Flight Over Niagara Falls and Fort Erie

Flight Over Niagara Falls and Fort Erie

The weather is perfect today and I’m so happy to say that I was feeling better this morning.  All of the Flying Club planes were up and the Niagara Falls scenic circuit helicopters were making plenty of trips.  I first headed over the Falls:


There was a smidge of a rainbow over the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls:


Then I descended a bit (from the 3500′ requirement over the Falls) and checked out the extremely chilly looking Lake Erie:



The massive ice wall that attacked Fort Erie’s shoreline is certainly getting smaller:


Greetings, Buffalo!


Corn maze, perhaps?


After a pleasant tour around Niagara, I decided to head back to the airport for some aerobatics:


They say to keep the shiny side up, but I like it the other way around:


Heading back to Vyctor’s home:


There was a rescue chopper doing landings and/or approaches at our local hospitals while I was flying around.  They landed a couple minutes before me:



What a great day!

Today’s symptoms: I started to feel yucky again not too long after my flight.  Things typically get worse in the afternoon, so I always try to fly and do other physical activities during the morning.  My fatigue and weakness kicks in later, as my energy depletes.  This is typically when the headaches and nerve pains get worse as well.  This is why I take full advantage of the hours where I feel more like a normal person – it’s these times that I look forward to greatly, which helps me through the rough times.  I always try to have hope that tomorrow will be better!

2 thoughts on “Flight Over Niagara Falls and Fort Erie

  1. Wow Lake Erie makes you feel cold! Sorry you’re going through this but glad you’re able to get up and do things as extravagant as aerobatics! You’re one tough girl!!

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