I took Thursday off of  work and took my friend and his daughter to Safari Niagara.  My father volunteers there and showed us around.  We had a nice, guided tour in a golf cart.  Here are some of the animals we got to see:





I had not been able to see the hippos during the previous trips to the zoo.  They were hiding.  I’m happy to report that they were both out that day:


Yikes!  I was waiting for his head to go completely inside out.

It was a very nice visit.  We did get a bit wet during a fairly big storm that went through.  We were able to find shelter while it passed.

I came home to my own little zoo:




Today’s symptoms:  I had a pretty good weekend.  I have a neat flight to discuss in my next blog.  After a long day yesterday, I feel better than I though I would today.  My fatigue level is much less than what it usually is after flying.  Woot!

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