Life Changing…..

Life Changing…..

I think I just hit a milestone in life.  I’m not sure if all milestones are good or not.  This is the conversation I texted  with my mother Jan, yesterday.  Trust me, the text doesn’t do any justice to the amount of emotions I actually experienced!

At the time, Mike and I were sitting down in the living room, playing Diablo 3 on the Xbox.  He wanted to get up and close the curtains.  So, I wanted him to give me his controller so I could finish his task while he was “curtaining”:


(Lori and Tami are hosts of our local radio show, 105.7 ezrock.)


There you have it.  Wow!  And really Jan, you come back with a dorky ladybug wearing oven mitts?  Think back to when you hit the point where you realized you were becoming your mother.  On the bright side, your mother was as awesome as you, so I don’t think this recent realization is a bad thing. I love who and what you are. Image result for heart

So this is life changing!  I’ve finally hit that point in life where I’m officially “getting older.”  Over the last couple of years, I’ve had many indicators of the aging process.  I can recognize the difference of the horrible MS nerve pains I get daily, but also the aches and pains of getting older.  My knees creak, ache and stiffen.  Often, my nerve pain is around the area of my joints.  I’m now experiencing either normal wearing of the joints, or possibly the start of arthritis? I really don’t think this double whammy is fair, but life carries on!  Not to get too graphic, but my blood work two weeks ago shows I am post-menopausal!  I am at least in the menopausal stage, but more investigation by a specialist is underway to determine if I have already passed through the wretched menopausal stage.  I’m only 41, but my body is so totally messed up from so many things beyond just the MS.  Thankfully the physical ca-ca is no match against my mighty Elizabrain!  I remain positive, happy and grateful through it all.  🙂  Life is still great!

Today’s symptoms:  I had the day off and was so happy to wake up feeling much better than I have over the last week.  It’s been really rough.  I’ve been dealing with weakness, fatigue and pain in levels greater than normal.  But my bad headache hasn’t been as frequent throughout the day as it was, so there’s a nice dose of awesomeness!

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