Air Race Classic Terminus

Air Race Classic Terminus

The weather cooperated this past weekend, which allowed us to fly to Welland for the Air Race Classic events.


I assumed we’d be there for maybe an hour, but it actually ended up being over four. I ran into a couple dozen folks I know while we wandered around the events around the Dorothy Rungeling Airport. It was great to see such a turn out, as there seemed to be a constant stream of people coming in. At one point, they had me move my plane to accommodate the OMC (Oink, Moo, Cluck) food truck. Awesome fries!

It was a really good day and I was blown away with how long I lasted. I’m still experiencing more good days than bad, and I can’t describe how great it is. The only incident I experienced that day was when I was standing fairly close to my plane, talking to someone. We then watched s couple young kids (maybe around six or seven years old), run over 20 feet from their parents. They stopped under my left wing and started playing with my pitot static cover. One kid ran around under the right wing and started to sit down on the fiber-glass wheel pant. I screamed for the kid to get off and fortunately he listed. The parents just sauntered over without a care in the world. One of the people I was speaking with before this happened, walked over to the parents to tell them not to allow them to run around the airport and not to touch anything. It’s said that people need to be told this. I’m sure the parents wouldn’t have been happy if I stood on the hood of their car.


Earlier this week, I had to go let out some of my crickets. I was going through so much food. I let out probably close to 200. I left the egg medium in the tank too long, thus the abundance. Peanut and Zim need to start eating more, and not just staring at them:


I was attempting to watch tv from bed the other night, but my view was slightly impeded by a bunch of kitties. You can see my bangs behind Mya below the window:


Pinky has been much more frisky than normal, which has been nice to see. She’s usually quite sedentary and blobbish, so the extra exercise was good for her.


Meanwhile, Mya has been continuing with her opera lessons:


Today’s symptoms: This week has been quite good. I’m a little weary today but tomorrow will be better. I had more than normal nerve pain and a headache, but I think it’s just because I’m a bit drained.

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