July Is Going Well…

July Is Going Well…

I have had a fairly good couple of weeks.  Recently, I had a wonderful trip to Niagara Falls with a couple of friends.  We wandered down to the Falls…



…and then up Clifton Hill.  I have not been on Clifton in many years and it sure has changed!  Crazy busy, as it always has been.  We stopped for dinner, then gingerly headed back to the car.  It was a fantastic evening.

On Friday, I took up the son of a co-worker for a flight.


The weather was not the greatest, as the clouds south of the airport were less than 3000′.  So unfortunately, we were unable to do a tour over the Falls, but I instead did a low and over at my mechanic’s grass strip.  I then let him fly the plane back over the airport in St. Catharines.  He seemed to get a big kick out of it.  Once overhead of the airport, I took back control and rolled up through most of my aerobatic maneuver repertoire.  He handled everything well and was fun to fly with.

I relaxed on Sunday, surrounded by cuteness:




And we have this charming action shot of Boo grabbing and trying to eat her sister, Mya:


In all fairness, Mya started it.

Today’s symptoms:  Things have been their usual up and down for the last few weeks.  My headaches have been a bit worse than usual, plus some new areas of nerve pain, but my fatigue has been a bit better.  I am not going to complain because for me, fatigue is my most disruptive symptom.

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