MRI #15

MRI #15

Last week I went to the hospital for MRI number 15! It’s actually to the point where I kinda enjoy them. They always play good music (they have you wear a headset), and I just find the rest very relaxing. I’m not claustrophobic at all, so no problem there. I just close my eyes and absorb the music and crazy sound from the machine. Here’s some examples:

I had to go back the next day to pick up the images on a CD. I noticed a couple lesions but they may have been there before. Nothing major though so that was quite a relief, considering the symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the last two weeks. It started with smelling rotting flesh intermittently throughout the day, very bad headaches, horrible crushing pain in my hands plus weakness like I haven’t experienced before. I assume this is a bit of an MS flare up. I’m still feeling really lousy. It’s probably going to be another weekend of laying low.

The kitties seem to have sensed that I’m not feeling well. They’ve been ever more snuggly than usual. Bedtime is always interesting. Abby, Boo and Mya try to sleep as close to me as possible:


My Pinky usually sleeps at my back or on the heater behind the bed. Typically wakes up quite perky:


Morning comes along and everyone scurries into the kitchen for brekkie:


You can see how happy Abby gets from eating:


As does Peanut:


So other than that, not too much new in life.  Just hoping I start feeling better soon – I don’t want to play this game anymore.

Today’s symptoms: Same as the last almost two weeks.  Very weak, crushing pain (often very intense) in my hands, much worse than normal headache, and just overall blah.  It WILL get better though!

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