazing!  Showers are much more enjoyable now!  I asked Boo what she thought and she gave me this look (which I’m yet to decipher):


Pinky didn’t care at all as she was too enamored with her rainbow:


This early start to winter hasn’t been enjoyed by the kitties so far, as it’s a little chilly in the apartment.  I can’t turn the heat up.  They stay snuggled under blankets, or suck the heat out of the baseboard heaters:


I never get sick of looking at little Mya in her SpongeMya Squarepants shirt.  Just look how tiny and adorable she looks:


Two of her sisters, Pinky and Boo, enjoy getting dual butt-rubs from Mike.  For some reason, Mya and Abby aren’t into butt-rubs:


I sure love these little dorks.  I’ve been spending more time with them lately since I’ve been going through more frequent bad days health-wise.  I’m just hopeful that the next day will be better, plus the support from my family, friends and kitties helps me get through it.  Also, being able to go flying on my good days.  I was able to take someone up last week and he was a blast to fly with.  We flew over Niagara Falls a couple times and then I let him fly us back to the airport for some aerobatics.  He did great with everything, and I was able to show him all maneuvers in my aerobatic repertoire at least twice each.  It was a great flight!

I was all geared up for another great flight on Sunday morning.  Fortunately, I was feeling well enough and the weather that morning looked quite good.  I was going to fly my youngest passenger again.  She was up with me in August and was so much fun to fly with.  Unfortunately, by the time I got half way to the airport, the weather had already started to drop.  By the time I got there (the drive is only 15 minutes), the ceiling was too low to fly over Niagara Falls or do aerobatics.  I double checked the weather report with the tower and they certainly didn’t have good news.  I drove over to the Flying Club, and they were in the process of cancelling their morning flights.  Bummer!  Hopefully we can re-book for December.  At least I got to see cute, little Vyctor, who recently had his wheel pants removed for winter.  Look at his spindle-shanks:


And, of course, snuggled with with Flying Club cat (I like to call Clubby):


I got quite a bit down around home that morning.  I seem to get behind on things with these more frequent bad health days.  It makes sense since on many of these days, I’m stuck in bed for part or the whole day.  I still seem to be hit with weakness like I’ve never had before.  I can tell in the morning if it’s going to be one of those days, so at least I have warning.  It just makes it almost impossible to plan anything, particularly trips.  I’m aiming to have a better year in 2020!

Today’s symptoms: I knew I was going to be hit with some yucky symptoms at some point.  The weakness kicked in around 4:30 this afternoon.  I’m just trying to finish up this blog so I can go crawl into bed.   I think three of the kitties are already there and will make some room for me.

No More Naked Kitties!

I live in an apartment where they keep the heat at the minimum allowed by law.  Needless to say, the naked kitties get cold quite easily!  Three of the four allow me to put sweaters on them.  Boo will have nothing to do with it.  Abby’s went on first:



And I came to the conclusion that Mya walks so funny in hers because it goes back almost to her tail.  She needs one like Abby’s that only covers her core and no sleeves.  Voila:


It’s a smidge big for her, but I don’t think there will be anything out there small enough.  She’s less than five pounds.  I want her to have a sweater on most of the time during the winter since she may lose weight if her tiny body has to fight the cold.  I still have to find a sweater for Pinky.  Right now, all she has is an ill-fitting Santa suit.


I seem to still be recovering from my bout of weakness, which started over a week ago.  A few of those days were spent in bed.  Mike, my mother and I went out to do a little shopping on the weekend.  It was so good to get out.  I needed more pipe cleaners to tie up a bunch of cables and cords.  They make great cat toys as well.  I was over the moon when I found these ones with the rather fancy-schmancy name!


Hehe!  I showed them to Pinky and I couldn’t tell if she was impressed or not:


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Take Your Kids/Spawn To Work day event.  I do a tweaked version of my motivational talk I give.  I try to keep it interesting with tons of pics and videos, with a side of humour.  I had some very nice comments from people afterwards, which always make this experience even better than it already is.  I am more than thrilled if I touch at least one person.

Today’s symptoms:  I think my worst complaint would be a really bad headache.  My fatigue level was at around my normal, and the weakness was a bit better again today.  Things are slowly improving from the previous week – life is good!

Rough MS Patch

Sorry for the lack of blog recently.  Last week was not too fun, but I’m so glad it seems to be almost over.  I could tell on Monday morning that it wasn’t going to be the best day symptom-wise, but it became quite a bit worse than I expected.  I was in bed for much of the week because my body was hit with some of the worst weakness I’ve ever experienced.  It took all of my strength just to walk from room to room or hold myself up in the sitting position.  I think the worst day was Wednesday and into Thursday morning.  As quick as it came on, it started to improve.  I was so happy to be vertical again Thursday afternoon.  I saw my GP on Friday and she said my symptoms certainly sound like an MS flare-up.  I’m still feeling the effects, but big improvement today.  Mike and I were even able to get out and do some much needed shopping.  We weren’t able to stay out quite as long as I hoped, but I’ll take what I can get!  Tomorrow will be even better after a good night sleep.  Paws crossed!

On Sunday, I had the great pleasure of meeting with 434 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association.  I was a member a few years ago and have missed leaving ever since.  I went through over a year that was fairly rough health-wise, and making it to the meetings sometimes became too much.  I’m seriously considering joining up with them again.  They had an excellent guest speaker, Ted Barris who wrote The Great Escape.  The movie was unsurprisingly hugely Americanized, and Ted did an amazing amount of research to get the true story.  He gave a wonderful presentation about the book, and I’m amazed with the information I left with.  Left with a signed copy of his book too!


I’m going to keep this one short, but I will certainly report back in soon!

Today’s symptoms:  The weakness is almost gone – woot!  A fair bit of nerve pain but that seems to be my norm anymore.  I’m so grateful for feeling better.  Things like this really make me appreciate my better days.