I Donated, Then Received

I Donated, Then Received

Soon after I finished my flight training, my instructor and I flew in his plane (a Cessna Cardinal) up to Edenvale.  We wandered around the ground plane and car displays.  I bought some raffle tickets and ended up winning a flight in a Tiger Moth.  I really wanted to go, but I knew that my flight instructor would love it.  He did a lot for me with my training and I really respected him, so I gave him my flight prize.  I flew back with him to Edenvale and was so happy to see how much he enjoyed the flight.

Present day: I was contacted by someone from the Guelph Airport, that he saw my joyous ice rink runway landing.  The videos from my solid ice landing and take off seem to be missing from Facebook (post from back in February).

A pilot with a hangar and plane at the Guelph Airpark, saw the video and contacted me on my FaceBook.  We got to chatting and found out that he wanted to try out some aerobatics, and I would love to go up in his beautiful 1945 Tiger Moth.  Hmmmm….  Seems like a nice trade-off!  So I contacted him recently and we set up a date for a flight out of Guelph in his plane.  I had a nice, bumpy (which I love!) flight to Guelph for noon today.  I should start a business where I announce where parking spaces are at Costco:


When I landed in Guelph, I saw a man and a young boy watching the planes.  I called him over to check out Vyctor.  I let him sit inside too.  (I did not ask permission to post his pic, thus the blurred face):


Most pilots I know love showing their planes to kids, to hopefully get them involved in aviation later in life.

My pilot for today is Paul Marot, who keeps his Tiger Moth in Guelph.  Check it out:


Once we got it out of his hangar, Paul showed me how to climb aboard.  I was a little disappointed when I asked him about the in-flight meal and he said there would not be one today.  Oh well.


We took off and climbed beautifully up to around 3000′.  Paul allowed me to fly the plane for quite a good chunk of our flight.  I was so happy!  I learned a little something as well.  Being a pilot, I was still a little apprehensive to do anything abrupt or too severe.  I know what my and MY plane’s limits are, but I don’t know what Paul’s limits or those of his plane are.  So I still did some fairly steep turns and such, but didn’t push things too much.  I’ll demonstrate mine and Vyctor’s limits when he comes to St. Catharines for an aerobatic flight.  I’m really looking forward to it.


Thanks again Paul!


I had such a blast.  Then I had the pleasure of flying home.  Mike was at his sister’s house today and was deciding whether to take the QEW or back roads.  I gave him a bunch of traffic updates as I flew along the highway back home:



Hopefully it helped with his decision.

So I am totally pooped, as I knew I would be, but it was worth it for the fantastic day I had.

I got home and spent about an hour and a half putting stuff away and tending to all the animals.  As always, when I walked in the door, Mya immediately begged for food.  How many times I’m feeding her wet food during the day is paying off.  She has gained about a pound.  So I really don’t mind giving in to her begging for noms:

Peanut gave me the “I’m hungry” look so I grabbed some crickets for him to dine on.  I really don’t think he’s too bright.  He had a cricket on him for over five minutes.  Dork.


Today’s symptoms:  I had a really good sleep over the few nights and it’s really paid off.  I felt quite good today, just a lot of nerve pain on my left side.  My headache became quite bad starting around 5:00 this afternoon.  Hopefully it doesn’t keep me awake tonight.

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  1. Wow what a great experience!! So happy you finally got to fly in a Tiger Moth!

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