Naughty By (Mother) Nature

Naughty By (Mother) Nature

Mother Nature was not my friend this weekend.  It was the Walk for MS on Sunday, and I was so happy to wake up to blue skies, after a day of fog Saturday.  By the time we got to the airport for around 9:00am, thick fog was rolling in.  We couldn’t see to the other side of the airport:


I let my ground contacts at the MS Walk base in Port Dalhousie know that I was socked in by fog, just a few minutes from them.  I was just a tad bummed:


We could hardly see the tower, as we were driving through the airport:


It was quite the let down, but not much we could do.  Here are some pics from previous MS Walks I’ve flown over.  2010:








The day on Saturday went a little more as planned.  Mike and I met up with my friend from Hamilton, and we hit the casino.  After he gambled for a bit and we got tickets for Rock Around The Clock, we hit the always yummy Grand Buffet.  The food was great and afterwards, the show was great.


It was a good weekend.  I had one little more nice thing happen – my little gecko Peanut let me know that he was interested in becoming a pilot:


I’m so proud.

Today’s symptoms: I did not feel well today.  Very fatigued and weak again and lots of nerve pain.  Paws crossed tomorrow is a better day.

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