Month: April 2019

Mostly Good Weekend

I’m still in a bit of a funk due to how I’ve been feeling physically anymore.  I’m happy to report that today and yesterday were decent though.  Saturday wasn’t quite as positive, as I crashed by around 1:30.  I wasn’t able to do much other than watch movies and TV the rest of the day, but at least it was relaxing.  I was feeling decent Sunday morning so Mike and I went for a local flight.  We were hoping to fly up to Oshawa for an aviation event on Saturday, but couldn’t due to the weather and how I was feeling.  The hour long flight Sunday helped to make up for that.  I wasn’t able to do any aerobatics as the ceiling was below 2500′, so we just wandered around Niagara.  First we flew over to Niagara-On-The-Lake, with Fort George next to the Niagara River:


A closer shot of the Fort:


On the east side of the Niagara River is Fort Niagara, in the States:


We flew south to Lake Erie, which still has a fair bit of ice blobbing around.  Greetings Buffalo:


It was a nice to be able to go for a flight, especially since my health and the weather haven’t been too cooperative lately.  Until next time (hopefully soon), little Vyctor:


As you can tell from these two pics, Pinky was absolutely thrilled when we were home:


We had one warmish day over the last week and little Abby decided to take full advantage of being able to go out onto the balcony.  She wandered out around 3:30:


And I had to bring her in around 9:30pm!


I guess she enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being pestered by her sisters as well.

Today’s symptoms: It was very nice having more energy today.  My headache was average, and probably the best it’s been over the last few weeks.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much (so as not to get disappointed) that this will be a continuing trend.  However, I did ask all of the kitties to briefly cross their paws for it though.

Slowly Recovering

I’m still recovering from an amazing three days.  Mike and I both took Friday off and cashed in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum flight simulator gift certificate Mike got me for my birthday.  I wasn’t feeling well enough to fly that day plus the weather was iffy (and the $25 landing fee there), so we drove.  We arrived about thirty minutes before our sim time, so we decided to try out the virtual reality Lancaster exhibit.  I have been wanting to try virtual reality for many years, so I was all for it.  The simulation was sitting in the Lancaster Bomber as it flew a WW2 mission over to Berlin.  They used the audio from the original crew.  It was absolutely amazing.  It was hard to see what they actually experienced.  I would certainly recommend heading to the museum while the VR exhibit is still available.  Next, we headed across the museum to the flight sim room, passing the Lancaster on the way:


At least we had a nice view while we waited:


We had a lesson on the sim and then we climbed into the F18 cockpits.  It was such a blast.  We first were able to just get the hang of things while flying around.  Then some enemy planes appeared, which were quite entertaining to chase and shoot down.  We were flying well enough to play in hard mode, which involved some pretty intense dog fighting.  Mike and I both got shot down by the enemies a couple times.  Then he shot me down and then I shot him and our instructor down.  Tee hee.  It was such a blast.  We then got to tour around the museum and then the gift shop.  Awesome morning.

On the way home, we stopped at Big Al’s pet store, so Mike could buy a few more dwarf crayfish for his fish tank.  The day ended with some TV and xBox.

Saturday we met up with my friend Ken and over to the casino.  Mike and I stood in line for tickets to Legends In Concert while Ken did some gambling.  Then we had lunch at the buffet, and next to the show.  It was very good:


They had people doing the songs of Sting, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash and Bob Marley.  All were very good:


When we got home, we created this little number.  It’s the bottom of a Lindor chocolate bunny, filled with Baileys and we dipped some chocolate and caramel chip cookies in it.  Yum.  Tres yum.


Sunday, we met up with Jan at the Pen Centre.  We had a coffee at Timmies and wandered around for a bit.  My energy was limited due to the previous two days of excitement.  Afterwards, we just snuggled with the kitties and watched some movies.

Now I’m just sitting here with my furry Sphynx Pinky.  She looks like she’s moldy:


It’s been a pretty rough few days.  I have been really weak and fatigued since Monday.  I have almost no energy and am having a hard time just making it through the day.  I have the day off tomorrow and have a few things to do and I’m just hoping to make it through everything.

Today’s symptoms: today has been the worst of the last three.  I had to lay down part way through the day, because I was having a hard time just holding my body upright.  I have a bad headache as well.

Well That’s a Relief

The weather and my symptoms lucked out on Sunday and I was able to go for a flight.  Mike and I first went up overhead the airport and did some aerobatics.  I had done some without him my previous two flights and it was the first time doing them in about two months.  I was so rusty.  Not dangerous-rusty, but not exactly audience worthy!

A couple spins and a meh hammerhead (second one may need time to load):

On Sunday, however, I tried a snap roll as soon as I was up to 4000′ and it was great!  Phew!  And then a roll, which was previously more like a deformed egg – good again.  Got the kinks out of the next bunch as well.  I guess I really was rusty and probably overthinking things too.  So I’m very relieved that it’s back to the way it was a couple months ago.


After some aerobatics, we just flew along the canal and around Niagara for a bit:


Two ships in the canal at once:


Heading out over the Lake Erie shoreline:


I love the ship snail trail:


Passed a local helicopter on the way back to the hangar:


Great flight.  After we got home, we had to go out for cake.  It was Pinky’s birthday and she let us eat it on her behalf:


You know the weather is getting nice when the kitties start venturing out onto the balcony:


Mya and Boo snuggled on the couch:


Then Boo became nosy:


We had our Recreational Aircraft Association meeting last night.  We all went home with a little Easter treat (from the Club itself, I just picked them up):


They jingled all the way to the meeting, as each one has a bell around its neck.

Today’s symptoms: Been having a bad couple days – back to the pretty severe weakness and fatigue.  Bunny paws crossed that tomorrow will be much better!

Life Changing…..

I think I just hit a milestone in life.  I’m not sure if all milestones are good or not.  This is the conversation I texted  with my mother Jan, yesterday.  Trust me, the text doesn’t do any justice to the amount of emotions I actually experienced!

At the time, Mike and I were sitting down in the living room, playing Diablo 3 on the Xbox.  He wanted to get up and close the curtains.  So, I wanted him to give me his controller so I could finish his task while he was “curtaining”:


(Lori and Tami are hosts of our local radio show, 105.7 ezrock.)


There you have it.  Wow!  And really Jan, you come back with a dorky ladybug wearing oven mitts?  Think back to when you hit the point where you realized you were becoming your mother.  On the bright side, your mother was as awesome as you, so I don’t think this recent realization is a bad thing. I love who and what you are. Image result for heart

So this is life changing!  I’ve finally hit that point in life where I’m officially “getting older.”  Over the last couple of years, I’ve had many indicators of the aging process.  I can recognize the difference of the horrible MS nerve pains I get daily, but also the aches and pains of getting older.  My knees creak, ache and stiffen.  Often, my nerve pain is around the area of my joints.  I’m now experiencing either normal wearing of the joints, or possibly the start of arthritis? I really don’t think this double whammy is fair, but life carries on!  Not to get too graphic, but my blood work two weeks ago shows I am post-menopausal!  I am at least in the menopausal stage, but more investigation by a specialist is underway to determine if I have already passed through the wretched menopausal stage.  I’m only 41, but my body is so totally messed up from so many things beyond just the MS.  Thankfully the physical ca-ca is no match against my mighty Elizabrain!  I remain positive, happy and grateful through it all.  🙂  Life is still great!

Today’s symptoms:  I had the day off and was so happy to wake up feeling much better than I have over the last week.  It’s been really rough.  I’ve been dealing with weakness, fatigue and pain in levels greater than normal.  But my bad headache hasn’t been as frequent throughout the day as it was, so there’s a nice dose of awesomeness!