Annual Edenvale Flight

Annual Edenvale Flight

We had pretty decent weather on Saturday, which was great as it was the annual Edenvale Gathering Of The Classics.  I have been to the event for most of the last twelve to thirteen years.  The number of fly ins has dropped a fair bit, but that’s the same everywhere you go anymore.  Still one of my favourite events to attend.  As always, the unicom (radio) operator was so cheerful and pleasant to speak with.  We got Vyctor parked and prepared him (sun shield) and us (sun screen) before walking over to the apron.


Because of a couple events of parents allowing their kids (grrrrr!!!!!) to climb on other people’s property, I attached these signs.  I thought about them at the last minute, so that’s why they look sloppy.  I’m going to print a couple and put them in protective sleeves, so I have them in the plane at all times.  They do bring some peace of mind.  I know not everyone chooses to read and or follow instructions….


Speaking of reading and following instructions:


Such a rebel, I know!  Actually, I know the owner and actually ended up seeing him two days later.

We had a great time wandering around the static displays of both planes and classic cars.  The replica Avro Arrow was also there:


I was hoping to see a Ford Fairlane there to send a pic of to my mom.  She had a Fairlane Fastback that she really loved.  I didn’t see one, so sent her a picture of an old Fairlane ad I saw there:


After touring around, we got some food and sat under Vyctor’s wing, in the shade on a blanket I brought.  And of course, the blanket had an airplane on it.


It was a nice bumpy flight home, which always makes it even more fun.

When I got home, I figured the cats would be thrilled to see me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong:


At least Boo gave me the courtesy of waking up:


There was an interesting event at my building recently.  Someone’s car caught on fire:


Apparently faulty wiring.  I’m glad it happened up top rather down in the underground parking:



Today’s symptoms: I actually had a decent day, despite having three short flights last evening (to a local meeting, some aerobatics, then home).  I really didn’t feel a significant drop in my energy until around 5:30.  Really bad pain in my hands today, though.  

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