Pinky Became a Lamp

Pinky Became a Lamp

This weekend was yet another mix of good and bad, as they’ve been the last couple of months.  Saturday was not good at all physically – very weak, aches and pains all over, fatigued…typical MS stuff.  Sunday morning was so much better.  I slept really well that night and I was feeling well enough to go for a flight.  There was the annual brekkie fly-in at the Sexsmith Airport (Exeter).  After a mostly smooth, hour and ten minute flight, we arrived at the COPA Flight 177 breakfast, which we hadn’t been to in about three years.IMG_0482

It was so nice to see many familiar faces.  It was also nice to see this very yummy breakfast:


We had the pleasure of watching others come and go:


And checked out some of the parked aircraft, like this converted German attack Helicopter:


Then it was back to Vyctor to head on out:


The flight home was about the same length, as there was little wind.  We flew over the old St. Catharines General Hospital, almost completely demolished:


Once back home, we just chilled for a bit until eventually deciding to make dinner.  I was walking into the kitchen to get stuff started, when Pinky got up from the couch.  Mike noticed some bruising by her bum.  I couldn’t believe it – another abscess.  We went through this a couple years ago, of course on the weekend when my vet wasn’t open.  I did take her to the St. Catharines Animal Hospital, just down the road.  We were so grateful for their weekend hours.  Much of the staff stayed later than closing time to get Pinky’s abscess surgically drained.  She came through the surgery well and we took her home right away.  Do you like my new lamp?


Poor little thing.  I still had the satellite dish from her previous abscess surgery.


Pink vacuum:


She is healing well.  They left the incision open so it can drain, and it looks to be slowly closing.

Today’s symptoms: It was not a good day, with much worse than normal weakness and fatigue.  It makes it very hard to get through the work day.  I see my doctor about this again next month and I’m so hopeful we figure out why this is happening.  It’s to the point where I’m pretty much house-bound 3-5 days a week anymore.  😦



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