Another Trip to CWHM

Another Trip to CWHM

This weekend was a mixed bag.  Saturday was a nice, clear day, but I was too weak to even leave the apartment.  Sunday I woke up feeling a fair bit better, which was great because we were scheduled to go back to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  Mike and I had such a great time there a few weeks ago, that we decided to invite our Recreational Aircraft Association folks to go back with us.  This was scheduled for Sunday with the Lancaster Berlin Blitz virtual reality starting at 9:00.  We had a small group, but all showed up before the doors opened.  The plan was to do the virtual reality in two groups first, then go upstairs for our 10:00 F18 simulator session.



We loved seeing it again.  We finished with only a bit of time before the F18’s.  Mike and I had to run around the museum a bit to gather everyone back together, so we could show them where to go.  In a group of four and then three, we all did the 20 minute training session.  Then it was time to climb into the simulators:





He aimed for the wrong blue thing!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  After the second group went through, we all went downstairs for lunch.  Afterwards, Mike, another member and myself had a wonderful tour with a guide of the planes outside.  Very interesting stories we had the pleasure of hearing.  We weren’t able to spend too much time in the museum because I was getting very fatigued.




Once back home, we just chilled for the rest of the day because I was pretty spent.

On Monday, I had enough energy to go for a short flight around Niagara. The Walmart at the PEN Centre is coming along nicely.


It was only about a 45 minute flight, but it was great to get up.  When we got back, I was pooped from the flight so we just relaxed with the kitties and watched a movie (Sybil – a little over three hours long).

Tuesday was awful.  I was the weakest I’ve been in a long time.  I had a hard time making it through the day, and I never left the apartment.  Last night, I think Abby could detect that I was feeling really cruddy and gave me a loving headbutt:


Little Peanut’s smiling face helped me to smile as well:


Today’s symptoms: Still felt quite weak today, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Felt too poorly to go out again.  It’s always a struggle to remain positive when I’m feeling so badly, but I’m trying (my little mother says I’m very trying…..hehe).  This extra weakness seems to make most of my “regular” MS symptoms feel worse.  I’m looking forward to some relief tomorrow – paws crossed!

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