Pet Expo and Flippity Flight

Pet Expo and Flippity Flight

The joyous Niagara Pet Expo took place this past weekend in Niagara Falls.  We are used to going to the one in Mississauga and waiting in a huge line.  It was great to show up at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre to no lines and plenty of parking.  I wasn’t really feeling well that day, but was able to wander around for a couple hours.  There were plenty of adorable animals, plus tons of cute dogs running around.


This fella’s name is Tank:


I was able to resist obtaining any more lizards:


I also didn’t come home with any fancy chickens:


We relaxed for the rest of the day and started watching the Fast and Furious movies.  What are there – about 27 now?  Hehe!  Three of the kitties didn’t seem too interested in watching and instead, slept nearby in an adorable heap:


I couldn’t have had a better start to the day yesterday, as I took someone up for an aerobatic flight.  Just like my last victim, he handled all maneuvers very well.  I was even able to throw in some combos.  The fairly solid cloud layer made for a very smooth flight (even while upside down!):




It was such a blast!  Needless to say, the rest of the day seemed a tad boring after!

Today’s symptoms: I am still experiencing some really good symptom days.  The weakness I was dealing with almost daily for about two months is mostly gone.  My worst issue today has been some very sharp nerve pains and a bad headache, but that’s about it.   Also, the MS Hug I’ve had on and off since the weekend didn’t visit today.  Woot!  You can learn about the MS Hug here:

One thought on “Pet Expo and Flippity Flight

  1. Hi Elizabeth, What an illusion, I thought you were well above the clouds until I realized you were upside down, wonderful pictures. By the way have you met or know of Eric Dumigan (facebook) he is almost as crazy as you are. lol He too likes to fly upside down and, he may be very helpful to your cause. Also (gusair   gus n clara – Facebook) I am sure they would love to take pictures of you as well and I can create a video of stills to music for YoutubeTake care my friend Rick    Here is my latest film of the Snowbirds you should ride with them sometime. They might be a little fast to follow you. Look up their 2019 schedule, you never know you may be the next, 1 of 9  I am planning on getting a "GoPro camera and it can be secured to your dashboard so if you get some nice pictures of you doing a walk around and taxi etc. and then with the GoPro from the inside I would be happy to cut the film to music etc. etc. 

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