Kinda Lame But Cute

Kinda Lame But Cute

When my tiny, little grandmother (yes, shorter than my little mother), lived in a nursing home, she had a toy flower stuck through the handle of her closet. When she passed, I took the flower and did the same. It’s been in my closet door handle for over ten years now. It always bugs me when I see it, all droopy and leaning. Looks sad, the stem slid down too far and would never stay up and the top flower petal is slumped down:

I have no idea why I haven’t fixed it over all these years and allowed it to bug me for so long. Well, I went to a funeral of a family member today. The mood was understandably quite low for much of the day, but lifted by being around many family members. After getting home, I went to my bedroom closet for my loungey clothes. I see my flower and asked myself again why I haven’t secured it properly yet so it looks happy. It made me think of my grandmother and the memories with her. Then I thought of how many times I saw the sad looking flower and have been bothered by how it looked. Something from my wonderful Nanny deserves better than that. So voilà:

He looks happy now and I feel so much better when I see it. Makes the memories feel even nicer. It sounds silly and kinda lame, but it is much more to me than it looks on the outside. I love the thoughts of my grandmother it invokes.

Today’s symptoms: I felt a bit better today than I did yesterday. Because it was a long day, I had to take a few wake up pills, so I didn’t full out crash until later in the afternoon. This was quite nice, since my typical crash time over the last few weeks. I appreciate every small positive that my body decides to throw at me.

One thought on “Kinda Lame But Cute

  1. I think your yellow fellow’s reincarnation is sorta like a miracle! /jrs

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