Well That’s a Relief

Well That’s a Relief

The weather and my symptoms lucked out on Sunday and I was able to go for a flight.  Mike and I first went up overhead the airport and did some aerobatics.  I had done some without him my previous two flights and it was the first time doing them in about two months.  I was so rusty.  Not dangerous-rusty, but not exactly audience worthy!

A couple spins and a meh hammerhead (second one may need time to load):

On Sunday, however, I tried a snap roll as soon as I was up to 4000′ and it was great!  Phew!  And then a roll, which was previously more like a deformed egg – good again.  Got the kinks out of the next bunch as well.  I guess I really was rusty and probably overthinking things too.  So I’m very relieved that it’s back to the way it was a couple months ago.


After some aerobatics, we just flew along the canal and around Niagara for a bit:


Two ships in the canal at once:


Heading out over the Lake Erie shoreline:


I love the ship snail trail:


Passed a local helicopter on the way back to the hangar:


Great flight.  After we got home, we had to go out for cake.  It was Pinky’s birthday and she let us eat it on her behalf:


You know the weather is getting nice when the kitties start venturing out onto the balcony:


Mya and Boo snuggled on the couch:


Then Boo became nosy:


We had our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting last night.  We all went home with a little Easter treat (from the Club itself, I just picked them up):


They jingled all the way to the meeting, as each one has a bell around its neck.

Today’s symptoms: Been having a bad couple days – back to the pretty severe weakness and fatigue.  Bunny paws crossed that tomorrow will be much better!

One thought on “Well That’s a Relief

  1. Lizzy, I love your aerial photos wow amazing talent you have doing those loops! Your kitties are so cute Thanks for sharing your world…

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