Air Race Time Trials

Air Race Time Trials

I just had one of the best weeks symptom-wise that I’ve had in months, if not years.  On most days, I had no weakness plus my fatigue level was much better than “normal” as well.  I would give anything for this to continue but if it all ends tomorrow, I will be disappointed but still so grateful for the experience.

On Friday, I flew over the Heartland Forrest Charity golf tournament, as I’ve happily done for quite a few years now.  Before flying over the golfers, I stopped at the nearby Dorothy Rungling Airport (Welland) to drop off some homemade Elizafudge for my aviation mechanics and also the guys at the Niagara Skydive Centre.  I was speaking with my tandem master Péter and convinced him to go up with me for some aerobatics.  He obliged, albeit nervously.  I’m say happy to report that he loved the flight and was able to make it through most of the maneuvers (except combos) that I know.  Check out this condensed version of our flight (you may need to unmute in bottom right):

My favourite part of flying is looking over and seeing my passenger smile.  I think this flight was a success!

I was at the airport in Welland again Monday evening, however it was raining so there was no flying in.  We had a nice social meeting with the Recreational Aircraft Association and Canadian Owners and Pilot Association groups.

Yesterday I was able to help out the Air Race Classic, in which the airport in Welland is the terminus.  I helped out with time trials, so did a few low passes over the runway starting from 10 miles out (for radio calls).  I invited Péter to join me, so at least I wasn’t lonely on the flight!  He was completely relaxed during this flight since I wasn’t doing aerobatics.

Today I have surprisingly more energy than usual.  Paws crossed this streak continues!  Whilst on the topic of paws, it looks like the weather for the next four days is going to be yucky.  I’m going to have to break it to the kitties that their naked sunbathing days have come to a stop, for now.





I told them that the wait would make the next sunning experience even better.  They all gave me a rather unpleasant look, then walked away.  One of them even flipped me the paw!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling better than how I normally do, so I certainly can’t complain!  I have had bad nerve pain for most of the day though.  C’est la vie!

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